Casting a Spell on Someone

Hello, everyone!

I have been thinking about ethics and spell casting lately. As a baby witch, I do not cast anything that would harm or force another person into doing anything against their will. Frankly, no one has time for that bad karma.

However, when I was reading up on love spells, I’ve stumbled upon “Attract your crush” or “make him obsessed with you” spells. Wouldn’t that be considered against their will or is there a fine line here?

Open to discussion, here! All thoughts/opinions/doubts are welcome :slight_smile:


Okay, here’s my take. Attracting your crush isn’t bad because that’s like putting on perfume or wearing a great outfit. You’re just catching their attention.

Making him fall in love with you is bad because it’s basically slipping him a rufie and raping him.

Making him obsessed with your spells is dangerous as hell. Obsession isn’t good, it’s bad. It’s boiling someone’s bunny in a pot time. I don’t want someone obsessed with me, so that’s just crazy talk.

As I said, this is just my take on it. I’ll be interested in what others think.


I completely agree. I think there is definitely a fine line between attraction and obsession; and I cannot imagine making someone fall in love. It makes me sad to think about it, and more sad for the victim more than anything.


I’d feel sad for the perpetrator when Aphrodite gets a hold of them! That’s not one Goddess that would let others play in Her realm lightly! But yeah, definitely sad for the victim.


@xphoenixsxreasonx hi great question. Ok here is my take on this. Any spell to cause obsession is crazy dangerous. They can and will turn very quickly. I do not do those types of spells. Ever. Attraction spells on the other hand are a boost to help someone notice you or make you more desirable to them. I think those spells are fine to do if you like. I personally do not use them. Thanks for the great topic


Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments! I think if your intentions are in point when it comes to attraction spells, meaning if there is something there and I want this person to notice me, then that’s fine.

Obsession would scare me, and falling in love spells would honestly break my heart.

I think I have heard of white magick love spells, but I do not know if there is such a thing, unless I am mistaken?


These days you can find a spell for anything. I’m not sure about a white magic love spell. I’m sure there are a few called that but I think it would be up to the person casting it to know for sure.


Those are good distinctions!


I know about the impulse to cast a spell. I feel tempted to do it all the time. When I was first experimenting…this was 2007! a witch friend gave me a cool witch box (which apparently isn’t made anymore, I think it was from Barnes and Noble) and a spell book. I was enchanted with it. I had a blind date the next day so I did a love spell on the guy. First spell I ever did. Together for NINE YEARS! Oh, was she mad! She said, you aren’t ready and you aren’t supposed to do that. It could have rebounded on you! Well, did it ever, talk about love at first sight! And I thought well, gee whiz, why’d you give me the book and box if you didn’t want me to use them?? But it was wrong. I just didn’t know it. I didn’t cast anymore spells after that until a couple of years ago when I learned more.

I think now if I had a crush on someone, I would do spells for self-love on MYSELF. Or confidence or healthy boundaries or something. Infatuation is just plain painful. I wouldn’t want to give my power away again like that. But that’s just me.



Coerced love is hollow and fake. Nobody wants that. And obsession? Haven’t you seen those movies? What happens once he’s obsessed and you want him to go away? You think you can just turn it off? You are a horror movie waiting to be written.

I think there are creative ways of achieving much the same thing. If you want to cast a spell on your shoes so that they just happen to take you wherever they are, no problem. That’s a spell on you. Let nature take its course. If he’s into you, you won’t need a spell to make him obsess over you. If he’s not, forcing him/her to obsess is asking for trouble that your protection spell won’t stop.

Finally, if you don’t have a specific, named person in mind, but want to find someone, that’s a different story. Make your checklist (hair color, eyes and other - whatever your other is) and have at it.


This brings up a good discussion that coincide with other similar topics that may be of interest…

I think ultimately I won’t cast spells for someone unless they have asked me to do so, I will help them with what they need to do it themselves too. I have done freezer spells, but nothing expressly baneful or hurtful & I wouldn’t do something that would be somehow influencing emotional decisions like love, I would want that to be their own, honest feeling.


Thank you!

Yeah, I know. Harsh. But it’s true in a way when you think about it.