Daily practice for best

What’s the minimum I should be doing to maintain my practice
Is there a daily practice besides the daily devotional


Hello @tracie2!

That’s a really good question- and I can confidently say that the answer will differ for each witch. The key will be finding out the amount of time that works best for you in order to achieve your magickal goals :old_key: .

Some find that sticking to a routine works best for them, while others practice in tune with the moon phases :full_moon: , the Sabbats, or other patterns of flow :ocean:.

There is no right or wrong way to plan your time practicing- whether you practice every hour or never at all, as long as you consider yourself to be a witch/pagan/magic user- you are one! :grin:

“It’s a tradition open to everyone interested in growing through a path of love for Nature and respect for others. You do not need any special knowledge, any kind of faculty or psychic ability.”

[From Spells8 FAQ: Who can be a Wiccan?]

For me personally, the amount of time I spend on my practice waxes and wanes like the moon :first_quarter_moon:. Sometimes I feel very energetic and do a lot of spellwork, while other days I’m just too busy to do much at all!

Avoid magickal burnout :tired_face:

It is important to avoid magickal burnout, so consider leaving time (perhaps during the New Moon :new_moon: - a great time for rest and reflection) to recover.

Self-care and self-love spells are another great way to heal from spell exhaustion!

A little magick is just as valid as big rituals :sparkles:

Regardless of how much (if any) spellwork I do during the day, I like to end my day with a short gratitude meditation :person_in_lotus_position: . I also try to keep up with my journaling :blue_book: - writing down not only my magickal activities but also my mental thoughts as well.

There are also many small ways to bring magick into your life that don’t take much time or energy.

Experiment to find what works best for you

Start with a schedule or play it by ear, follow the Daily Devotional or pursue spells that appeal to you. It takes time, but you will eventually find the habits that work best for you.

I’m cheering you on- good luck exploring your exciting magickal path, Tracie!

Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Great question, Tracie!

On top of what Brianna suggested, I recommend that you get a book of daily devotions. You can keep it on your bedside table and read a page when you wake up of before going to bed at night. For example:

I usually share free daily devotions on the Spells8 Wiccan Newsletter which goes out every week. If you keep a journal, you may want to write down your thoughts too.

Other simple ideas:

  • Light a candle as you do your devotion
  • Have an altar and pour an offering to your deities
  • Practice energy work basic exercises
  • Anoint yourself and your face with Moon water or blessed oils
  • Wear a protective charm

I try to do at least one thing related to my practice a day, even if it’s just the scent in my diffuser with intent. I’m getting better. Everyone is different. Some days I am all over it, other days I can barely get the diffuser going. It’s your practice so it’s totally up to you how you do it. Whatever makes you happy. I like to do the guided meditations and I try to a couple of times a week now.


I am super busy as I am a mom of 2 and I work 9 hours every day so I usually try to wake up a little early make my tea burn Insence while I get ready and if I have time I do a small devotion maybe a prayer. I make sure I pack some tools I’ll use thru the day at work then I study at work all day get ready for the night once I’m off my husband drops me off at home while he goes to store pick up kids etc and I get my alone time for any ritual or devotional I want to do that night then when he gets home we get ready for bed I try squeezing as much magic time as I can to practice and so far so goood I’m loving it sometimes I do get super tired I jus ko and forget to do anything but that’s fine lol


I have a Moon Oracle divination deck that I like to tap into each day. For now I’m just shuffling it and drawing one card and then I kind of think about it all day. Most days I do more than this, sometimes devotional stuff and what not. I do my card every day though and if I’ve got a lot going on its enough for me.