Chocolate and it's uses!

Magickal Properties of Chocolate

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A wonderful article about chocolate. I think it should be a food group. Do you think that there’s a spell out there for that? :kissing_heart:


@Garnet. The food itself is the spell.
The Aztecs used it as coinage(Romans used salt, “salary” derived from salt) and considered it food of the Gods.

Yes, we consume a lot of salt too!

Spaniard Ladies at the time did not like it until was mixed with sugar.
Eaten on its own or added to lots of savoury dishes as well as sweet ones. Swiss people eat 1o kg. yearly.
Price of cacao keeps going up, one day will reach gold prices…because taste for this commodity has not diminished.
In Spain, New year’s Day start with a big cup of hot chocolate and at least 6 churros, to cure hangover.
It’s used in beauty treatments.
There’s even a joke: "cover me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians":face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::rofl:

I only eat 70% minimum. I tried 90% once, and no even today, can have more than a few pieces; yet I favour bitterness.
Polish, British, American" so called chocolate", is not.
Not even, what they call white!
Once, went to a little shop in London. I tried a plum covered in chocolate. It cost £3.00 a piece.
It was better than sex, believet or not!. Hours later my brain was still savouring that taste.
Years have passed and I still remember it with fondness.
I found a French recipe that topples down the famous “sachertorte”. It is made with almonds eggs, chocolate, sugar and cream; and no flour.
Is a cross between mousse and souffle.
The secret let it slightly unbaked.
Try cacao nibs!
It should be labeled as a drug. Gives your body a quick and the brain becomes addicted.
I’ll tell you a secret, buy good quality chocolate, break a piece and place it in your mouth. Let it melt, fight temptation to crunch it.
Who needs meditation when there’s chocolate?
I can not help you, because already am bewitched by it​:joy::rofl::two_hearts:
Let’s not forget that Spain gave the chocolate monopoly(to Switzerland & Holland) in return for large sums of money to finance the New world conquest.
It’s an irony, for a Country like Switzerland, with no cocoa plantations, and yet is one of the top producers in Europe; alongside Germany and Belgium.
Once, went to Belgium, one place a visit, I was overwhelmed by the number of shops selling chocolate: “PARADISE”.

I was born in Switzerland. There’s 2 foods that I crave: good cheese and good

When moved to England, tried bar after bar, they all tasted the same. What’s worse, is that I needed after to drink to get rid of the overdose big sugar.

Nowadays don’t even use sugar,…Aaagh!

Just found that til 1800s was not consumed in solid form.:thinking:
US. manufactures 4 millions yearly!


That’s super interesting, Basil. Thank you for the link!

Last year Laura shared a spell with chocolate in the Forum. Here it is:


Ok, will try it, but do not think I need the charm.
Know how to eat and use the chocate.
Both, like chocolate, although I am the fuzzy one.
Of all Polish chocolate, I only buy loose plums covered in it.
We travel across London to buy them!
Still got a box full of bars, I bought 2 years ago, in perfect condition.


I was just about to share this!


This was one sweet topic :joy_cat::raised_hands:t2:


Hooray for chocolate! :chocolate_bar: :yum: That’s a great resource @Basil- thanks for sharing!

For lovers of chocolatey magick, there are a few more resources in the discussion here:

And there have been some great chocolate recipes shared (many from the wonderful @Amethyst!) for Kitchen Witches looking for cooking inspiration! :woman_cook: :sparkles:

Excuse me while I go dig for a chocolate bar- now I’ve got a craving! :joy::chocolate_bar:

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