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Hey everyone!! So a couple hours of my morning were spent reading about deities and I stumbled upon Lilith… I’m not sure why, but it’s almost like I felt connected to her… she is the first one that I’ve gotten that feeling towards. I am just kinda sketched out, because from what I read she’s not evil but she is a demon? I’m trying to figure out why I’m having this feeling of being drawn to her…? I am very new at all of this and until I started reading about Lilith, I was beginning to think I would never feel a connection with any of the deities… but Lilith? I’m just trying to wrap my head around all of this :bowing_woman:t4: as always, any feedback from the coven is appreciated!! Thank you all and Blessed Be :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about Lilith besides her being part of Jewish mysticism, I believe :thinking: (I could be off base there, I’m not sure). I know that we’ve got a lesson here on Spells8 about her though if you haven’t seen it already :blush:

Lilith’s origins and essence are uncertain . She is considered a primordial being, a demon, a vampire, a Goddess and a sorceress, depending on the path you choose to follow. Her appearance is that of a very beautiful woman, with long red hair, and sometimes winged.

Spells8 Lesson - Lilith

We also have many other posts here on the forum from other members about Lilith. I recommend checking those out as well – more information is probably shared there :blush:

Does anyone have any sort of experience with Lilith?

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So I'm just curious

Though I don’t work with her myself, I wish you the best of luck! :sparkles:


Thank you!! This is all very helpful!


You’re very welcome! :sparkles: I’m happy to help!


I don’t know too much about Lilith as I haven’t been drawn to her. However, I wouldn’t mind working with her if she called me. She was cast out of Eden for refusing to submit to Adam’s demands and her instance that she be Adam’s equal (Lilith was created from the Earth as Adam was, while Eve was created from Adam). Those that I do know who work with her describe has as empowering goddess, teaching them to step into their power and own it.

Demons (Daemons) have been given a bad rap because of mainstream religion. I won’t lie and say they are all good, they do like their tricks, but they are not solely out to “reap your soul.” Most have characteristics that are frowned upon by mainstream religions and therefore are “evil.”

You can find an article about working with Lilith here. You can also find a video discussing demonology and Lilith as the Mother of Demons here. You can also find people who work with her on TikTok, but I caution you to take what they say with a grain of salt.


Thank you!! I’m just curious as to why I felt so drawn to her :thinking: I hadn’t felt that way with any other deity, so I’m trying to figure out exactly what it could mean :bowing_woman:t4:


@kayla42 best advice i can give u, is if u feel drawn to her is talk to her. Ask her. Just like @Amaris_Bane said she is an empowering Goddess. She was cast out of Eden bc she wasnt submissive to Adam.

Just bc she might be calling to u doesnt mean u have to work with her. U can say no. But NEVER disrespect a diety. A conversation doesnt hurt. As always protect yourself as u always would. Queen of demons gives her a bad rep. Just as Hekate as Queen of the Otherworld and Witches. Or The Morrigan as a dark Goddess. Or working with Lucifer isnt the same as being a Satanist. And so on.

I hope this helps.


In my experience with the various deities, they will call to you when they feel they can help you with something in your life. I have recently started working with Hel, Norse Queen of Helheim. She also is empowering. She helps me with shadow work (along with Hades) and growing into my powers.

With Lilith, maybe she’s here to help with your self-confidence and finding your voice, standing up for yourself (I don’t want to speculate on things going on in your life at the moment, just throwing things out there based on her character).

As @Mistress_Of_Herbs said, reach out to her and have a conversation. This is not a commitment to working with her.


In astrology, the archetype of Lilith is connected to the celestial space known as Black Moon Lilith. This part of the birth chart has two (or at least two) aspects: the areas in your life where you may have had, or will have, fears and trauma and the areas where you have a fearless, fiercely uncompromising feminine power. Lilith was embraced as a symbol of feminism and related subjects in the 90s. So, if you feel drawn to her, I would reflect on ways you feel you are stepping into your power. You might also look at your birth chart and see what house and sign Black Moon Lilith is in. It can point to areas where you struggle and where you can transform to be your best self. This may, just may, reveal why you are being drawn to her! Besides the fact that she is way cool! If you have not done your birth chart, you can generate one for free on


Thank you! That actually makes SO much sense!! I do have a hard time standing up for myself and I do lack confidence, as I always have… I think I should call out to her and go from there :relieved:


I read that it’s possible to accidentally call someone that refers to themselves as Lilith instead of the actual Lilith coming… it says things about sleep paralysis and things like that are signs that it is NOT her. It says that she would never harm anyone but now I’m a little afraid to call out to her because I fear I’m going to call on something else entirely :face_with_peeking_eye:


Before you call any deity, make sure you protect yourself. Cast a circle, place protective stones/herbs around you, etc.

Then, once she appears, you want to vet her by asking questions that only she would know the answer to using a pendulum (so yes/no questions). You can start with her mythology but then ask some personal questions related to her. Has she sent you messages or signs? Had she called you to read up on a certain topic? These are all things only she would know so an entity masquerading at her would give you wrong answers.


Ah, thank you!! That all definitely makes sense!


ALSO, like I said I am SO new to all of this. How exactly do I know when she appears? :thinking:


That is more difficult to answer. The Gods and Goddesses show themselves in different ways to different people. Generally speaking though, you will feel her presence with you. You may “see” her in your mind eye or hear her speak to you in your mind.

I have aphantasia, or the inability to visualize imagery. When I’m in the presence of my God or Goddess, I will feel the energy shift and I’ll hear them speak to me in my mind. I can tell it is them because the voice is not my own. I also become calmer and relaxed. If they want to show me something, they will send the imagery but it comes to me as a story.

This may not be the same as another person working with the same deities. There is no “wrong” way to experience their presence.


Thank you so much!! All of this feedback has been extremely helpful and I appreciate it so very much❣️


You are most welcome! We all have to start somewhere.


@kayla42 just as @Amaris_Bane said we are ALL different, i can see and feel my dieties. It depends on them and what they will to allow us to see and feel. With The Morrigan and Hekate i can see and feel them, but with Thor i can only feel him.

Deities do things in their own time. Always be patient and show the utmost reverence.

Enjoy your journey. It will be a blast.


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