Candle spell turned mini fire! Tips to avoid?

Ok, I’m an absolute idiot, the fire from my candle magic made a freaking mini fire on my vanity in my room, which is where my little pagan altar is. But the sage decided to go crazy, and I thought that the fire would get smaller and die down, because it always does, but this time it didn’t, and it cracked the glass tray. Wow, why did I have a glass tray that is so stupid! Anyway, I managed to put out the fire by putting a metal bread loaf thing on top of it.

I guess my question is, how do I avoid lighting fires when I’m just doing small candle spell with, you know, 3 candles and some sage? I don’t want to do it outside, because that does not feel safe, but it does not feel safe to do it inside either. Please tips for a stupid newbie?



Oh wow, that’s definitely scary! Honestly, I think most of us have been there at one point in time :sweat_smile:

Aww hun, you’re not a stupid newbie! There’s no need for that. You’re just getting started and sometimes we don’t think things such as candles can get out of control. Most of us are used to burning candles regularly and fire itself is hard to tame. It’s okay! The important thing is you’re safe, your house is safe, and nothing got burned down. :people_hugging: :heart:

So, here are my tips to not burn your house down with candle magick! :clap:

  • don’t over-dress your candle
  • always keep an extinguisher handy (or a bowl of water or something to smother the flame with)
  • never ever leave candles unattended
  • burn your candles on a safe burning surface – I know you said you had it on a glass try. Usually this is okay! I burn my own candles on a glass tray, but they will crack if they get hot enough and it sounds like yours definitely got hot enough.

I also wrote this post (Candle Safety 🔥) in 2019 about candle safety that has a few more tips in there to help you out! I even have a video on my own channel about dressing candles and how to do it semi-safely. Remember, you’re still working with fire so there’s no such thing as a fully safe candle.

Dressing Candles 🕯️ Candle Magick Tips and Tricks || Witchcraft 101 [CC] - YouTube


@MeganB gave some great tips!

I definitely would agree with some kind of extinguisher whether a snuffer, cover, water… etc…

I have a couple of ways that I practice with candles. I happen to have chime candle holders… which are pretty small due to the size of the candles they are holding. I place the chime holders in a votive holder, much like the one shown above. Depending on how they are dressed, I will either place the votive holder in a small cauldron or another more fireproof bowl/container that can be easily covered or snuffed or I have used a small pan in the past, whether a frying pan or pot (we have smaller pans for like omelets or one or two eggs, (even one that is specifically for one the sunny side up egg :egg: or the fried egg :fried_egg:) … those can easily be covered. Plus if you are putting herbs around the candles & somehow they should ignite, once covered it will snuff those out too, or you can use water & a cover.

We do have a printable on candle safety also on the main site & Jar Candles & Candle Safety :fire: as a topic within the forum too that may be worth looking at while you’re starting your journey on working with fire & candles :candle:

I hope we were able to help you with some ideas on how to prevent or work through it more easily!


Side Note:

You are not an idiot!

You were able to ask questions about something that you were having a hard time with on how to proceed & which shows that you have great strength :muscle: & are willing to continue learning. :clap: :hugs:


When I light candles to keep memory, daily intentions, light spells, I do it on my stove top in the kitchen (even incense too, keep it on my stove top in the kitchen - I walk around with it to air the area out, but I then put it back on the stove top to finish burning). Unless I’m casting a circle, staying in there, but then I put the candle in my black cast iron pot (cauldron), and a fire extinguisher keep near by.

You’re not an idiot. You were there, caught it, handled it, did good. Scary though. Fire is a force, that little flame, that tiny burning amber - poof, goes wild and rages. Don’t burn candles and stuff around desks and areas with stuff that can catch on fire.

Fire extinguisher that’s movable, and keep it accessible when working with fire.

(Edit - am working with fire now, so have the extinguisher close by)


Also a great idea if you have one (or more) in your home.

I got lucky & my husband has them throughout the house & a couple of different ones outside & in the trucks we have. He is a mechanic & has the small ones for DOT purposes & around his shop & as he was able to get them, put them in several places in & outside our home.

If you are able to, a small one to keep inside or near you when working with fire is a great idea. Even if you never have to use one, its good to have one easily accessible. :revolving_hearts:

Thank you @Eliza_01 for mentioning this preventative measure!


Sounds like your husband works with fire and flammables, trained and have seen some mishaps too and knows the deal. Very good.

Everyone who lights candles and incense, uses fire in their practice, please get and have a fire extinguisher, better to never have to use it, but it’s there if needed (like insurance).


Yes, he’s a welder among other things & works on everything from a weed trimmer to passenger vehicles to tractor trailers to big machines… so mishaps happen & being the fleet mechanic he has to make sure all the vehicles & trailers have the right equipment for DOT checks on the roads, highways, & biways. He has seen some things :flushed:

Plus he knows that I work with fire (even after waking up in a house fire :fire: when I was in my late teens) & candles & we have a good size fire pit in our backyard. Also 3 kids… so we tend to not take chances with it. It can be a force to reckoned with if you’re not careful.

You did great though @chaitea43! Great job handling it! :revolving_hearts:


Terrifying deadly dangerous, you made it out, giving you a hug, thank goodness!! Living in NYC, seen house and apartment fires, moves onto from one house, apartment, to the next. How fires were started, from the smallest, a cigarette, incense, candle, falling asleep, unattended. Also, the electrical heaters.


I thought of Francisco immediately LOL … He is adimit about candles and fires. The suggestions would be there’s a candles by battery they flicker and grow. When I first bought mine I can’t tell you how many times I tried to light my cigarette with it.
Blessed to be


TIP: Fire extinguishers can be costly; Fire blankets are not, you can pick one up on Amazon for less than $20. They are handy to keep around and can be thrown over a fire on your altar, in your kitchen, anywhere…


Merry meet. Please don’t be too hard on yourself, you aren’t stupid because fire did what it does best - burn. I agree with those above about fire extinguishers and would also add that you should periodically check to make sure the extinguisher is full, even if unused, and know what type you have - ratings are most likely different in different countries but I’m in the US so we choose ABC extinguishers that put out combustibles, flammable liquid, and electrical fires.


@isobel.tuliptree another awesome idea! I think hubs has them at work :thinking: I’ll have to see if he can get one for my space.

@charlotte2 yes! Great recommendation, I forget that we have those ones and they do come separately… I think because we’ve always had the ABC ones. And that they should be checked or inspected.

We can bring ours to the local firehouses & they will check them for us. I don’t know if that’s typical across the US though.


Hello @chaitea43, you are not a “stupid newbie”!!! We have all made mistakes and that is how we learn.

I don’t have much to add to the advice already given. The most important thing I learned is to not overdress as Megan mentioned. You don’t need the candle to be completely coated.

Also, I believe it was @SilverBear who recommended the clay plates that go under pots as a tray for candle magick. I have started using theses and love them. I will dress my candle, place it in a holder in the middle of one of the plates and then sprinkle the remaining herbs around the candle on the plate.


The fire extinguishers I’ve seen, single home use, cost $19.97, double $39.97, or a full larger home use one $49.97. What are you looking at if you don’t mind me asking? Not having one costs more, especially if using fire. Fire blanket is fine as an addition, but better to not get too close if distance needed.


I love this! It’s very true… mistakes are how we learn…

I remember the clay plates recommendation, at one point I was using pot holders… I have stoneware plates that I could put under the candle holders though & when I place herbs or offerings in a circle around the candles I could easily do it on the plates :thinking: Thank you for the reminder!


@Eliza_01 I just priced them on and they generally run about $100 here in Canada.


Wow!! I wonder why they are so much more expensive there?


@chaitea43 i use an old pizza pan, and then cover it with aluminum foil. Makes for easy clean up.


Some fire departments will give them away