Confused new comer

I know I’m late to the party, but it takes time & as you go through the courses, forum, & life you will find your way.

For example, I joined Spells8 in July of 2020, I went through the courses,& by the end of August I was participating in the forum. I just wanted to know, have, & do ALL the THINGS that related to the craft. Eventually, I burnt out. A couple of smaller ones & after the courses, the most important thing is: What are you interested in making a part of your practice or do you want to try?

I knew right away after going through the courses, that I would need to work on meditation & focus. I used the Spells8 courses & Headspace courses. My anxiety/panic was so bad that I couldn’t sit still to save my life. Then I made it to 3 minutes & about 2 years later I am up to about 25 minutes of guided meditation. I was just doing meditation, spells, moon magic, daily devotionals, & printing every piece of information I could find on the site! I had 5 binders of a Book of Shadows… now most of what I do is on my computer, but the number of files is lessened. It’s also more organized by interest, aspects, & cards, look through the forum or go through lessons. I have bookmarks for witchy things on my web browser & phone. I had to simplify my practice to align with my daily life & limitations & focus on one portion at a time. If it’s been a while, I will read a recommended book, do lessons, or try something with what I know in a different way. I also rekindled my love of journaling. Although, honestly, since I was told not to do any Shadow Work until otherwise noted… I haven’t really a pen & a paper journal. I have written several letters & emails that never get sent & wind up destroyed by fire or deleting the email to no one out of my drafts.

Screenshot 2022-05-15 181706
Portion of my BOS folder

Bookmarks bar on my Chrome Web Browser.

I have since gone through the downloaded information & narrowed down my interests & path. One thing at a time, whatever piques your interest the most, should be your focus & by participating in the forum, you make get some good ideas for substitutes or other options when you run into a snag. Feel free to ask any question, at any time.

There are a lot of options & my best advice is to work on one thing at a time. I was working on my intuition & took courses to become a certified crystal healer which also helps you connect with your intuition & energy from the stones. The course also touches on chakras & corresponding stones & layouts. So I decided to learn more about the chakra systems. (In one system there are over 114 chakras. If you go back to at least 1000 BCE, there was a 5 chakra system. The 7 chakra system & the most widely used came many years later & as it has been modernized you can find information for 5, 7, 12, & 12+ chakras. I am keeping it to 7 thru 12 because those are the ones used in my courses, but it’s not bad to know about other schools of thought on the subject. So those led me to energy work. Last week & this week I will be working on healing & balancing my root chakra.

The courses touch on Reiki Healing. I will be going a little more in-depth once I am okay with moving energy within myself, releasing energy, grounding, aligning/balancing/healing my energy chakras & field/aura.


I’m not sure yet what has been calling to me but meditation is definitely a must and I feel more energy when I’m near water. That’s something I must look into.


I am strongly connected to water, when I lived for a few years landlocked, I had to move back to the coast & then eventually settled on Cape Cod. I can’t imagine not being near water! :ocean: :water_element:

Is your sun, moon, or rising sign a water sign? :pisces:, :cancer:, or :scorpius:

I would do look into the water element & it’s symbolism & qualities to see how much it resonates & on which levels. I have a lot of water in my chart & home. I’m always in the feels (easier said than done as an empath). Water is cleansing to me, calming, & I love to work with it in spells, rituals, or any type of work… Moon Water :droplet: is important in my practice.

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