Honoring our Mother Earth, Gaia(Weekly Challenge, Catch up!)

Honestly I am not sure which this falls under, Earth-Friendly Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchery, Dealing in the Divine, Giving Gratitude, ahhh!!!

About a year or so ago, I’ll call her K for story sake… anyways. I had come up with a feast/ritual to give thanks to Gaia. There is no one thing I could be thankful for in regards to what she has blessed me with, blessed us all with, so this ritual was going to be very ceremonial… at least to the best of what my knowledge was back then. K was all about spells and rituals that were “me me me” and that not being how I was or am, I felt a strong urge to incorporate K in something that was about giving back.

Much to my disappointment, after making various dishes and getting together at K’s house, one of our guests couldn’t hang which was fine, but K was completely distracted. This was one of the very first rituals I had come up with, my own wording… I was pretty crushed when we didn’t even go through with it because of whatever she felt was important at the time(she had a psycho ex).

So I wanted to share what I had wrote as a blessing for our feast.

I ask the Divine to Bless this offering of meat, grains, bread and vegetables.
We are grateful, thankful for the Earth, for all of her gifts that nourish us, sustain us.
You are the Earth that grounds our feet,
The Winds which carry your voice,
The Fire that burns keeping us warm,
The Water that runs far and wide to create natures pathways.
We are truly not without as you provide all we need to eat, drink, and build.
We seek to be guided by your loving light.
Help us awaken the wisdom, courage, and strength in our subconscious so that we can heal and carry your love with us on our journey.
Gaia, giver of life,
Primal force in the cycle of creation and destruction…
Take this offering as our gift to you.
Thrive Gaia and we shall thrive with you.
All is one and one is all.
With our enduring love, respect, and honor, as it is, so it shall be.

I feel silly reading back on it, there are somethings I would change but nevertheless, I was very proud when I wrote this. I still am!

One of these days when I am called to do so, I will tweak this offering prayer or blessing and fulfil my desire to Honor Gaia exactly how I want to.



This is lovely, @janelle- and very impressive for one of your first rituals! :heart_eyes: K really missed out on this one- I am glad you shared it now as part of the Catch Up Challenge :+1:

Your words are warm and full of gratitude for so many blessings we enjoy- I am grateful to be able to read this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are absolutely right- there are many challenge categories this could fit in with :laughing: Feel free to choose any of the ones you mentioned and consider this a challenge well done! :clap:


Thank you!

I’d love to earn the Earth-Friendly Witchcraft badge!

I find it interesting how drawn to the Earth element I am.
My SO is Air, my daughter is Earth, I’m Fire. Just missing a little bit of water :smiley:


That is a lovely prayer. I agree with @BryWisteria, K missed out on something special. Don’t let her narcissism bum you out.


Very beautiful prayer! I really loved this post!

I saw images of pure light as I was reading it. Thank you for sharing, Janelle!


@janelle, this is a lovely ritual! You should most definitely be proud of it! I’m sorry K did not appreciate your amazing hard work and talent.


I would be proud to use this ritual! Especially for Yule. Can I have your permission to use this? Gaia needs us to manifest a healthy earth more than ever. I know I need to feel I make a difference in this dark time. Thank you for sharing your heart. Know it is appreciated!


It shall be yours- you definitely earned it! :hugs: Thanks again for sharing this beautiful entry to Gaia, Janelle :earth_americas::two_hearts:


It would be my pleasure! Thank you for asking.

And thank everyone for your kind words. It was hard not to feel scorned when I had put so much time and thought into my writing let alone the feast that was prepared. :heart:


My mother was a diagnosised narrcist. I understand. It had nothing to do with you. It was all about them.


@janelle this is such a beautiful blessing :heart: thank you so much for sharing! I would love to add this to my Grimoire for future use if that’s ok with you?


You may!

All of this feedback is really inspirational. I’m rolling through some ideas in my head and might work on something tonight for a future gathering. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@janelle Wow! That was a lovely read! K really did miss out!