Chakra Information & Videos 🌀

Did you know that there are hundreds of chakras that are in our physical body and thousands in our aura? It would be impossible to remember and keep track of that many. Thus why everywhere we see and hear about the 7 main chakras. I have found books and articles that talk about 12 main chakras as well. There’s probably books, articles, and videos talking about even more out there.

Main 7 include…
1. Root
2. Sacral
3. Solar Plexus
4. Heart
5. Throat
6. Third Eye
7. Crown

Main 12 include…
0. Earth Star
1. Root
2. Sacral
3. Solar Plexus
4. Heart
5. Throat
6. Third Eye
7. Crown
8. Soul Star
9. Spirit/Stellar Gateway
10. Universal
11. Galactic
12. Divine Gateway

Not too long ago I found out that Foot chakra and Hand chakra is a thing!

It’s hard to find infographics over the additional chakras. But I found some over the 7 main ones. They are loaded with information!








This is a playlist from Shannon Marie who is a YouTuber. She covers great information and a guided meditation over the 7 chakras in addition to the Foot chakra and Hand chakra.


Oh yeah, there’s more chakras than the main 7 that were all used to. If you’d like some notes from class, let me know. :blush::gem:


Thanks for sharing, @Missa!!


That’s really interesting, @Missa! :heart_eyes: You’re right, I’ve only really heard about the 7 main chakras.

The idea of hundreds of chakras reminds me a lot of the meridians in TCM, and it looks like (at least some of them) overlap:

[Pic from Pinterest]

Fun to learn about! Thanks so much for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lately i have been feeling very stressed and anxious for no reason, i have been attracted to pinks, purples, blues and whites and selenite, i dont have selenite.
also i honestly don’t know how to do chakra stuff :frowning:


Greetings @summer2!

Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling stressed and anxious lately. Perhaps looking into aura work and/or chakra work would be a good option for you, if you feel you are being drawn to them?

For learning about Auras :cyclone:, I recommend checking out the resources and experiences shared in the previous Reading Auras Challenge.

For Chakras :rainbow: , there are many resources here in the forum. In addition to the info @Missa shared above, here are few for you to begin learning more about the world of chakras:

Ritual Meditations for Each of the Chakras
How to Check Chakras Using a Pendulum
Collection of Chakra Crystal Grids

And as for the colors you are being drawn towards, perhaps you might want to look into the meaning of each of those colors? In magick, colors have correspondences.

Pink : Relationships, love, tender emotions, bonds between people, relief from depression

Purple : Psychic powers, spirituality, other worlds, your consciousness

Blue : Water magick, creativity, change, harmony, guidance

White : Healing, protection, universiality

(You can find more color correspondences on the Spells8 Color Candle Magick Page)

Wishing you the best of luck with your magickal studies- I hope the colors you have been drawn to can help lead you finding peace, harmony, and relief from your stress!

Blessed be :sparkles:


I’d love to see some of your notes on the chakras. I feel like I am constantly learning so much from you, woman! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok I’ll do that after I run some errands today. I’ll take pics of them. Or I could just make a new just going to add the link from my school site as a new post.


I will recommend this book because it describes Chakras and their functions effectively. Here is the link:
[The Chakras and their Functions The Chakras and their Functions eBook : Sui, Master Choa Kok: Kindle Store