Can a spell backfire?

Hello everyone,
I hope you’re al doing well.
I am pretty new to this and I am finding great support, info and inspiration by this commutator is helping me navigate this new world.
Now my question: can a spell backfire? I recently did the return to sender spell and the Bad luck go away spell. Now today I woke up to discover that the entire building was without water (and still is), had to run to an appointment to discover there is been a mixup with the dates, brought some items back to a store for an exchange that wasn’t possibile to make and last buy not list my usual store didn’t have the essential oil I wa a looking for. All in about 6 hours. Is that a chance? Something went wrong? Can be reversed? Help please!!! Thanks


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Hey there! Welcome to the forum! I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day! Personally, it sounds more as if you didn’t put the energy needed into the spell and it didn’t work well. But only you know if it backfired or not.

Here’s a video on spells backfiring. Maybe it’ll help you.

Spell Backfires - How to Stop Them║Witchcraft - YouTube


I have had spells backfire on me but it turned out well, e.g., a love spell (I fell in love) and a domination spell (I ended up being cooperative). All my other spells make me feel better but I don’t know that they actually achieve the results I intended.


I think yes, spells can backfire. However, I don’t think it’s as common as people make it out to be. I think that if your streaks of bad luck continue and more things keep happening then I would do an uncrossing spell, cleanse, and try again. However, it’s entirely possible that these bad luck things were going to happen anyway and you’re just connecting them to the spell you did. I’d wait it out and see what happens in about a week or so.


Greetings @Gianluca,

I’m so sorry to hear about the issues with the water- I hope things have resolved asap! :pray:

You’ve got some great answers here! A while ago I wrote a reply to a similar question, so I’ll just paste my response again here:

Additionally, there is always the chance that what you are experiencing is completely unrelated to the spell- perhaps the spell was sent back no problem to the sender, and you got rid of one case of bad luck (perhaps misfortune in finances, or poor health, etc.) and what is happening now is something new, or, in a strange twist of fate, actually a form of good luck- preventing you from drinking bad water, perhaps?

Just a few thoughts to add in for you to consider!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you very much for your reply: that’s could be possible. Being at the first attempts I am really trying to navigate though energy work, setting intentions, visualise and probably most importantly meditate to relax my mind before casting a spell.
It’s all a learning curve and I’ll keep trying!
But thank you ao much for your this.


Thank you very much for for your reply and all the info and keys you provided. It’s great to have this community out there that’s an endless source for someone that like me is approaching this new language. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you Megan, yes let’s wait and see.
I guess every experience will be a learning lesson for good or bad and I will definitely be looking at how the next days unfold. Have a great day!


You’re welcome! We all start out at the beginning and sometimes spells don’t work. It just takes practice. You’ll get there!


Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: @Gianluca

You’ve already received some great advice, so I not sure there’s much I can add. So let me just say, I’m glad you have joined us!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


You’re very welcome @Gianluca- I’m happy if you found the info helpful! :blush: Please make yourself at home here in the community, and always feel free to ask whenever you’ve got a magickal question on your mind :infinite_roots: :heart:

Same to you- blessed be! :sparkles:


My goodness, what a day you had!
I’ve learned over a long life that “Sh-t” happens.
When I have had days like that, and everyone has, I want to go back to bed and cover my head.
Stay positive.
Magick is amazing, but it isn’t written in stone. If you’ve done the spells correctly, It takes time, be patient. Or perhaps in a week or so, repeat it. Perhaps changed you your wording. Make your intention clear, with harm to none.
Magick is kind of like prayers, always heard, always answered. But sometimes the answer is not now, you are not ready, or simply no?
I personally feel if a spell doesn’t work right away? Wait. If it still doesn’t work, try again.
If it still doesn’t, then the powers that be are saying no. You also have to look at your answers or non-answers with a new perspective. I know a person who did a money spell and they were disappointed that no money came. At the same time, they were called to work overtime. So, from a certain perspective, the spell did work, just not as expected.
Have I confused you yet?
Don’t worry, a lot of us sit and scratch our heads, thinking, hmm?
Be blessed, be safe, and cut yourself some slack
Garnet :upside_down_face:


Dear Garnet,
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post: this sense of community is really great and so refreshing to me.
What you say is actually all very clear and I couldn’t agree more with you.
On this particular experience, I just got a bit concerned as the episodes kept unfolding one after the other l, just after me casting a spell that was supposed to bring good luck. But I get what you’re saying and I will keep working on manifesting things I can with my practice, and get to be more familiar with it and in tune with myself.
Have a wonderful day and thank you again,


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