Checking Chakras using a Pendulum 🌀

Using a pendulum is not just for yes or no answers! There are many ways to check and see if your chakras are open, closed, balanced, and unbalanced using a pendulum. If a chakra is closed or unbalanced you can use the pendulum to fix it too! A pendulum is a neat versatile tool :slight_smile:

  • Start off by asking the question “Show me my … chakra” (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown)

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 4.48.27 PM

How to Unblock/Balance

  • If a chakra is blocked or imbalanced move the pendulum clockwise, close your eyes and envision whatever color of light the chakra is going through your body. You may do this for however long you’d like. Could be 30 seconds or a minute or two. Whenever you feel like the chakra is good to go you can move on to the next one.

Additional items you may want to include/use…

Here are some blogs with additional information!


I just ordered a 7 chakra pendulum with a quartz point. I was going to ask if you can check your chakras with it and how that would work. Thank you so much for the information @marissa! I think I am going to bookmark this and possibly print it out if I can figure that little trick out. Lol


Awesome! You are so welcome :slight_smile: if you have any problems saving the photo on here just click on the links (most have photos of the charts on there) You can also try doing a screen shot on the computer or search on google images. Where did you get your pendulum from? it sounds really neat :slight_smile:


@marissa I found it on Amazon! I will post a picture when it arrives!



Thanks for sharing @marissa! This is perfect for those who haven’t been able to connect with our pendulums in a while!

Another tip: Keep your chakras moving by visiting and enjoying nature! I’m going camping this Friday and I’m bringing my 7-chakra stone


I’ve been interested in learning more about pendulums since pendulum-enthusiast @christine4 got me hooked on the idea! :grin: Pendulums are a great way to bring your craft with you, even while on the road! :railway_track::+1: I think it’s awesome idea to bring it camping with you, @Francisco- have a fun trip! :camping:

This is very interesting and helpful info- thank you so for much for sharing, @marissa! :heart:


This is super interesting, thanks for sharing @marissa :blush:

A friend of mine is very knowledgable in chakras and energy flows, and she did a pendulum session with me a while back. I was laying down, relaxing, and she checked all my chakra points (root, sacral etc.) with the pendulum to see whether it was flowing freely or if there were any blockages.

I remember that especially my root, third eye and crown chakra were very open, while my heart chakra was partially closed. I never thought of checking all this by myself before; even though I am, as @TheTravelWitch put it, a pendulum-enthusiast, so this post is really helpful. Thanks for that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your friend sounds very gifted with pendulums too, @christine4! Best of luck if you try a self chakra reading- let us know how it goes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks @marissa! I will definitely use my pendulum for this! :blue_heart:

@christine4 do you recommend any particular way to cleanse your pendulums? I wear my pyrite one as a necklace most days, I usually cleanse it with palo Santo ans recharge under the full moon but I wonder if it needs a little more, as its in action so much! :sparkles: Poor thing :joy:


I think cleansing it with Palo Santo (or Sage, it’s more accessible to me) and recharging it under the full moon already sounds perfect :blush: I sometimes clean mine with a bit of soap water too, but that obviously has no spiritual meaning :joy:
And I do think that it’s great that you’re keeping your pendulum so close to you by wearing it as a necklace, since it really should be in tune with you and your energy!


Hey thats okay! Even using just regular soap and water it still counts as cleansing! Doesn’t matter the materials/tools. Its all about intent that matters most :slight_smile: :heart: