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Hey everyone. I thought Saturday would be a good night for star magick, at least from what I’ve studied so far in the Craft, it does seem fitting.

I’m currently in my home town visiting my mother for the weekend at my old house. I’ve got a room upstairs that I have set up nicely with a desk and laptop that I like to use when I come here. Anyway, in this room up in the corner on a small corner shelf there sits a dragon who I like to think watches over the space while I’m away.
I thought tonight would be a great night to give my dragon some extra power from the stars. I don’t have an altar set up at this location yet but I’ve been thinking about it for the future, I even have a small table that would work perfectly.

I wrote this petition to the Star Goddess so that she may empower my statue to watch over the space. The prayer at the bottom is a prayer from Feri tradition that I thought might draw in the Star Goddess more acutely tonight.

I put this symbol on the front to attract her power as well. I’ve used this symbol before in dealing with my Star Goddess.

And there is my trusty Dragon who is to be empowered tonight. He deserves some extra attention.

There he is with the petition underneath. The window faces East as to be in check with my Craft. The stars and the moon will both be very luminous out here because it is a small town.

I would like to burn a candle too but unfortunately I don’t have any here right now.

Tomorrow my Dragon goes back up into the corner feeling filled with the power of the stars!

I wanted to watch a good informative video on the different Star Goddesses but I couldn’t find a good one easily, and the same can be said for online searching of articles on the subject.

That is my entry for this week’s challenge! Blessed Be!


It sounds like your dragon will be charged and ready to continue watching your space. (I have an angel that I keep for a similar reason.) Keeping the petition underneath while it is bathed in starlight is a perfect ritual. This is a wonderful entry for ⭐ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Star Magick and I am thankful you shared it with us. :slight_smile:


Great work, I love the dragon, perfect to watch over the room while you are away.

It also sounds like you will have a nice little setup while visiting in the future also. Those are great ideas for something simple to have for your craft in the room with the dragon!


Love your spell and your dragon is awesome looking! That should make it powerful! I have a cat gargoyle on my computer desk for that purpose. I like to think that’s why I don’t get many ads popping up on my computer! LOL. Great spellwork!


My spell resulted in something truly great!

I woke up this morning and felt like reading some of my Wiccapedia book and so I did. After reading for awhile I felt like watching some more youtube videos about Witchcraft. When I reached my laptop upstairs it occurred. I sat down, and felt inspiration to start a new course on something, since I figured I could handle another online course. I sat there for a minute and looked into ancient civilizations and thought maybe a course on ancient Egypt would suit me. Then I thought “Why not Magick?” So I typed in online magick courses and I found The Magickal Circle School, right at the top!

I looked into it and made an account. They run themselves like a real school and you have to do essays and research papers. They also offer over 500 courses.

While making my account I looked at my Pinterest feed on my phone and it was filled with Dragon statues and other dragon stuff. I often use Pinterest to tap into the atmosphere of power that is around me at any given time. I looked up at my Dragon in the corner of the room…

I feel like the universe responded to my spell last night, and then went to the next level.
Not only is the charged dragon watching over the space, it feels like something divine truly has an interest in providing for me a bright future in Magick and Witchcraft! In a way, I feel like the dragon is taking an active role in the caretaking of my destiny. I’ve never been so pleased with a spell before.

I’ve submitted my orientation to the school and have to wait for them to approve. This is exactly what I was looking for! I’m very studious and I love learning. They give you certificates and even have degree programs and I can’t believe its all free. What I learn in these upcoming courses will give me lots to talk about and share here on the Spells8 forums too! I’ve spent the entire day today reading the introductory information about the school like policies and what not. I just wanted to share because I feel so happy about this. :slight_smile:


Congrats, @colin! You worked some truly wondrous magick, blessing both your lovely dragon (I love him! :dragon_face: :heart: ) and yourself. It looks like the stars guided you to the inspiration you were seeking- the new course sounds amazing! :star_struck:

I hope you enjoy delving into the exciting classes at the school- feel free to share any exciting information you discover in your new studies! :books: :blush: Congrats again- really great job, Colin! :raised_hands:


This is fabulous @colin ! :sparkles:

Congratulations on your wonderful results too!


Congratulations @colin! I’m really happy for you! This sounds wonderful. It sounds like the universe really took your spell to heart & your dragon is full charged & watching over you. I love learning new things too & I am so happy you found the classes for your craft. I hope you do great, I know you will.


That’s so great @colin! It’s wonderful how the Gods move through us and with us, isn’t it?


Absolutely. I just love working with the Divines. :slight_smile:


Ermahgad​:star_struck::heart_eyes:… Your dragon is mighty! We have dragons too!


Wonderful Colin! I also have a dragon statue that lives on my altar :dragon: I wish you luck in your schooling that you found!


Congrats Colin! I love dragons too! I have an incense burning statue of dragons.
You will soar in the classes!


So creative and love your writing and everything went very well! Thanks for sharing!:star::star::star:
Blessed be


@colin , that’s a beautiful dragon, what a great spell and so thoughtful, for watching your mom’s place. I’m sure it’s infused with much power and protection.
Blessed be .


@colin , congratulations on the spell and starting your new course. I’m sure, we’ll get to see the wonderful magick you’ll share. Can’t wait!

Thank you,
Blessed be.


Where did you get that bad boy? He’s marvelous!


Well darn.
Colin has Dragon!
Colin works Star Magic on said Dragon.
Colin has a way wicked looking Dragon.
Colin pleaded to empower his Dragon.
Colin’s dragon could eat my face…without cooking, or ketchup.
O.K. I lose!
Well done Sir, well done.


@Garnet where in the world are you getting these cute little emojis and dragons? This one is so cute!


where in the world are you getting these cute little emojis and dragons? This one is so cute!
You’ll laugh, I looked up ‘cute little dragon emoji’ looked under images and took my pick!

The cute dragon was to ask Colin not to let his dragon eat me. All fat, bad for its cholesterol.