Crystal Oracle: Carnelian 💎


Healing. Creativity. Energy. Calmness. Grounding. Stability

This wonderful crystal offers you protection and healing. It will help dissolve the sadness you have recently experienced as well as calm your thoughts and ease any anxiety. Carnelian will also help you to express your emotions and stimulate your creativity.

You are encouraged to take up a creative pursuit or hobby at this time. Start to express yourself in whatever way you choose-without judgement. Working with color will be especially helpful at the moment, for color can also help to stabilize and heal your emotions.

Over the coming days, you will begin to feel a renewed sense of peace, joy and wonderment for life. Give thanks for the wondrous blessing you are receiving.

:gem:This is taken from the Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. :gem:


My favorite stone of creativity :orange_heart: Carnelian has helped me tons during mental blockages- whenever I feel a lack of creative energy I slip on my bracelet and soon enough I’ve got ideas flowing again.

Highly recommend this one to any Art Witch, writer, crafter, or otherwise creative soul! Thanks for sharing, @Christina4 :blush: