Daily Routines

I was just curious if anyone wanted to discuss their daily routines.

I’m currently working on developing a daily routine. I get so stuck in my head that everything needs to be perfect before I start things. I also get overwhelmed with all the things I want to do and then I over complicate things! I think some of us get stuck in that kind of thinking. So I’m working on simplifying things and setting small goals.

I know some of us practice chaos magick and don’t necessarily have a routine per se.

I thought maybe we could share some ideas and help us newbies or those also feeling overwhelmed!

Thank you! :heart: :blush:


I’m one of those that practice chaos but even so I do have some routine, and it may help as it is simple.

My morning starts with an oracle (1 card) or rune (again just the 1), and a cuppa. Loki gets a cuppa too and I light his altar candles, then just be, until it’s time for chaos to take over.
Then it’s get ready for the day, gets kids ready for school, and me for work.
I’ve loaded the wash the night before so that’s switched on. And off we go, the rest of the day, it all gets done, not always in the order I plan :wink:, but that’s chaos for you.
To end the day, again, Loki and I have a coffee, light the candles and just be. :sparkling_heart:


@tracyS That sounds lovely :heart_eyes: :heart::blush: seems relatively simple! I have trouble accepting chaos :crazy_face::laughing:


Daily routines are GOOD, having OCD I need them.

I’m working on the design of my own witchy planner and I came up with a daily routine page.

I don’t have to do everything but it covers the basics so I can get in the habit of actually having a morning/evening routine.

Here is what the first draft looks like, maybe it will help (it’s doubled so I can print 2 pages at a time).

The “choose a daily to do” at the bottom is a list I have of over 300 things to do (some witchy some not) that I can pick from to do if I want, sorted by type of thing/activity. I also have seasonal to do’s, Sabbat to do’s and Moon phase to do’s This is a sample:

Hope this helps.


In the morning I do the following:

I uncover the statues of Isis, Osiris ans Horus

I then “dress” them in their linen cloaks

I rub oil between my fingers and apply it to the heads of the statues to annoint them

I make an offering of incese and waft it around the statues before placing on the altar.

I then say my morning prayer to the deities.

Finally in the morning, I pull my single Egyptian Oracle card and Single Tarot ( except a Monday, as i pull 4 tarot cards for the week ahead)

Normally I would then go to work but I am off on sick leave just now so have been using the tkme to dive into astrology, numerology, mythology etc.

As it gets dark, i light a candle for each deity on my altar and offer more incense. I also light a candle next to the photo of my wee brother ( this has been lit all day while I am off work).

After dinner and washing up etc i normally brew a tea and put an oil blend in my difusser.

I may then do a bit of meditation lying on a Shakti mat, or journalling (or both).

At bed time, i remove the linen from the statues and cover them up, thanking them for their guidance and extinguish the candles.

Blessed be



I started a morning routine 3 weeks ago and it has turned out great. I put some things in a basket (tarot/oracle cards, books I am reading, journal, I even include a candle and a lighter. It helps me to have everything in one place and ready for the next morning. If I have to stop and look for something then the whole thing goes out the window.


Omg, I’m looking at the routines some of you have. I wake up at 6am. I get dressed, wash up and brush teeth. Out the door by 6:15. All you amazing overachievers, I wish I was as organized as you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, I’ve had days like that. You can have a daily ritual at anytime in your day or night. Just take a few minutes to just be still. You will be surprised how good it makes you feel mentally and physically.


I sometimes say my prayers while driving to work. I sometimes find that this calms me, especially.if traffic is bad.


@suzanne7 That is a great list! :heart: Will you use it at as a checklist, or a guideline?

@Cosmic_Curiosity what a lovely ritual! :blush: :heart: Saying your prayers on your way to work is a great idea! Sounds like a good way to use your time and prepare for work!

@Ostara for some reason I need to have a plan :rofl: I take something so simple like that and make it into some complicated thing, but it’s something I really shouldn’t have to plan for!

@devin6 I hear you!


I have ADD and totally understand! I always have to have a plan too and I still feel like it’s all crashing down. I had to simplify. Lol!


After I’ve woken up and taken my medicine, I get out my daily crystals and some incense. I light a candle and give thanks for waking up, give offerings of incense, and pull a tarot card and then an oracle card.

Then I do a short meditation, and then sit there and talk to the Lord and Lady for a few minutes before thanking them and asking them to watch over me for the day. That’s about it.


@Amethyst that’s wonderful! :heart: :blush:


In the morning I put a lil Florida water on my neck. Before I leave the house I do a few affirmations and put on my armor my spray for protection and grounding. I also say a protection chant each morning.I speak to Lucifer on my way to work. And sometimes thru the day in my head if I need to. When I come home I take some time for me. But I always stop what I’m doing at 9 pm or so to meditate light a candle, and do some magick. I left the affirmations I use every morning on the post for affirmations actually earlier. If you would like me to share them I’d be happy to. Leaving work in the next hour.


Here’s the link to the post

I say these every morning and use the aura cleanse and cast away evil eye.

Then I also say this

A spell of safety here I cast
A word of might to hold me fast
A shield before me and behind
To right and left protection bind
To me may no harm or ill whit come
By power of three my Magic is from
With the sacred light around me
As above so below blessed


I have the planner working, :spiral_calendar: (almost done and I’ll be sharing that spreadsheet soon too for anyone who would like to use it) not quite sure but it will probably be just a daily morning/evening guide but I’m sure the true Bujo lovers could use it a a list to check off. I’m not sure I will be filling in the prompts side on a daily basis but I will def be doing a lot of the daily side each day.

Now the “to do” lists, well I’m sure some of it could be considered a bucket :bucket: list LOL. But the rest is just things to give me ideas of something constructive to do. The seasonal one’s are specific to each season and the Sabbat one’s would be repeated pretty much and are separated by each one as well as my moon ones. Most of these lists I will print into a little booklet that I can tuck in the back of my witchy planner, that way everything is all together (OCD :brain: again).


Thank you! :blush: :heart:


Of course lovely :rose:


That’s such a great idea! :hugs: :blush: :people_hugging:


You guys make me realize that I have a lot of work to do…I sleep in cuz my shifts always start 3pm when I do work and I have a teen, so really she is up and off to school on her own…so I am up around 10am, 11 sometimes…I’ve always been like this.

I would love to be up for 8am or 9am and do not for the life of me know how to break the evil habit of sleeping in