Can 1 work with only 1 deity?

I have been working with Demeter lately but I know with Wicca we worship both a male & female diety. Here is my problem. Every time I’m in communication with her she is very again me needing to worship a male deity. Is it ok to worship just her or do I keep trying to find a male deity?


Greetings @stephanie58!

That’s a great question :+1:

You’re right that in Wicca the standard deities are the God and Goddess, but I don’t believe there would be anything preventing you from worshipping just one if only one called to you. That being said, I am an Eclectic Witch (as opposed to purely Wiccan), so perhaps someone who is Wiccan will have better advice for you on the matter :blush:

From an Eclectic Witchcraft point of view, the only thing that dictates what is “right” or “wrong” in your practice is your own beliefs! I would set aside any worries about standards in the practice and focus solely on what is right for your situation.

It sounds to me like there is some clash happening between the desires of your deity and your own personal desires.

You might want to ask yourself → Do you want to worship a male deity? Would you be open to giving it a try?

If you are open to giving it a try, I would suggest consulting with Demeter to see if there is a male deity She wishes you to connect with. Zeus comes immediately to mind, but you could explore the Greek Pantheon or even other Pantheons to see if anyone calls to you.

If you are firmly against worshiping a male deity and Demeter is requiring that of you, then you might consult with Demeter and honestly express why you wish to only worship Her. From there, you could potentially continue with what you have been doing, or it could signal that it may be time to express your gratitude and part ways.

As always, these are just my thoughts and suggestions offered up in hopes of helping you find your way forward. Whatever you choose to do, I am wishing you all the best, Stephanie!

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Let me preface this: I am no longer a Wiccan but an eclectic pagan, so my views are not strictly in line with their teaching.

I believe that there is A God and A Goddess. The deities we work with by name are aspects of these. For example, Hel is an aspect of the Dark Goddess, which is one side of the true Goddess.

I worship the Lady and the Lord separate from the gods I work with in my craft. I work with both a male and a female, but that wasn’t always the case. I’ve gone from working with a single female deity to 5 at one time (mix male and female), now just two.

I don’t believe there is a hard fast rule that you must work with/worship both. However, if Demeter pushes for you to work with a male deity, she has her reason. As @BryWisteria mentioned, I would consult her on exactly what she wants - a specific diety? Or maybe she wants you to balance your practice’s male and female energies. Worshipping generalized male energy such as the Lord can work in this case. Also, never be afraid to tell the gods no. As Bry mentioned, you can say something like you appreciate her effort to find male energy to balance her energy but at this time you would like to focus solely on her.


Hello! First much like @Amaris_Bane, I am not Wiccan. I’m more of Celtic :triskele:… but even so technically I work with more than one.

I also recognize & work with Mother Earth, the Moon…

It is perfectly okay to work with multiple deities & cross pantheons… it’s all that feels right & works for you. Celtic :triquetra: Culture, Spirituality, Paganism… is what I feel the connection to & I work with crystals, astrology… so there’s the eclectic side of it. Mostly Celtic though.


It’s not so much that I want to only work with one diety. It seems Demeter isn’t interested in the slighest in having me work with a male deity at all. Every time I ask her for guidance on working with one she always tells me no & don’t worry about it.


It could be that its not your time yet too. So waot a little while & gently approach her again.


@stephanie58 i work with several. Hekate is my Matron and Thor is my Patron. I also work with The Morrigan, Athena, Persephone, and most recently Danu.

I will agree with @Susurrus that u may not be ready to meet your Patron. Give it time, be patient


I also agree with those that have said it might not be your time to work with a male deity yet, if at all. If you are Wiccan then this may be something you have to compromise – either with Demeter or yourself. If you’re more of an eclectic pagan then it doesn’t really matter.

Exactly this :point_up:


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