Broken pendulum and connecting with the new one

So a few weeks back my beautiful pendulum broke. The tip broke off of it while I was wearing it on my body. I was heartbroken because it was my very first pendulum and even though it was a random pick in a mystery witch box the stone was perfect for me (green Moss agate). When I got it I immediately felt a connection to it and quickly bonded with it. Well it might have been a dumb decision but I ordered another pendulum on wish. It’s green aventurine and is so much smaller and much lighter than my Moss agate pendulum. When I opened it this afternoon I felt nothing towards it except a hint of disappointment. I did try scrying with my broken one a couple of nights ago and received accurate answers. But I’ve heard that when crystals break you shouldn’t use them anymore. So my first question is what to do with my sweet broken agate now that it’s broken?
My second question is what advice do y’all have for connecting to and bonding with my new aventurine pendulum? I refuse to give up hope that it’ll happen and that we’ll do beautiful things together and I know that once it’s cleansed I’ll need to charge it and of course I’ll wear it close to my body for a few days to sync it’s energy to mine but is there anything else that I can do to help create the bond? I’m afraid that because my excitement for it’s arrival disappeared as soon as I opened it that I won’t be able to connect. I guess I feel like I may have hurt it’s feelings by comparing it to my first one. :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m sorry about the loss of your first pendulum. If broken, it’s done everything it needed to, if it gets lost then it’s done its job for you & now it’s time for someone or something else. That’s me though @christina4 may have more insight into what a cracked or broken crystal means as far as how it should be used or not. :two_hearts:

I’ve seen pendulum topics come up a bit more in the forum recently on my feed. I’m thinking that mine has something to tell me. :thinking:


Sorry about your pendulum, @phoenix_dawn. It sounds like it is very special to you- would you consider trying to fix it? Perhaps you could use the beautiful art of wire wrapping to either hold the tip back in place or to make a new point out of wire:

You could also use plain glue to re-attach the broken tip, or you could mix in a bit of gold or silver paint to the glue (similar to the Japanese art of Kintsugi).

Perhaps rather than throwing away your beloved pendulum, you can find a new look or use for it. After all, sometimes “flaws” are what make something beautiful, unique, and all the more meaningful :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be!


It’ll still work!! I have one with a broken tip and it’s my favorite!! As long as the crystal weights down the chain, it’s all the same!!


@BryWisteria well I had already glued the tip back once. But this time when it broke the tip got lost. I couldn’t find it. But I still feel a connection to my pendulum and I’ve used it twice and it’s still working for me so I think I’m going to just keep using it as @christina4 suggested.


I see- perhaps you can re-attach it again if it turns up. If not, no worries- it sounds like you can still use it as is :gem::blush: Good luck and happy pendulum reading, Megan! :sparkles: