Monthly Intentions & Releasing 💚

With a new month coming up, I plan to do this on the first of every month in 2020.

You will need
Bay Leaf (or several)
Cauldron or fire proof dish

I like to cast a circle. Casting a circle is not necessary, but I prefer to use one. It just feels right to me.

This is how I do it.

I use either a sage smudge stick or a Palo Santo stick and extend my dominant arm in front of me, while the sage/Palo Santo is lit, walk in a circle clockwise and say, “I cast this circle for my protection. Keep all negativity out and let only love come in. Blessed be.”

I also say as I light palo santo*, “I ask that the plant spirit of palo santo please infuse this space with blessings”*

When you are done your spells or rituals – walk counterclockwise and say,
 “The circle now fades. It is done. Thank you palo santo for the blessing, blessed be.” 

You can begin now.

Cast your circle

Bay leaf & marker to left. Cauldron to right.

On the first of every month write your goals, intentions, wishes on a bay leaf.

Make sure they are realistic things! No wishing for unicorns. :unicorn:

Light the bay leaf on fire and place in your cauldron or fireproof bowl.

While it burns, meditate on them. Really Visualize your goals and what their outcomes would feel like once you have obtained them.

Once you are done release your circle, then throw the ashes out the front door and ask the universe to bring these things to you. Make sure to be thankful & grateful.

You can also do this exact same thing with things you wish to release.

Examples: Fear, negative self-talk, judgement, procrastination, anger, guilt, anxiety, etc.,

Write the things you wish to release on your bay leaf.

Repeat: “I write on this bay leaf to start anew. Let the smoke lift these words up and out to brew; away from me so I can be free. Welcome a new month, a fresh start. Only peace, love and happiness will dwell in my heart. So, it is said, so shall it be!”

Once done light your bay leaf on fire and place it in your cauldron. Watch it burn. Visualize feeling lighter and freer as those negative words float away with the smoke. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Repeat: “I release my attachments to (whatever you wrote on the leaf; see examples) So, it is said, so it shall be!"

Sit quietly for a few moments. When the leaf is done burning take the ashes and throw them outside to truly release them. Make sure they are cool first before disposing. Don’t cause a fire! :fire:


WOW! Awesome post and great job! :smiley:

Releasing, and detachment processes can be really hard. This ritual looks great to begin letting go of something. Do you think this would work with love / relationships?


Absolutely. If you want to release - I’d probably write the persons name on it and say "I release any attachments to “name”. blah blah blah…lol :slight_smile:

I’d think the same would be true if you wished someone good wishes or wanting more love and compassion…just write the person’s name and set your intent. There are endless possibilities with this one I believe! :slight_smile:


Great idea! I love this recipe, it’s very versatile and I feel it could also be used to get rid of envy and jealousy.

Thanks for sharing @SilverBear!! :pray:


Another Awesome Spell! Thank you @SilverBear


Thank you and you are welcome!:green_heart:


You give the best tips!


She does and I love watching her vids…


aww! Thank you so much! <3 @shelly


@roxanne thank you so much! I just try to be very real, and authentic. Mistakes, bloopers and all LOL.


Mine don’t have me in them, yet…I am doing mostly for advertising my business.


@silverbear, this a wonderful spell! Thank you.


Thanks Silver Bear,
Great way for me to release all my negative attributes! Love your craft!
I can release my fears and anxiety!
I definitely need to practice with this one!


This is great! Especially since it lines right up with what I would like to do on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I think I could do it at the start of each month too! I am going to bookmark this so I can get back to it easily when I’m doing my cleanse next week! Thank you so much @SilverBear!

I recently subscribed to the magazine too! You looked great in the picture.


I’ve got to ask, where do you find such large and lovely bay leaves? The ones in the spice aisle in the store are all small and dry and crackly. I don’t know if I could write on them or not.


I buy them at the grocery store but they are in the FRESH produce area…then I freeze them so they stay nice. :smiley: I take them out as needed.


Thank you! I’ll have to look. I saw oodles of basil yesterday and a few other herbs but I didn’t see the bay. Maybe I just wasn’t looking for it, you know? Thanks so much!


@SilverBear, i will be trying this spell/ritual. I have tons of Bay leaves i bought from Costco. Thank you again.


@walter you are very welcome! I love doing this spell!


…But but my heart was set on unicorns.

This is wonderful. Thank you for posting!