Can a hex be considered justice if they deserve it rightfully?

I really want to get justice on someone. Not hurt them, but to make sure their family and friends know what he did to me. He took advantage of me, manipulated me, and etc. Mind you he’s older than me. Anyways, I want him to never do it again and to make sure his family and friends are aware. In case his family and friends have teens of their own. I just want him to come clean. (Gave him months to change, he refused) If I do a hex, is it considered justice? Or do you know any simple justice spell jars?

EDIT: Morality of Cursing & Hexing║Witchcraft - YouTube
Thats a video I just looked at from HearthWitch
And yeah…not gonna hex. Mainly because there are other ways. But hexing doesn’t make you a bad person if it’s to defend yourself or someone else. It depends on the situation.
Also not hexing because that wouldn’t really…do much…not what I want to happen anyways.
Law enforcement would probably be my best bet.
Thank you guysss!! :slight_smile:


A hex is like. a curse and very negative.
Pick your battles. Is this a battle can you win? Is it going to hurt you & yours more than him to start this? Is it worth the damage you could do to your Karma. Read the Wiccan laws and You’ll have your answer. Be blessed, meditate and say a spell for peace.


I have morals, but don’t follow the Wiccan rede. I’m not wiccan personally, just a witch. And I just…don’t think peace is good enough. Since he still gets off freely. I’ve been down this road too many times and my kindness has let many of these types of people go loose around kids and who knows what else they’ve done to someone else?
I just don’t want to make the same mistake again and let someone loose in the world who is capable of doing this…not until they’ve learned their lesson…Peace is nice, but justice means a lot to me given that I’ve been abused and been through Hell majority of my life. Because I give up on battles I FEEL like I can’t win. But I have to try, right? To save someone else who lets their kindness get the best of them…I think I’ll make him come clean, and bind him from doing this to anyone else…hex may risk myself and my well-being, you’re right about that. But I can’t let anyone else get hurt.


I know I took part in it, it’s more than that, I didn’t go for him. And I’m not a baby witch. Just someone who’s hurt and needed advice. I talked to my deity for awhile and she told me to let karma deal with him and to work on healing myself and moving on. I have a lot of issues that stemmed from abuse, child abuse. And I don’t think it’s right to say stuff like “I chose him” when all I said is that I met people like him. I never explained the full story. And you ASSUMING i chose to date him or something (when I told him I wouldn’t date him) is ignorant. I’m a minor, he is an adult.


Then why haven’t you told an adult or gone to the police?

Have you told your parents or maybe teachers?

You didn’t say you were a minor.

You seem to have alot of anger going on so really asking advice from anyone won’t do any good unless they agree with you and tell you what you want to hear.

You are talking about a crime that needs reported because he will be arrested unless you don’t live in the usa. You haven’t said.

If you want justice then go to the police.

Blessed be.


He lives in Germany. Not a very good relationship with my mom, she’s apart of my depression from the way she talks to me. I’m not angry. Just sad. I didn’t want to report him at first because…I felt bad for a while. But I have looked at cyper-safety things online. And might stick with that for now.


Greetings @jada1! :blush:

You bring up a good discussion here- yes, hexes and curses are a very controversial topic in the witchy community!

While the Wiccan Rede is specific to Wicca (although witches of various followings may use it as guideline or have similar codes of ethics), it is essential in any branch or type of spellwork that you follow your own ethics.

When a situation arises that makes you consider casting hexing or other forms of negative energy, it opens a good opportunity to take the time to examine your beliefs. Take a deep look at how you feel about the idea of karma and/or the Threefold Law/ Rule of Three.

Before moving forward with negative magick, you should ask yourself:

  • Am I doing this in the heat of the moment? Casting in an emotionally charged state has numerous outcomes that should be considered.

  • Is this something that could possibly backfire on me? You should never cast something that might backfire, hurting yourself and/or your loved ones by accident.

  • Could this spell manifest in something much bigger than I want? It is easy for even simple money spells to take a direction different than what you had in mind- so be extremely careful with casting dangerous magick.

  • Would the deities I work with approve of this? If you work with deities who preach love and white magick, you may lose standing or even your connection with a deity who frowns on casting black magick.

  • Is this something I will regret later? Once cast, the spell and its energy is out in the world. Never cast spells you feel you may regret or that might come back to haunt your practice.

As for your specific situation, it does sound like a very complex scenario. It’s natural to look for magick to solve problems- especially ones as powerful and upsetting as this!

Although I don’t know the details of your situation, if there is an adult harassing you (especially as a minor) please consider seeking legal help. Like you mentioned, many sites have cyber-safety rules in place that can help protect you. I think this is a great idea to pursue! :+1:

When you have taken steps to protect yourself as best you can, I think then it will be a good time to turn to magick. In addition to general Protection Spells, there is one spell in particular that I recommend for cutting ties and seeking freedom from bad influences:

Cord-Cutting Spell

Wishing you the best of luck, Jada! Stay safe and blessed be :pray:


OMG. YES. Thats what im looking at now. I realized I wasted so much energy and time on this person and I can’t get it back. But I can prevent it from happening again. And I also asked my deity about it. And she said to work on moving on from this and be a better me and heal myself. :smiley:


Has he moved on or is he still preying on you? There’s a big difference between self-defense and getting back at someone. Sometimes the best revenge is living well. If you think he may prey on others though, that’s when you go to the authorities, even if you have to wait till you’re an adult to get out from under your mother’s control. THEN, if the police do nothing to stop him, would I consider a spell.

But right now I would content myself with self-protection. The Cord Cutting that @TheTravelWitch suggested is a good start.

Good luck staying safe!


You seem to have a lot of anger going on. Sage advise RuthAnn


Without knowing more of your situation, I gave you advise but now, you should seek legal retribution your parents and/or police.


Thank you. And yes, I still believe he would do it again to someone else. He just doesn’t want his family and friends to know cus he knows I have proof of everything, he even admitted what he did to me. He says he regrets it because now some of his friends know.

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Then as difficult as it sounds, you may have to go to the police, or his family if it’s not a police matter. Or at least an adult you can trust. That sounds sucky, because it is, but you don’t want him to hurt others, and the Gods tend to like you doing something mundanely if possible, before resorting to spells.


True. And thank you :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :hugs:

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Your anger saddens me. I view any beliefs as: I take what I need and ignore what isn’t helpful or doesn’t feel right. Don’t march off in a huff. Not everything here is fluff. The support and comradery is precious and hopeful. When I first addressed this girl, I only had half a story and when she filled out the story, I admitted my advise was wrong. I encouraged her to seek legal help. If I’m still wrong. I do apologize.
Do what you feel you must, but I will miss you. :flushed:


That’s the kind of attitude that will help you get far in life and in your relationships. Resilience is the greatest virtue here. Know when to move on.

@ruthann Thanks for sharing your views too. Let’s keep this conversation on-topic, if you have comments about the site you can start a new topic here: Site Feedback. I hope you’ll stay in the coven and keep sharing your views as openly and respectfully as possible so we can learn from you.


I think TheTravelWitch summed it up nicely and it would be hard for anyone to add more to what she said. I am happy you came to us about this. I hope you take the advice of your coven friends and report him to the proper authorities, if he broke any laws. It’s important to not beat yourself up about any of this.

I am a big fan of binding spells to block someone from harming others. (I use black candles and my own personal spell when doing this but the link provided can give you other ideas.

There is a fine line between justice and revenge. Guard your heart and be mindful of your emotions while you seek justice. You do not want to be eaten from the inside out as you seek to keep him from harming others. Obviously, anything you do should be done safely and in this case maybe with other people to protect you.

Again, if he broke the law, he needs reformed so never does it again. You need compensation for the damage he caused. The justice system handles both. Money isn’t a balm for pain but it can buy therapy and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wishing you peace and safety as you navigate this event in your life. May the outcome be in your favor. Thank you for coming to us to seek guidance and to let off steam. I hope you have people you trust in the “real” world that can love you and guide you, as well.


Thank you. :slight_smile: :heart:


Forgiveness may take a while but look inward and know you are strong and powerful. I have used a simple mirror spell for similar situations. You can write the individual’s name on a brown piece of paper and tape it to the mirror so it is reflecting back onto itself. I send love and healing energy to the individual while asking they see clearly as to their actions so as not to repeat. Simply take a look in the mirror and does one like what they see. Self love for your is a must.