Do you treat your decks equally?

Merry meet!

You know what they say about not being allowed to pick a favorite child- well, I’ve completely fallen prey to picking a favorite tarot deck :joy:

Of the decks I’ve seen and used over the years, I’ve had some I like and some I don’t like. But of the ones that “click”, there has recently been one deck whose readings are beyond spot on. The deck has such a personality that matches with me so well that recently, it’s been a struggle to want to work with any of my poor other decks! :sweat_smile:

The deck I’ve bonded with is the Mystical Manga deck:

Interestingly, I’m pretty sure the deck is a knock-off and it’s not an original, which, in my mind, would make me think less of the deck (I’m all about supporting the artists and writers whenever I can).

But it’s also the only deck that was given to me as a gift by someone else (I’m a big supporter of treat yo self and I buy a lot of decks as a self gift lol- nothing wrong with that!) :laughing:

I’m really just in love with it lately- it has been so helpful (and kind? I have other decks that can be nasty- looking at you, Anima Mundi).

Anyways! Show me your “favorite child” decks! I wanna know if you pick faves too and if so, which ones are #1 in your heart :wink:

And if you’d like (for science!) I’d love to know why it’s your favorite deck :heart:

Bessed be! :sparkles:


Wooow Bry!! These cards are soooooo pretty! Oh gosh! I am officially in LOVE! I want this now. You already know what a crazy in love kinda person I am! (Although I have no valentine of mine! :rofl:) :sweat_smile: :joy: :cupid: And this time, the cupid’s arrow hit me with the pretty pretty, Mystical Manga Deck!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Thank youuu for sharing this picture My Sugar! :wink: :candy: :two_hearts:


I don’t have a tarot deck yet… I seem to have some FOMO with picking one… but I have two oracle decks.

The first is a deck that came with a bestiary I purchased. I had the book for months before I realized there was an envelope with the cards in the back. The books has the meaning of each of the cards in it, along with a ritual or two do go with it. I like it ok.

Right now, I have been learning and connecting with the Wild Irish Roots Oracle deck. I’m still learning, but I’ve been enjoying it greatly.

I’d love someone to “gift” me a deck of tarot cards: send me a link of a deck that you think fits my personality and maybe I’ll snag it for myself!


Hmmm, how about The Midnight Sky Edition Tarot Deck because there’s an offer on this one on etsy, that you might get another tarot deck for free with this!! :innocent: :heart_eyes: I think…go for it! Asap. For only 1 is left in the basket…:smiling_face: :heart: And if you wanna explore more than you go to this link to various tarot decks on etsy! Get one soon, I promise i will grab a reading from you! Haha! :kissing_heart: Blessed Be dear! :hugs:


That’s a gorgeous deck @BryWisteria! :blush: :sparkling_heart: I tend to bond with my decks before purchase, something my bank account really appreciates! :sweat_smile: So I only have one tarot deck (my first love) and two oracle decks, a light and a dark one. If I were doing readings for others professionally I would probably have so many! :kissing_heart: :tarot_card:


Um, @Solasta_Amore… this is stunning! I totally just ordered it!


I’ve really bonded with the Robin Wood tarot deck. It’s very pagan, and I love it! You can find a great flip-through of it here since I don’t have time this morning to spread my cards out. LOL!

And I bought myself a late Christmas present in the Mythic Oracle, Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon and I’ve really connected to it. It’s great! There’s a review here if you want to look at them. The art is great and the meanings are one point. I really like it!

The rest I’ve used but these are the ones that I use daily. Maybe I’ll find homes for the others, someday. Who knows?


Woohoo! I love that you loved it dearie! I am soo excited for you! Much kisses & hugs to you…
:kissing_heart: :hugs: :hearts:


These are gorgeous cards Celestia!! :heart_eyes: You surely have a nice shining collection there! :wink: :sparkles: :tarot_card:


To answer your question. yes but also no. So for me, decks have to click or I will end up never touching them. this goes for gifts as well as non-gifts. The best example, that I can give would be the oracle deck I was gifted after the wildfire. It’s a beautiful deck in all. It’s called the shapeshifter deck by D.J. Conway and Sirona Knight. With illustrations by Lisa Hunt. My biggest issue is that because of the look of the cards I cannot read any of them. not a single one reads well. Sure they are well done and lovely but what is the point when they cannot be read properly because they have no calling to me. I have learned over the years that this can happen no matter what. And the best thing to do is to offer to trade the deck with someone or to gift the deck to someone new. This deck unlike the rest is kept not in the bedroom on my altar or over my head on my headboard. It’s current home is in a box on my computer desk just waiting to be traded or given to someone else. Though It is in the first new bag for cards I made a year ago.
Thus to answer your question. I respect all my decks but If it doesn’t click with me or If it gives off bad vibes its kept away from my alter after I cleanse it and banish it. For me decks that I don’t click with or cannot read cannot be used in my works as they will cause false reading and not leave me with a feeling calm after using them.


My current favorite is the Oak, Ash and Thorn deck and it was the first deck I purchased (pretty sure it’s a knock-off, too :upside_down_face:)

(Picture above is from the website)

Despite the fact that I have multiple other decks that I’ve gotten since (Tarot and Oracle) - it’s the one I generally feel pulled to draw from. It’s also the one that I feel like I have the most intuitive readings with!

As for why (aside from that I mentioned above) - in a lot of ways, it’s a good representation of where my mind wanders in guided meditations or my inner temple. In the woods, around peaceful animals. So every time I pull them out, I get those feel good feelings as well which helps me get more grounded before the reading!


Hey Bry,
I’d like to treat all my decks ‘constitutionally’, as in all decks are created equal, but I can’t.
Of the dozen-plus decks I have, Neferteri’s Tarot is my favorite.
I found it today on a Russian site, in Russian, How fun!
I don’t know the price because I can’t read Russian.


It’s always been remarkably true for me.


That’s very beautifully described, that’s exactly how it works with me too. That’s why I only have a very few decks, and I have a deep connection with all of them. If there’s no connection, all they do is gather dust really, which is a shame, and I like to gift them forward too if possible. I just don’t have that many friends living close by I can personally give them to. Maybe we could have a thread here, for gifting decks and other things for the price of postage if there’s not one already I haven’t noticed.

I had an archetype deck that looked good and I loved the idea, but there just wasn’t a connection, I ended up gifting it to my therapist :sweat_smile: She sometimes uses cards in her sessions too, picking out character strengths, affirmations and such. No tarot decks as far as I know.


I have a different relationship with each of my decks. I like to do the deck interview when I get a new deck before I use them. So far the interviews have been accurate about how the decks treat me. Here’s a link to some interview spreads Interviewing a Tarot Deck

I gifted myself a new deck for my birthday but it is going to be delayed on arrival because of all the snow. I picked the Vikings Tarot from amazon

The viking deck I wanted was very big cards, like 5X7 size!! This one seems to be a size I can handle.

Does anyone use the giant cards and how do you shuffle them?

I have a few decks that I haven’t taken an opportunity to use yet. Mainly because they are knock offs and the books are .pdf’s. I really like cards so I’ve collected 14 decks I think.
I probably need to pass a couple on to others since I think 13 decks is probably the perfect amount LOL :rofl:



I love larger cards my main deck is the Cthulhu dark arts tarot deck. its a 3 3/4th x 6 7/8th


My new Secret Language of Light cards are huge, about the size of my hand or a little larger :blush: Shuffling them hand over hand is kind of a pain (even literally! :sweat_smile:), I might have to come up with something different, like spreading them out on the table face down and shuffling them there. I’d love to hear if you have a different method! :heart:


Hmmm… I have a few? Several? decks that I use… not that I necessarily have a favorite though out of all of them… it’s more of a favorite for a period of time or a reading. I tend to just gravitate toward a deck & use it until I’m pulled to another deck.

I will say some are more blunt than others, but it always seems those are the decks I use when I need a blunt answer whether or not I want a blunt answer.


Umm okay, first of all, I need to add that deck to my wishlist because it is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

Second, I think I do tend to pick favorites when it comes to my divination tools. I have two oracle decks and several tarot decks, a few which I don’t really use for myself.

I think my current favorite tarot deck would be my Traditional Manga Tarot :heart:

[Image from Amazon]

I picked this deck up at Books-a-Million last year, I think? And the artwork is just absolutely stunning :heart_eyes: I’m not sure why it’s my favorite, but it is currently the one I connect with the most. This is the one I use most during Freebie Fridays :laughing:

I do have some other decks that I will use when called to, but I don’t tend to use them for myself unless it’s a very specific situation and I can feel the deck pulling at me.

Oh hey, is this this Crystal Visions Tarot?! I picked this one up at a thrift store a couple years ago, couldn’t vibe with it, and now my daughter has it :laughing: I’m glad you love it though!

Oh, this deck looks super interesting! :hearts: I love that the first card shown in the review is Atlas - that’s an interesting story there!

I think this is the best thing to do if you don’t connect to a deck. I did this with the Crystal Visions Tarot I picked up at a thrift store. Granted, I gifted it to my daughter who doesn’t really use it, but hey :woman_shrugging: she’s nine :laughing: she likes the artwork and she likes to flip through it occasionally, but it definitely didn’t read well for me at all.

Ohh this deck is pretty! I love the artwork :revolving_hearts: it’s very… hmm… I can’t put a word to describe the artwork right now lol but it’s very pretty!

This is a super interesting deck, one I would never choose for myself – Egyptian and Kemetic things aren’t my jam :jar: – but I think it definitely fits you and your personality!

Hmm… :thinking: this would be an interesting thread to have, for sure! I can bring it up to the mod team if you’d like – the only thing we’d really have to worry about is safety, of course, with giving out our personal information to people on the internet :sweat_smile: though I’d like to believe that everyone here is perfectly safe!

That’s an interesting looking deck! I have two decks that have larger cards and I have to do an overhand shuffle because I can’t hold the cards in my hands correctly :laughing: I hope you can connect with you delayed birthday gift when it gets to you!

This is how my Somnia Tarot is – it’s a very blunt deck that tends to gravitate toward mental health concerns or questions lol it’s very matter-of-fact and sometimes hard to digest when I’m asking a difficult question. I mean seriously – The Tower in this deck is a person kneeling with a dollhouse on their back on fire! I rifled through the deck just to find this card :laughing:

Thank you for bringing up this thread @BryWisteria :clap: I love seeing all of these decks and are giving me new ideas for decks to collect!


It is! :sweat_smile: I remember faintly you might have done some readings with it here for people… it’s funny how these things go, I wouldn’t give mine away! :laughing:

Please do! :heart:
(Also for the privacy conscious who are willing to put in a little extra effort, PO boxes are a thing :wink:)


I completely left out my Oracle decks. I have 2 that are specific to the deities I work with… so those I only use for that purpose.

The other decks… I think my favorite is the Way of the Wild… then much like my tarot decks, its more whether I feeling drawn to them.

I have found that if I do a reading in any way for someone else, that I use my Light Seer’s Tarot.