Update From Praecog29 - Time To Be Thankful

I was in the hospital from September 7th until the 14th. I almost died but here I am so thank the Goddess, right? :pray:

While I was in the hospital, my best friend/girlfriend blocked me and my family. (Don’t ask, IDK) My other best friend rushed to my aid and to the aid of my family and is visiting me at home this week.

I had moved out of the house due to the divorce but my wife moved all of my stuff back home to care for me. We have decided to put the divorce on hold and see if we can reconcile. Almost losing my life, I know how important she is to me and she knows how important I am to her. :heart:

I still have my job, thankfully. Being from the States, I will have quite the medical bill. :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

We were going to sell the house due to the divorce but we took it off the market after it was appraised at 50k more than we bought it for! Time to refinance. :upside_down_face:

All in all, I can’t complain. The first thing I did when I got home was eat chocolate (none at the hospital) and light a candle :candle: to thank the Divine watching out for me.

I am busy catching up on all the posts I have missed, but I would love to hear how you all are doing and if there is anything to be thankful for on your end, as well.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: Are you okay now?? What happened?!!

It’s great to hear you still have your job!! :relieved: And an interesting turn of events with the divorce! Reconciliation time?

Wow it seems like there’s so much going on over there! We’ve been focusing on keeping a positive attitude and a self-love challenge! There’s so much going on outside right now (wildfires here, covid, social media!) so I’m glad you’re okay!!


Glad to hear you’re okay! And that your reconciling. Sometimes the Universe has to smack you in the head to get your attention.


Blessed Be @praecog29. I am thankful that you are back and that the universe is smiling down on you and your family.
By the way…what kind of chocolate??? :joy: :joy: :joy:


Oh goodness, @praecog29- you’ve had a rough time! :astonished: I am so glad to hear you are recovered and back safely at home with someone who cares for you :hearts: Despite everything you still have such positive energy- sometimes the darkest moments bring out our true selves, and it looks like you are one tough, strong, and gracious soul! You are truly inspirational :candle:

As you said about counting our blessings and sharing stories of thankfulness- this a great time for it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Especially with Mabon/The Witches’ Thanksgiving coming next week.


Near death experience is scary as all hell! I’m glad you’re alright! There are many things I’m thankful for! There’s few I’m not grateful for. Mostly I’m thankful for the love of my 4kids, a roof over my heat, food, an income, education and second chances! I had actually flatliners for about 20 seconds. That’s what began my spiritual awakening process many moons ago. It really woke me up to change my life around. Anyway I’m glad you’re back!


Thank you, everyone. I love seeing things to be thankful for while I fully recover.

@Rowan, It was 85% Lindt Dark Chocolate. :upside_down_face:

@Francisco, It appears we are going to try reconciling. Long story short, I experienced an extremely bad drug interaction and my wife was able to get me to the hospital while breaking every known traffic law. :rofl:


LOL :laughing: I’m glad you didn’t get pulled over then!!

If you still love each other then use it as a lesson, take one day at a time! I’m sure the Goddess will guide you and the future will be good! :muscle: :sparkles:

We always have Lindt chocolate around here! 90% is good too but it takes some getting used to it :chocolate_bar:


So glad you made it safely, @praecog29! :two_hearts:

And wow- everyone is so strong with their chocolate, I can barely handle 70%! :laughing: I guess dark times call for extra dark chocolate! :chocolate_bar:


LOL :rofl: once you go dark, you never go back!!

I started buying it because if I get the milk chocolate I will eat the whole bar in one sitting. With darker chocolate you can have a bite and enjoy it a lot longer… I think!


It’s true! Although I can only handle about 50% dark right now- but once I started, I can’t go back to milk chocolate! :laughing:

This got me thinking about all the benefits of chocolate (especially dark). Like several of you have mentioned here- we really tend to turn to chocolate during times of trouble!

I did some digging and put together a guide on the medicinal and magickal benefits of chocolate- for any other chocolate lovers who are interested, you can find the topic here:

@praecog29 I hope you are feeling much better now and I hope your recovery is going well!

Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


Oh wow! Glad you’re on the road to recovery now @praecog29! (no pun intended with the road reference there :joy:)

Very true that these major life events can open your eyes to a truth you didn’t realise! :eyes:

I’m currently preparing for my fresh start-astrological speaking- and looking to the positive side of life!! :dizzy:

Wish you all the best in your recovery and Reconciliation with your wife :heart:


Oh me too! I could eat the milk chocolate in one sitting as well :yum: I get 70% or higher