Books about Gaia

Hey there everyone! I’m looking for books about the goddess Gaia and can’t find a thing on Amazon. There are Pagan Portal books from everyone from Aphrodite to Zeus but not one for Gaia. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks, people! You’re wonderful!


It’s too bad that Pagan Portal doesn’t have a book on Gaia. They really should! :confused:

Assuming that you are looking for Gaia the Greek goddess and not Gaianism the earth-centered modern spiritual approach, here are a couple of interesting places to start by

I haven’t found any books specifically about Gaia like in that collection but there are some good Greek mythology books that you should still check out:


Thanks for the links @Francisco! It’s a shame I can’t find a book. I read that book on Hellenistic Paganism but it didn’t have anything on her at all, which I found weird. Looks like Google will have to do me for research, for now. Thanks again!


While not specifically about Gaia, she is mentioned in

The Greek Myths. Stories of the Greek Cods and Heroes Vividly Retold by Kathryn Watherfield (Author), Robin Waterfield (Author)

I own it on Google Play Books but there is a kindle edition, too.


Thanks so much, @praecog29! It’s gone on my wish list! Sounds just right up my alley.


Apparently Gaia isn’t very popular with book publishers! :laughing:

I thought maybe you can give a try to the sources in the wikipedia entry for Gaia? These must at least mention her!

  • Kerenyi, Karl, The Gods of the Greeks 1951.
  • Ruck, Carl A.P. and Danny Staples, The World of Classical Myth , 1994.
  • Fontenrose, Joseph, Python: A Study of Delphic Myth and its Origins, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1959; reprint 1980.

Thanks, @Francisco! I’ve got the first ones of those on my wish list but that last one is too rich for my blood! I need to win the lottery so I can feed all my obsessions correctly.