Calling Crystal Experts! What Type of Crystal is This?

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I’m sorry to hear about the bottles breaking :cry: May I ask what you are using them for? Perhaps if you are using the crystal bottles as protection, sometimes when protective talismans or charms break it is seen as them “taking the hit for you” and keeping you safe.

As for what the crystal might be- I see some lovely green coloring in there! In all shades of dark to light green. Assuming it’s just one crystal in there, my best guesses would be peridot, moss agate, or green aventurine :green_circle: :gem:

That being said, I don’t consider myself to be a crystal expert and these are just my best guesses! Hopefully those who have studied much more than I have will jump in and share their thoughts too :blush:

Blessed be, Jeannie!


I was thinking of a green aventurine that comes in many shades & forms or maybe epidote or prehnite? It could be peridot maybe? It’s really hard to tell from the picture & they are inside a container.

Hopefully, someone may have a better idea for you about what they are though. Do you remember where you got them from? They would know what they are or you could bring them to a crystal shop and ask someone that can see them in person.


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