Don't know what to do with all the spiritual jewelry?

At times we collect a lot of spiritual jewelry, we wear it for a time, but ultimately end up wearing only our favorite pieces. What do do with them? Turn them into talismans or amulets. These are two I have in my house for protection. I cleansed them, set my intentions and charged them. I added them to a little sachet bag with corresponding stones and herbs. I have one over my front door and one over my witchy room door.

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Ooooooh Iā€™m going to do this!! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Do you have any special rituals for enchanting them?

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I just light a white candle and incense and pass them through the flame and smoke then put a good smelling ritual oil on them and just ask the God and Goddess and the 4 Guardians of the watchtower, to protect and empower this little bag for protection. I hold them to my heart and feel the power coming in. and just end with So Mote it Be. Then I hang them and say my room, home etc will forever be protect so it is.
They have some on youtube about enchanting and empowering jewelry and that is the same thing.