Self Love Challenge!

Hi All,

I have recently been doing a lot of work on self love :revolving_hearts: Loving who you are is one of the most important aspects of living a positive and present life. I’ve been thinking a lot about positive words and how we use them (or more accurately don’t use them!) when it comes to talking about ourselves.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a little challenge and ask if we could all post something positive about ourselves? :slight_smile:

It could be anything from a personality trait, a physical trait, something you’ve achieved this week, a challenge you have overcome, a special skill set… etc. :star:

Lets start cultivating some self love! :revolving_hearts:

Tell me something AWESOME about yourself!



Here’s mine:

I’m funny, I make people laugh :joy: My eyes are a really nice colour :blue_heart:
This week I have improved my punctuality!


I always stay positive even in the worst situations. I try to anyway. I’ve been studying harder for school bc I am going to pass with flying colors! I’m bettering my life! I deserve it and my kids deserve it!


That’s wonderful! I always find myself so drawn to positive people :heart:

Yes! You go Queen! :raised_hands: :crown:


I would say that my eyes are a wonderful color and I am very helpful whenever I can, I’m a good listener and I’m finally able to balance life and my house. I stray away from drama and try to find the positive in everything I encounter throughout my days.


Something I feel is awesome about myself is: I’m that friend who is down for the ride. I’m :footprints:adventurous :sagittarius: at any time, any day. It’s usually that quality that inspires others around me to get up and move! :soccer:


Awesome @janelle and @krissie117!!

Im loving these!


What a great idea! Here’s mine:

I have great hair. Auburn, a real bright penny color.
I try to keep positive, even when I’m feeling down.
I’m a good writer when it comes to fan fiction. It’s fun and keeps me occupied.
I work hard on my mental health. I try to listen to what the doctors and counselors tell me to do and what they’re saying.

I’m sure there are more, but that’s just off the top of my head. :purple_heart: Look forward to reading them all!


Oh that’s so interesting! What fan fiction do you write? @kasie


I used to write mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with some CSI Miami and NCIS shorts thrown in for good measure. I haven’t written for ten years and I’ve finally got a good idea so I’m trying to write it down before I lose it. It’s a Harry Potter fan fic with Harry going back in time to fix things. I don’t know how long it will be, I’m on chapter seven and I’ve just started. I hope to have it done by Yule.


Oh my gosh!!! I would LOVE to read that!! Please let us know when you’re finished, I adore HP :grin:


Sure. It’s gonna be Harry and Draco for the relationship, well as much of a relationship they can have when they’re four. But I read loads of fan fiction and there are a lot of good Harry Potter ones out there. Better than the epilogue! LOL. Just PM me if you want some recommendations.

Come to the fan fiction side. We have cookies. :innocent:


Thanks for this challenge!! :smile: It’s a great idea and after all, “you gotta praise yourself sometimes”!

LOL I was going to say that! I show up on time!!

I can make up puns! Even in English (not my native language) and I have made a few “dad jokes” of my own!

I came up with this one last week:

— How does the Moose moo?
— The Moose moos: “moooooooooooooose!”

I know! :laughing: Sorry!

Also I make handmade cards for special occasions. The most recent one was my mother-in-law’s birthday which was about activist moms, and she loved it! (she’s an activist). But I didn’t take a picture of it!


Nice Challenge! I seem to be hard on myself when it comes to this sort of thing. But here goes:
I love with everything I have, even though to some I have a hard time letting them in. (Don’t think I’m supposed to cancel a positive with a negative…sorry)
I’m honest…to a default.
I’m trying to learn not to freak over what I can’t control and take each day as it comes.
I enjoy lifting others up.
I think I have pretty eyes.


:joy: love the dad joke! I’ve always wondered why aren’t multiple moose called Meese? :grin::joy:


What a great idea @mrs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
… and surprisingly difficult :laughing:
Well, something I like about myself is that I never give up, I’m very driven. Once I set myself a goal, I’m gonna achieve it, no matter what :muscle:
I’m compassionate, and try to help others wherever I can. I especially care for animal welfare :paw_prints: I’m also very loyal and straight forward.


I’m empathetic and sympathetic at the same time, I love to knit and crochet as well as a number of other crafts that I sell for the holiday season. Mostly on FaceBook and through word of mouth. I have a bleeding heart for animals and for anyone going through a rough time.


Self love is always something Ive struggled with and wanted to work on I’m getting their slowly. If you knew how much I used to hate myself then you’d be proud of how far Ive come, still got a long way to go but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here is a self love meditation you guys might enjoy.

Ok here is my self love:. I love my big heart I’m always their for others and I try to give in some capacity or another. I’m kind, playful, I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m a big dork. I love my sensitive side as it helps me connect with others. I’m very bubbly and friendly and I’m very affectionate. I love my soft feminine side and I’m proud of my inner strength and my inner warrior.

Hope that wasn’t too much


Haha don’t apologise, I love a dad joke :joy:

That’s lovely you handmake cards, I much prefer handmade gifts, so much more meaning to them :heart:


@Tamera and @christine4 you are right, people find it difficult to give themselves a compliment :neutral_face: that’s one reason I wanted to try this challenge :joy:

Love your responses :heart: