WC 8th March - Pisces Stellium & New Moon in Pisces

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

Stellium in Pisces

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to this week is the lovely transit stellium we have going on in Pisces :pisces: A stellium occurs when three or more planets are together in one zodiac sign. This means there is highly concentrated energy in that sign, and whatever that sign rules is elevated :sparkles:

The current planets :ringer_planet: in Pisces are:

  • The Sun: February 18 - March 20
  • Venus: February 25 - March 21
  • The Moon: March 11 - 13
  • Neptune: All year

The Moon meets the Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces this week giving us a lovely psychic, spiritual, creative and empathetic vibe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That makes this period one where you can be more in tune with your instincts or strengthen your intuition, and we can all be a little more clairvoyant :crystal_ball: than usual.

This is such a good time for meditation and daily affirmations - I urge you to read :open_file_folder: this article from Astrology answers for a deeper understanding of Pisces season and 10 daily affirmations that really hit home during this time!

The Sun :sunny: will remain in Pisces until 20th March giving us plenty of time left to enjoy the dreamy, imaginative and romantic vibes it brings, until impulsive and passionate Aries storms in making us feel down right INVICIBLE.

When I think of Pisces I always envision a warm pink :heartpulse: light, glowing through a comforting, fluffly cloud - dreamy, romantic, imaginative. This is a gentler time but not one without its own power! As the last of the zodiac signs, it is often said Pisces is the wisest of the signs, as its learns from all the signs before it. This sign comes with rich rewards for those who seek them :slight_smile: Which brings us nicely to this weeks pies de resistance!!

New Moon in Pisces 13/03/21 :new_moon:

PISCES :pisces: - Water / Mutable
RULING PLANET - Neptune :ringer_planet:
12th HOUSE - Endings, Secrets, Spirituality, Healing, Closure, Subconscious, Karma :yin_yang:
COLOURS - Purple, Aqua Marine :purple_circle: :large_blue_circle:
CRYSTALS - Jade, Amethyst, Aqua Marine :crystal_ball:

Message: Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality…

As the last major lunation of the winter :snowflake: season, the New Moon in Pisces is here to remind us that we’re at the end of a cycle, but because New Moons are all about new beginnings, this sense of closure simultaneously opens us up to a fresh start too.

This moon can be a game-changer when it comes to getting in touch with your fantasies — and even if they don’t sound realistic on paper, these dreams are something we really must build on if we truly want our hearts desires :heartpulse:

It seems very well timed then, that I’ve started a 7 day manifesting challenge in the lead up to this New Moon! I am happy to share the pdf’s to Yasmin’s Challenge, as they get released, for anyone who is interested and maybe cant access them on FB.

Pisces New Moon Activities:

  • Connect with creativity! :art: Pisces are famously creative souls, so what better way to channel the Piscerian vibes than a nod to the creative? This ritual posted by the lovely @christina4 is spot on for the New Moon!
  • Leave it in the past - Healing, Closure, Karma, Endings - all words associated with the 12th house - Now is the time to really get that closure that you seek on a topic, heal your heart and move forward into Aries season, lighter and fired up to take on a fresh start!! There’s a reason that this moon follows Virgo’s Full Moon, which urged us to cleanse and heal. The New Moon in Pisces basically wants to give us a big cuddle after all that emotional work, encourage us to close this chapter and inspire us to move on - Pisces , after all, are great empaths! This releasing spelll by @SilverBear is extremely versatile and would be well recieved this New Moon :slight_smile:
  • Meditate/Manifest - Have I mentioned its a good time for meditating and manifesting at the moment? :thinking: :rofl: Venus and Neptune together in the sky can be a recipe for attracting love, heart healing, and heart awakening. Let your heart led the way with this weeks meditations, intuition is high and your higher self is ready to guide you to your true calling :innocent:
  • And lasty - Pisces loves water :droplet: baths, showers, swimming, walks by streams, the sea or lakes could prompt some inspirational or creative vibes.

Other events to note this week:
The Moon is in Aquarius :aquarius: on Tuesday – in a hard angle to spontaneous Uranus – this brings with it the potential to generate some surprising emotions so is a perfect time to meditate! The Aquarius Moon :crescent_moon: then crosses over creative and expansive Jupiter on Wednesday, encouraging you to expand your mind - a good time to learn or try something new :sparkles:

I hope you have a lovely week this week :grinning: lets dream those dreams that Aries season will help us bring into reality :sparkling_heart:


Ooh, I love it! This is great information :relaxed: @Abs53 you’re awesome :sunglasses:


Thank you @Abs53! I feel the same way as @christina4! That’s a lot of Pisces!

This has inspired me to do my daughter’s chart because she is a Pisces sun, but now I’m curious about the rest of it. She is very empathic also & definitely defines water sign/Pisces in her day to day.

This is awesome information & I appreciate your posts about the signs/astrology/planets. So much great information that I am working on learning more about!


A treasure trove of information- many thanks to astrology master @Abs53 for sharing this wisdom! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Looks like we’ve got an abundance of Pisces energy- time to get creative! :art::sparkles::pisces:


Thanks for sharing all of this information and useful ideas, @Abs53 Abs!! :pray:

I’ll be writing down some intentions in my journal and trying to catch a glimpse of the stars outside!! Have a great New Moon! :new_moon: :night_with_stars: