Intentions Jar Spell

Intentions Jar Spell

This Jar spell is for manifesting your intentions.

People set “intentions” all the time, often not realizing that they are setting themselves up for failure. Your wording is very important. If you’ve already read about the Law of Attraction or done any manifestation work, you should be familiar with the concept of “living as if”. The basic idea here is that if you speak and act as though you already have what you want, it’s easier for you to actually attain that thing.

Applying this to intention statements, you will benefit from using words like “am”, “can” and “feel”, avoiding words like “will”. Using the future tense makes your goal seem far away, rather than obtainable. And be sure to write with feeling! FEEL it. Don’t just jot it down and toss it in the jar. FEEL every word your write.

Gather any herbs, crystals, essential oils, symbols or other items that will align with and attract your intention.

You will also need:


Red Candle & Matches or Lighter

Sage, Palo Santo or Cedar Incense

Paper & Pen

Inside my jar is

  • Rose Quartz: love, harmony in relationships, and self-love
  • Rosemary: home blessing, purification, cleansing
  • Cinnamon: healing, protection, speeds up spells, love
  • Bay leaf: healing, protection, wishes
  • Lavender: happiness, purification
  • Salt: protection, purification

I wanted to attract love, protection & good health.

Begin by cleansing your materials with sage, cedar incense or palo santo.

Write your intentions on pieces of paper and fold them three times (three represents growth, inspiration, guidance and manifestation)

Meditate on your intentions for a few moments.

As you add each item to your spell jar speak your intention out loud.

Remember you always want to word things like they are happening right now.

“I am healthy and happy”

“My life is filled with love”

“I am worthy of love”

“Every cell in my body radiates energy”

“I am safe”

Once you are done adding all your items, close your bottle and seal it with your red candle wax. Red can be used for love, protection, grounding, courage, strength, lust, passion, inspiration and new beginnings.

Once your spell bottle is closed, do not open it again until your intention has come to fruition. Place your spell bottle where it makes the most sense to you. If it is a spell bottle for deflecting negative energy at the workplace, keep it near your workspace. If your spell bottle is for creating love and passion with your spouse, keep it near your bed on a nightstand.

Once you feel this spell has come to fruition. You can dump out the earth safe contents and bury them, Ask Mother Earth to accept your items and thank her. If you reuse your jar be sure to cleanse it before the next spell.


Very nice! Thank you @SilverBear for sharing-this is something I need to do, but I am very busy these last few days working on an ETSY page…lol thought I would just give it all a try. Blessed Be,. I will probably try to do this tonight when all is quiet.


I just finished a beautiful clearing and protection spell…AHHHH feels so good.


This is perfect to receive the new month and for this Waxing Moon! :crescent_moon:

Thanks for the recipe @SilverBear! :pray:

:open_mouth: That’s exciting!! Tell us more!


Yes @roxanne tell us more!!


@Francisco @silverbear well my admired Goddess has always been Sophia Goddess of Knowledge. So I get ahold of everything I can and sudy. In this time I have accumulated some very good PDF books. I see they all seem to sell online. So I built an Etsy store called AWitchesBookshelf I offer all my books (about 600 ) for a flat price then I am breaking down to 15 categories like spells, occult, Aleister Crowley, All sorts of things. etc and they have anywhere from 8 to 40 books. There will be packets of all different prices. I have all my sections ready to upload and my art. We will see what happens. I may do eBay hopefully by morning I will have all my things online. Then I will have to tweak all of course. I will continually add to it I am sure.


Can you seal it with a red ribbon instead of the wax?

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Ohh let us know when you’re up and running please :blush:


You sure can. :slight_smile:


I am still adding things to it, lots of work and typing so much my hands hurt… but its getting there!


This is incredible :heart_eyes:
I can’t wait to make my own intentions jar!
Thank you so much for sharing this @SilverBear :heart:


Ooh I finally did it!
(Or my take on it anyway)
I’ve been putting it off for ages because I wanted it to be just right and tonight something just struck me and I knew it was time!
I added loads of stuff but I must say the vanilla pod- though expensive- was the best thing I could’ve added. The energy I felt from it just filled me with such confidence- smelling it I instantly felt assured of success.
I chose to use a homemade pink candle instead of red as it’s better aligned with my intentions.
Thank you again @SilverBear for your inspiring creations :heart:
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Awesome! It looks beautiful!!


Very beautiful jar!! Did you make the candle too? It looks great and I think I can smell it too!! :rofl: :white_flower:


Yes, it smelled amazing!
Yep another homemade candle- so satisfying watching it melt over the jar! My standard tealights wouldn’t do that :joy:


This is very nice. I sure to do this. Thank You


@SilverBear ,thank you for sharing this jar spell. I need to do one .


I love to do jar spells. I just finished one the other day & emptied the contents in my front garden. I have to update my offering for Ostara but I’m going to do that when I have more time, so probably tomorrow morning :sunrise_over_mountains::upside_down_face: