Creating spells question

Is it ok for me to make my own spells ? Will it be the same as if I saw a spell on the internet? I feel very powerful after creating my own spell just don’t know if it is very possible to work being that I created it


Yes, I do all the time.


Good to know , thank you so much :relaxed:


I think the spells you make yourself are very powerful. You can also start with a spell someone else made and make changes to it. Or look at other spells for inspiration.

Spells don’t have to rhyme but they say spells that rhyme are more potent.

A spell has a lot of emotion in it. If it comes from the heart, the emotion and energy are there.

You can also decide to act in accord with your spell. For example, if you do a love spell, you could devote extra effort to being more loving or do something generous. If you are doing a truth spell, you would want to be sure you are also being truthful.

You do not have to use correspondences in your spell, but many do. It also makes it easy to create spells. So, if you are doing a money spell, it’s an easy spell to write if you think about green candles, herbs and crystals.

You don’t often see thank you at the end of spells. You usually see “so mote it be” or “so it is” etc. But I think saying thank you is good energy. You are asking something for help – I think it’s nice to say thank you, in addition to whatever you say to close your spell. I tend to say it three times.


Wow thank you so much for that , I feel real good now


You might also wish to put a time limit on it. I do this so that I know if a spell worked, or if it goes haywire as they sometimes do, the effect is only temporary. “This spell holds sway for a Moon and a day” is a common wording that I use.


Absolutely, @Babywitchbxtch! In fact, I think writing your own spells (or customizing existing ones to better suit your needs) is a great way to go about spellwork. You are able to customize the direction of the spell to exactly what you need, and can make sure the spell works with the ingredients you have available :+1:

That being said, writing your first spell can be a daunting task- especially for those who haven’t been practicing for very long. Luckily, there are guides to help you begin writing your very own spells!

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Good luck and happy spellwriting! :sparkles:


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