Brigid Flametender

  1. The beautiful weather on this first day of my weekend. I eased my way into yard work for the first time in weeks.
  2. I had the energy to do much needed house work, the bathrooms were embarrassing.
  3. The end of my afternoon was blessed with a very refreshing nap, I did not want to get up off of the couch.

Beautiful card as usual - thank you @Siofra


Let’s see, three things. One, my cat. He’s an expert snuggler in this weather and keeps me happy and warm. Two, my friend Sally who takes care of me. I would be in such a worse situation without her. And three, good food. I’m always grateful for having good food in my belly. I had a baked potato with butter, sour cream, and chives for dinner and it was yummy!


You’re welcome ladies! Thank you for your 3 things.

Mine are:

  • 1: My 12 year old daughter
  • 2: My husband
  • 3: My friend holding me up today

Looking back on yesterday, my three things were:

  1. Generosity of family
  2. A stressful event that turned out to be quick and easy
  3. Cinnamon buns :yum:

I love the Honey card, @Siofra! :heart_eyes: What a wonderful card to draw :honey_pot: :two_hearts:

Thank you! :heart:


OH! My favorite of your 3 in order are #3, 1, 2… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It struck a chord because I just pulled it the other day, so I was like… either I or someone else needs this card. So here we go with it again this week. :joy:


Hmm… looking back on yesterday, I’d say my three things were…

  1. Spending the day with my mom and daughter
  2. A delicious cup of coffee
  3. Watching a show with my mom

Just the little things :pray:t3:


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Good morning I hope everyone is having a great day so far. Not so bad here, we are in the 40s! Heatwave! Woot! Woot!

Image Source Credit!

Goddess of Healing

  • For Nourishment

Brighid traveled throughout Ireland using the wild herbs to heal the people.

Wild and organic herbs offer us a sublime and deeply nourishing medicine that you may be in need of right now. Dandelion, nettles, and blackberry leaf brewed as tea are good options. Allow yourself a brief meditation where Brighid brings you a healing herb (notice which one it is, if possible). Receive this herb and visualize ingesting it. Allow its healing energy and nourishment to fill your physical body.




Friday, January 14, 2022

Good morning I hope everyone is having a great day so far. It’s rainy here so kind of blah really. But it’s Friday, so the weekend is so close that I can taste it! Yay!

Lady’s Mantle

  • For Sacred Space

The fuzzy scalloped leaves of this healing herb metaphysically wrap around you as Brighid’s mantle folds you into her sacred circle.

Allow yourself time alone for reflection and introspection. Create Sacred Space. Offer a simple ritual: light a candle with a prayer, place a wild herb in a vase with gratitude, read aloud inspirational words. Enjoy the shift in energy from the mundane to the sacred in all things.


I actually think that I am going to continue reading my next book on the Morrigan. I know this is Brighid’s Flame & ironically enough the message from this card rings in ears as something I should get done today. Maybe I will set up a gratitude ritual for Brighid later this morning though! :two_hearts:


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Good morning, it’s officially the weekend. Everyone here is taking advantage of that & sleeping in, I can’t say that I blame them. They are very busy Monday thru Friday with their jobs & school. I have done a lot of back & forth & thinking… tough to do when dogs don’t answer you, so bouncing ideas off them has mixed results :rofl:

Image Source Credit - Unsplash

Goddess of Poetry

  • For a Creative Life

Ancient bards of Ireland invoked Brighid to inspire their words. Today she is a muse of all creative works.

Where in your life would you like to be more creative? Make a decision to start a creative endeavor like journaling, spinning wool, making jewelry, or creating art. Take time today and every day to nurture the creative aspect of yourself. Call upon Brighid for inspiration. Allow your creative works to ignite the spark of your true self.


I must be honest, the last day or so, my witchiness has been waning. I’m just overwhelmed by some things that I have going on & can’t weed through everything now. I’m taking it slow though before I do anything where I need to focus my energy because meditation is proving to be harder than normal for me now too. I was able to listen to a podcast that was about an hour-long, but I also had something else going on at the same time. So I am determined to at least do a 10-minute meditation today. Start small & work my way back up to half an hour.



Hope everything goes okay for you @Siofra. The pictures and card are wonderful but take care of yourself first.


One step at a time. I don’t mind taking baby steps for a little while. Sometimes the small steps make the largest impact.


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Good morning, it’s another bitterly cold day here. 1 ½ more months of this… I can do it. Also, this time of year is when I am least likely to have my father or brother visit me. Not that I mind when I am able to visit them at this time of year in FL & GA. I’m going to try to get some things done in my room, we’ll see how that goes.



  • For Pilgrimage

Ireland beckons pilgrims from all over the world to her sacred sites, places of spiritual significance for over 5,000 years. Many of Brighid’s wells are pilgrimage destinations.

Brighid asks you to consider embarking on a personal journey to a place that offers peace, inspiration, and reflection. Where would you go and how you would spend your time there? Make it happen! You will rejoin the world recharged and inspired by connecting with the Divine and your own inner self.




Very well said, my dear!


Monday, January 17, 2022

Good morning, Lots of crazy wind & rain this morning! I got up early to make my husband & son their lunches for work. We are trying to use fast food & restaurants less using healthier options from home. I don’t mind doing it, they work hard all day with very physical jobs.

Brighid’s Cross

  • For Protection

In Ireland, Brighid’s crosses are woven from spring reeds on Brighid’s Day, February 1. These crosses are hung above doorways to invoke Brighid’s protection over home, hearth and household.

Call upon Brighid today and ask for her protection over an aspect of your domestic life: your family and pets, the hearth or heart center of your home, the physical space and energies that reside there. Allow yourself to feel her blessing and protection.


I usually make my Brighid’s cross January 31 to hang on February 1. I burn the ones from the year before on whichever day I am able to have a fire. Hopefully, by that time there isn’t any excessive wind & driving rain! :cloud_with_rain: :wind: I think I am going to get my rushes & hang them so they straighten out a little bit before I make this year’s cross. :triskele:



Beautiful pic of your altar as always, dear heart. I hope you can find rushes in this weather without freezing anything important off!


@Amethyst I had to order them so I ordered 2 rolls of them. I don’t even think I used the whole roll the first time :joy: I didn’t like the idea of using straws or pipe cleaners. I did use hair ties to hold them together for each “arm” of the cross.


I tried it with pipe cleaners and nearly took an eye out. Crafty I am not. I bet yours will turn out wonderfully!


Thank you, I just recently took care of the fire pit so it can dry out a little bit & I can use it a little bit at the end of the month to burn last years & then I can make this years, I hang the lengths of the rushes so they aren’t so curved from being in a roll for so long.


Sounds as if you’ll have a lovely time of it!


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Good morning, I have been productive today so far. Now I am enjoying some down time before I move on to the kitchen. Woo hoo for housework… it keeps me busy while everyone is where they need to be :joy:


  • For Wildness

Brighid communes with both the flora and fauna of nature. She shares a special affinity with the fox, a creature representing the mystique of the wildwood.

Brighid recognizes that you need to connect with the wild. Spend time visualizing your favorite wild place. Visit this place in your mind, engaging all of your senses. Embrace this wildness within your being and allow this primal aspect of yourself to be unencumbered and free.


I have some things to go through in my room & may have some free books to offer when I am done for anyone starting out or interested in the books for any reason. I will make a post when I am done going through them today.