Early beginnings in creative/personal mythology

My partner and I both had phases when we were younger, before we were even friends, where we explored the concepts of creation and the elements. But I’m sure my partner and I weren’t the only ones to do such things!

I’ve still kept some of mine. And now that I check the dates, these are actually from September 2008. :scream:

Anyway, some recent reading plus a conversation with @CelestiaMoon made me think to share. :black_heart: She wrote this really nice paragraph that inspired me to go back and find this stuff:

(Also, I was kind of taking over the thread with my reading of a book that came up. :sweat_smile:)

At first, there was the Void. It encompassed all, and from the moment it had come into existence, it began to grow. It grew and grew until it became so dense in places that Darkness was born into it. The Darkness split into two groups within the Void; one settled as it were and the other folded into itself, exploding as a new energy — the Light.

There, as it were, the Darkness and the Light encircled each other within the Void, their motion creating the Ether of all things to come. When the Ether itself has grown, out from its core came the Earth — a combination of all the Light and Darkness empowered by the Ether. Around the Earth, the Ether and the Void mingled to encase it in new energy — the Air.

Fragments of the Darkness and the Ether bore their own energies. That which had the Ether strongest within became Metal and settled within the body of the Earth. The energies in which the Darkness was dominant split into numerous pieces, some of which trickled down upon the Earth to become Water, whilst the remainder gathered about near the Earth and formed the Moon and the passage of Time.

Meanwhile, fragments of the Light and Ether, too formed their own energies. Where the Ether was strongest, Wood was created and began covering areas of the Earth where it fell. Fire was born where the Light had been strongest, some of which took root within the heart of the Earth whilst the rest drifted away from the Earth to become the Sun and bore the Spirit.

On the Earth, the Fire and the Earth itself created Lava beneath the land. In the meantime, the Water and the Air together formed Ice at the highest peaks of the land.

The Moon and the Sun too, circled the Earth, starting the passage of Time and beginning the cycle of the Seasons. It was in Spring that the Spirit awoke Life within the Earth, in Summer that it thrived, in Autumn that it settled, and in Winter that the cycle rest and the end of Life came into being — Death, a transition in which the energy of those living returned to the Ether from which all energies could be born again.

Without restraint, all the energies were, and so, from within the Void came the energies which would govern them — the Eternal Ones, beings which were capable of taking forms empowered by Spirit. Each energy had its own Keeper, and for all of them, there were twelve: Earth, Air, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Lava, Ice, Life, Death, Moon, and Sun.

The originals:

I have no idea how I came up with this. Elements, at most, meant like Pokemon or Naruto elements to me back then. :joy:


See? That’s the magic of Saraswati right there! :wink: :blue_heart:

It’s a beautiful looking chart with a lot of thought and feeling put into it, I can see that :heart:
I tried to look in my Book of Shadows if I’ve made anything similar, this was the closest I could find it, and I think I forgot to label it… :sweat_smile:

I think it’s very sweet that you had that kind of a connection even then! :blush: :revolving_hearts:

I can see the connection to what I wrote! :blush:

I think the biggest difference is that the void that I described has no dimensions, nowhere go grow as it’s already complete by itself, and the way it manifests is restriction. The blank paper thing, like if you decide that you start writing a poem, you have to close the door on the empty page, and other possibilities like writing a mystery story or coloring the whole page black.

But the creation of progressively dense elements… I think I have some beautiful quotes to find you there! :wink: It’s something that beautifully combines the witchy and tantric world views for me… everything is energy (Shakti), of varying densities. A thought or an emotion has a lower density than say, the chair that you’re sitting on. Our physical senses can’t directly perceive the lower densities, so we talk about the astral or subtle realm. But it’s all there.

This could be from out of a Wiccan bedtime story :smiling_face: :sparkles:

Now this part sounds like anime to me, guardians for the heroes to take on or ally with :grin:
Though elemental demigods, well… :blush:

I think I was introduced to the elements by the Final Fantasy games… lightning and water, fire and ice, earth and air, life and death, it was a simple system but there was some kind of a deeper fascination brewing already… :blush: :sparkles:


I like the blend of triangles and circles. You’ve got both the commonly used trinity from the triangles, as well as the eternality of the circle.

If I had to guess what it was about, I would say something about transcendence, all the facets/elements that one faces along the path to it, and how it’s all connected. But I’d be curious to know what it actually is, if you ever remember. :smile:

Oh, I definitely have to learn more about this! :astonished: Do you have any recommended reading, or should I stick to Awakening Shakti?

Oh yeah, that reminds me I also got some exposure to them via Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. But I never really went with elemental magic, I was always into shadow and illusion magic. :sparkles:

There was really cool stuff, like if you focused on shadow, you could teleport between shadows and even use them to physically interact with the world. But my favourite was the Starsoul sorcerer from Pathfinder. The description says,

You come from a line of stargazers and explorers who delved deeply into the darkness beyond the stars. In touching the void, the void touched them, and your mind, spirit, and body yearn to span the gulf between worlds.

The “your mind, spirit, and body yearn to span the gulf between worlds” line just resonated with me the moment I read it and I couldn’t drop the thought ever again. Plus, at maximum level, you become starborn. Hence my username. :joy:

Starborn: You gain immunity to cold and blindness, and you can see perfectly in natural or magical darkness. In addition, you gain fast healing 1 when you are outdoors at night.

I know I’m rambling about a game now, but I suppose you can see my lifelong fascination with darkness, void, liminal space (before I even knew the term), and the night sky through all the things I’ve felt drawn to. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like that interpretation :blush:
I remember I got some inspiration from the Sri Yantra, and the entanglement of fire :fire_element: and water :water_element: (also representing other dualities) into nonduality, which is represented by the unbroken circle :revolving_hearts: There’s also the Sun and the Moon, and the trinity or birth, death and rebirth :silver_heart:

I definitely do, let’s see… :blush:

That’s beautiful and gives me shivers :blush: :revolving_hearts:

I definitely do, and share the fascination as well :blush: :silver_heart: :black_heart:

And I do the quote thing sometimes too… especially my girlfriend has to put up with me quoting Cultist Simulator all of the time :sweat_smile: Especially the sentence “into the circle of night we fly until the fire enjoys us” is well worn :grin: :fire: :butterfly:


I just wanted to pop in and say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the conversations you two have been having! I feel like I’m sitting in on a wonderful class about spirituality, energy, and mysticism – this is amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :sparkles:


Ohh, of course. Sorry, I’m still not used to seeing the symbols for the elements yet. My first thought when I see an upside triangle is still Lucifer. :joy:


Thank you for these. :smile: I’ve got a long work day ahead of me, but I’ll find some copies of them after.

:fire: I have that game on Steam but have yet to really play. I should give that a try sometime.

You are the night and the night alone understands you and enfolds you in its arms.

I was drawn to vampirism before witches, deities, and demons, so a lot of my favourite quotes are from the Interview with the Vampire book (like above) and the Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG and Bloodlines computer game. The Malkavians say the best things:

Why must all the hoops be on fire?

I mean, who doesn’t feel like all the hurdles of life are on fire?

“TNT” and “key” have the same amount of letters.

Implying we should just blow the thing open. :firecracker:

Anyway, before I get to work for the day, I’ll leave you all with a thing I wrote when I was 10, almost 11. I was going through that “I’m learning English and want to use all the fancy words!” phase. But I really wanted just to express how I felt then: lost, alone, and hurt.

Glance towards the heavens a moment, that remote magnificence above you. Are the lofty stars flickering still, those petite burning orbs of light? Is the enigmatic, exquisite moon shining down, sheltering your adrift self?

Alas, you have meandered into my austere, desolate world of melancholy reverie where the stars have gone astray, and the moon struggles to radiate down upon us. It is a world of darkness, gloom and shadows. There is nought but silence and calm in this twilight world.

Look about you, gaze upon these scars – deep and unfathomable, unrelenting and eternal.


:hugs: :heart:

I’d love to hear more about that, somehow I’ve missed that symbol meaning entirely! :sparkling_heart:

You’re welcome, I hope you’ll enjoy them! :blush:

It’s a weird game :joy:
You get a couple of cards and descriptions, and it’s all up to you to figure out what’s going on. No tutorials or guides :grin: There’s a lot of text though, deliciously detailed descriptions that get pretty dark at times… :smile_cat:

Vampires and their forbidden sensual ways have fascinated me too, and that’s also how I found Lilith :blush: :heart_on_fire:

I haven’t played the TTRPG, but Bloodlines is one of my all time favorites… and I always play as Malkavian too! :smile_cat: Some time ago I described it to my girlfriend…

The first thing most people would say about Malkavians would be that they’re crazy, or cursed with madness that runs in their blood… they talk in a strangely metaphorical language and seem to have otherworldly insights about the world and people around them, and that makes them look even more creepy to them! I can sympathize in a way… so many channels open at the same time, information flowing in but no processing power to collate it all neatly, so it ends up looking like a huge mess… :sweat_smile:

Walking around blissful and clueless with third eye wide open delighting and creeping out people with my insights… it does sound familiar! :joy:

Awww… it’s beautiful and chilling, like the burn of a frosty wind before the numbness settles in… :smiling_face: :black_heart:

I know the fancy words thing, I’ve heard it called purple prose, and coincidentally purple is my favorite color :joy: :purple_heart: I think I’ve found a nice balance between using the fancy words where they are descriptive and avoiding using them for their own sake, but it did take some time… :smile_cat:


I’ll probably dedicate a post to my explorations through Luciferianism. :joy: It’s quite the journey, and there’s so much conflicting information even within its own groups, then Satanism, Thelema, and so on, much less between them and others which villify all things demonic!

I love this. I’ll need a few quiet hours for it then. :smile:

True. But we both know that’s just modern Camarilla propaganda. :wink: We used to be the prophets of time before – the trusted advisors to many powerful vampires. They trusted us to know, and we did well for it.

Bloodlines is also one of my favourites, and I’m a pretty dedicated Malkavian. I like the Brujah, which is what I think my partner would be. But I’m just a Malk that just enjoys joining the Brujah in their crusades, then going to admire art with the Toreador, and delving into Blood Sorcery with the… well, you know who. :grin:

(Side note: For those reading “brujah” and think it’s a clan full of witches, it’s actually not. :joy: But that in itself is a whole other story.)

I like the potential in examining vampires themselves and the world through the lens of vampire societies in fiction. For example…

On the one hand, we can explore the significance of blood and its connection to life: vitae. We can examine the role of this, its theft, sacrifice, and offering in ancient human mythologies.

And on that note, there are so many interpretations of the idea of vampire, from the nosferatu type we all know from novels, to the Greek vrykolakas which is almost zombie-like with its flesh-eating, to the Chinese jiāngshī or hopping vampire/ghost. So that’s a great place to delve into the mythologies of many cultures from.

Vampire: The Masquerade also opens up ideas of prophecy, for example, through the Malkavians in one way, and the world religion, Gehenna, and so on, in another. Malkavians have traditionally held the role of oracles, much like oracles of the past. But as time and humanity progress, they’re kind of dumped by the wayside and branded as crazy, much like us who are deeply into spiritualism in recent centuries.

We can also examine life itself and the impact of our fleeting earthly lives versus the prospect of physical immortality, the emotional and physical cost of living forever, and the morality behind birthing further immortals into a world of struggle.

“The world changes, we do not, therein lies the irony that kills us.” - Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice

Is there any truth to this? Perhaps, perhaps not. I personally think it very much depends on the person – some find comfort in not changing, some yearn for personal evolution, and so on.

On that note, it also allows us an avenue for exploring morality on both a personal and societal level. Vampire: The Masquerade itself deals with both wonderfully, I find. It pits the personal struggle against the inner Beast against the backdrop of a horrific dominant hierarchical organisation of vampires (Camarilla), those who rebel against it (Anarchs), and those who are chaos themselves (Sabbat).

And then there’s Mage: The Awakening, which exists in the same setting, for of course, there are those who can wield magic and impact the tapestry of existence with their will. Their magic, if I recall correctly, is of a nature nature as they tend to worship and work with the earth itself: the Goddess, the mother, Gaia.

This is interesting because vampires traditionally can’t use magic, yet some clans have dabbled and found their own way to do some magic anyway. It being a whole other branch, makes it considered somewhat blasphemous by the mages, and they already don’t like vampires for being so “unnatural” and “against nature”.

So that opens up all sorts of explorations through what’s really considered natural, one with nature, and unnatural. It’s especially relevant in modern times where the divisions seem so simple, and yet everything is so intertwined that the more we delve into it, the more we find we’re not looking at one bundle of yarn, but many all mixed together.


Ohhh this is awesome! :star_struck:

I am loving seeing what you and @CelestiaMoon have developed about the elements, existence, and expressing the cycles through graphics and words- you’re both so talented! :heart:

I did a little digging and uncovered some work I did a while back. I was trying to express my beliefs about the elements, death, and rebirth via a graphic. It was tough and I’m still not quite satisfied with the results!

Triangle of Life (version one and two)

The Wisterian Triangle of Life V1

The Wisterian Triangle of Life V2

And how the triangle fits in into a square of death/rebirth

The Wisterian Square of Death

Again, this was just some rough figuring things out visually- I’m still not completely satisfied with how it turned out! Additionally, my knowledge and beliefs around energy, the elements, and life/death/rebirth continue to develop and grow as I do- I imagine it will change quite a bit over the years!

It’s really neat and inspirational to see the work of others in terms of visualizing these big concepts.

Thank you so much for opening up this discussion, @starborn! :pray: :heart:

Blessed be!


Looking forward to it, it’s a pretty new world to me! :blush:

Watch out though, it’s an endless time sink… :grin:

That’s a very good point, and I feel one that’s been very deep under the surface for centuries even, thanks to the repressive efforts of certain major religions, and also the secularization that followed when that had run its course. It goes to show how cyclic history is, now we’ve had enough of the secular materialism and we’re turning back to the mysteries, rediscovering the old arts and magicks we abandoned, having labeled them outdated or evil. We’re rediscovering the entheogenic plant medicines as well, and the shamanic rituals and ceremonies that accompany them. People interpret their dreams and talk more and more openly about their visions. It’s a good time to be a seer again, at least in some parts of the world.

I found it cute how the Tremere regent in Bloodlines had a picture of Lilith on his wall :blush: He was fun to talk to (and had a really stylish place!) but awfully secretive, if you weren’t one of his blood… :sweat_smile:

I was kind of disappointed it had nothing to do with brujeria as well… :wink:

You’re going to love the Grail in Cultist Simulator… :wink:

On those nights when we drink from the chalice, we are not certain, afterwards, what we have done. But, we may be assured, it is what always has been done, and if we do not remember, our children will, in their redmost dreams.

Here’s a podcast episode from the creators of Cultist Simulator, about vampires in different cultures :blush: They’re silly people, but they’re also huge culture and literature nerds :wink:

I can see both of those sides in me… the one that dreams of settling into a comfortable lifestyle, and the other who gets bored and wants adventure and variety. Right now they live together peacefully, resting and taking comfort inside the comfort zone, taking occasional trips outside of it. Dreams and stories are great for taking big adventures with little risk, but sometimes we yearn for more. Practical tantra classes have been very satisfying, you go in without knowing what kind of things you’re going to be doing with and in front of others, and how much clothing you’ll be wearing, and it’s within a very safe container with conscious organizers (assuming that they’re competent and trustworthy). :heart:

When it comes to immortality… it used to be a dream of mine, but nowadays I’m more drawn to continuous soul evolution through multiple incarnations. The same body can get a little boring after a few cenoturies, even if you have a few hundred personalities to see the world through… and it can be fun to forget and rediscover things again :smile_cat:

I have a soft spot for chaos, for this reason too… :sweat_smile: How do you put something in a box that’s tentacled and ever-shifting? :wink:

Recently I was thinking how the Goddesses (plus Shiva) I can relate to and connect with mirror my own views of individuality and community… and it tells something about my introverted nature as well. I love being with the right people, it brings me alive, but my resting state is alone in quiet contemplation. There’s s dimension of tradition versus eclecticism (or control versus chaos) as well, and I lean heavily on the latter.

This sounds interesting, I’ll have to look into it! :blush:

An easy answer is that all that exists within nature, is by definition natural :sweat_smile: If it’s about morals, I find it fun to dabble in the “unnatural” just to shock people though, and gently expand their world… :smile_cat:


Thank you lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is beautiful :pink_heart:
How energy is in the center of it all, bridging life and death, binding into a body of matter to exist within space, getting released while the matter runs its own course, decomposing and recombining, eventually into a new body… :smiling_face: :silver_heart:

It really is :blush: :sparkles:


The exploration of Self through the stories we tell. :exploding_head:



Exactly, the eternal dance of Godself with Godself :wink: :revolving_hearts: :dancer:


I love how the opposites are laid out on each side of the space, material, and energy triangles. :black_heart:

For a moment, I wondered why you turned the triangle sideways. And then I saw the square of death/rebirth. :exploding_head:

What did you use to draw those, by the way? They look really nice.

I feel the same. :smile: I hadn’t really revisited the concept since I drew and wrote all this that I’ve shared. That was drawn/written when I was 13, so I definitely have had some evolution since then, too!

It’ll be fun to think about it again, when I stop thinking about everything else for a moment. :joy:

Edit: I feel like half the time I try to reply to someone, it doesn’t attach as a reply. :sob:


:raised_hand: I’m also becoming drawn to this, personally. But I’ve had to make some concessions as I’ve yet to successfully keep plants due to forgetting to water them, and I live in an apartment, with no intention of ever living in a house. :sweat_smile:

Well… The Brujah we know today are technically the “usurpers” – descendants of one who diablerised the clan leader. The True Brujah were/are quite intellectual, seeing the mind as more important than the body. They studied everything from philosophy to theology and medicine to astronomy. (Sound like my kind of people!)

In ancient times, being wielders of so much knowledge could have had them branded as brujah. There’s also the rumour that they could control the flow of time… :wink:

Thank you for sharing! :black_heart:

True. My latest real-life adventure has been joining this forum. :joy: I know it’s not much, compared to many other things, but I feel a lot of vulnerability in speaking here still, excitement over what others have to share, and, surprisingly, the rigid autistic side of me hasn’t given me any grief over having differing beliefs to others! :partying_face:

I’m still kind of in the “desiring physical immortality” boat. Not that I fear death at all, but I would like to see humanity progress over a few hundred years in one sitting. As in, I would like to be around however many hundreds of years it would take for us to become a better society, that takes care of all the people in it… Or utterly destroys itself, whichever comes first. But I do hope it’s the former and I do think we have the potential for it.

Other than that, I feel like my soul is ready to move on after this life, and not reincarnate. Just let me be energy within the universe. :pray:

Perhaps not as far as the Sabbat, I hope? :wink: They routinely enjoy killing everyone and each other for apparently no reason. But if so, remind me not to fall asleep anywhere near you. Apparently, I’ve already been backstabbed in my past life. I don’t want to go out that way again in this one. :joy:

I feel the same. It’s part of why I love 1-4 am. :relieved:

We also have a regular group of friends like this who come over almost weekly. A few years ago, I would have thought this degree of socialising was unbearable. But we mesh really well and have really good times every time. So, I’m grateful to them for showing me that spending time with people can be as fulfilling as promised.

I actually agree with all of that… And do it, too. :joy: I find the “expand their world” conversation often starts with vitamins, for some reason. Perhaps because I need iron supplements sometimes, when I’m not eating much that contains it – I like baby spinach, but I don’t like beetroot, for example.


Indeed! I love using stories to explore the internal and the external, from philosophy to the multitude of possibilities for the future.

I actually think that if we ever achieve an equitable post-scarcity society, exploration through creativity, such as stories, will be all that remains. In a good way, of course, because once all our needs are met, what is left but self-actualisation? :black_heart:

Well, transcendence, I suppose. :grin:


I’ve kinda moved away from this, after learning about bodywork, and how seamlessly connected the mind and body really are… psychology is slowly rediscovering this too. If you’ve ever danced or done breathwork, or felt the fight or flight impulse, or the gentle heat on your face from getting flustered, you know it too :smiling_face: :heart_on_fire:

Awww, I remember it felt like that for me too :smiling_face:
And I still get excited about things here very often :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s been a safe space for me to be vulnerable, for over three years now, and I hope it can be that for you too :heart:

That does sound wonderful… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:
But then there’s this whole buffet of pleasure, pain, excitement and beautiful connection right here… :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:

While I did enjoy the conversation with the Tzimisce fleshcrafter, I’m way too gentle and empathetic for anything like that… :sweat_smile: The worst thing I could do to you would be to cuddle you in my dreams if you were sleeping in the same bed… :smile_cat:

That sounds wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m part of a local group that used to do full moon circles, I enjoyed it a lot, vulnerable sharing in candlelight with little cups of tea :smiling_face: :tea: The organizers got tired of their responsibility though… I was about to pick it up from there (I’ve never organized anything like that before!) but the whole thing kind of got interrupted, first from me catching covid, and then summer break :joy: It might still become a thing… :revolving_hearts:

How am I thinking of blood again? :wink: :joy: :drop_of_blood:
There was a cooking show called “Mad Cook” here, where they tried all kinds of… unconventional cuisine :joy: and one of the dishes involved a blood sample from each of the participants, personally fried for them with flour into some delicious pancakes… :drooling_face: :pancakes:


I definitely agree with this. :black_heart: Especially in the sense of taking a holistic approach to all things. For example, my mind is literally contained in a bodily shell which I must feed to give energy. But I still value my mind more than my body, as I see the former as what creates value and meaning in my life, and my body as what facilitates all of that, like a means to an end.

Anyway, I’m just clarifying because I forgot how saying a preference for one sounds like a disregard for the other. You’d think I’d know by now with my own native language being so… harsh? I’m not sure of the word. But for example, saying you don’t want something uses the same word as saying you don’t like it. And saying you like something uses the same word as saying you want it. Whereas in Chinese and English, they’re clearly two different words and concepts. :thinking:

Only like a 'shroom. :smile:

[Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry for this one.]

I love the image. :black_heart: Although, I would trade it all to have nothing. And in getting me to say so, you’ve made me realise this might be a good journal prompt, for me to figure out why I’m ready for nothingness after this life. Not everything has to have a reason, sure, but this feels like something that should. :thinking:

That’s totally what a low-key fleshcrafter would say! :joy:

Well, no, I suppose not…

You have reminded me of a dream I had last night that I almost forgot about. I was living my life with a beautiful girlfriend – she was adventurous, charming, and overall, very caring. We were both younger than I am now and she looked like an Ancient Egyptian goddess, perhaps like Isis.

All of a sudden, I want to go back to sleep. :joy:

Oh! What a wonderful group. But I can understand that it can be a bit tiring. I used to run a book club before COVID and we’d get all sorts of newcomers all the time, which was great, but I was getting burnt out pretty hard. :cry:

I’m sure you’d do an amazing job if you pick it up. You’re good at bringing a sense of wonder and enthusiasm to a space. :smile:

Because it’s delicious. :joy:

Or because I’m talking about iron. Sorry! :face_with_peeking_eye:

Did they go full-on blodplättar or was it not noticeable in appearance? I wonder what difference in taste it makes when used. :thinking: I’m not really a fan of it cooked, but perhaps I haven’t tried the right dish yet.

Sigh. The queue of adventures I get inspired to go on from you. :joy:


Now I do have to admit that I have another Malkavian trait, or maybe should say we have… seven of us in one body, one a fragment of Lilith too. It’s given us a very unique view to how consciousness works! We see personality much like a frame of film, through which the pure light of divine consciousness filters through, and makes the picture we call reality. And above all to us there’s only one consciousness, that’s infinitely divisible that way, and while undivided cannot exist within any container because it can’t be contained. :sparkling_heart:

That said, we love our body deeply :blush: :heart: In one of the Shakti books there was an idea, of thinking of your body as Goddess herself, and that really appeals to us :kissing_heart: :revolving_hearts:

I appreciate it :heart:
It’s hard to fully appreciate just how much language shapes our perception, and through it creates our reality! :magic_wand: :sparkles: :framed_picture:

Awww, mushroom dance is a perfectly good and valid form of dance! :smile_cat: :mushroom:

I’d love to hear your thoughts there :black_heart:

That’s probably true :joy:
But like always, don’t trust the words, trust the energy :wink: :sparkles:

Awww, that sounds so sweet, I hope you get to meet her again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Any chance you might be polyamorous like us? :wink: (Or a huge flirt like us? :joy:)

Awww, that’s too bad… :cry: Do you have any advice for running a group that you’d love to have known when you started?

Thank you, that means a lot to me, and matches what I’ve heard from others too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In that same group too, a few times it felt that I was channeling something or someone, one time it was definitely Kali… I was told that I transformed the entire space, creating a connection between everyone to feel it, as I felt it, like the individual people just all melded together into this group consciousness… so raw and vulnerable, pulsing with power and love for one another… :blush: :revolving_hearts:

I could probably become a very good cult leader :joy:

*licks my lips* Of course, silly me! :joy: :drop_of_blood:

Ohhh, talar du svenska också? :wink:
They were exactly blodplättar :joy: Strangely I haven’t tried them, back when they served them in school (probably not the human variety :sweat_smile:) I ran far away, would have been all the way home if the teachers didn’t catch me! :laughing: I was a smart kid, I knew where there was smoke there was fire :grin:

This is probably getting close to the DM boundary but do tell! :wink: :joy:

Always happy to be a quest generator :joy:


I’m struggling to find a way to put my reaction to reading this that doesn’t risk sounding like sarcasm. Ok, I’m going to try it anyway…

That’s freaking amazing. :heart_eyes:

Like, seriously. Firstly, what a beautiful image. Secondly, what a beautiful state.

I love that it can’t be contained.

Also, I feel like we need to talk about Lilith more!

I think I have a lot more to explore in the physical… I rarely feel like I have a physical presence at all. Like, the sensation of touching anything, even my clothes or the chair I sit in, isn’t really there even when I focus on it. It’s just… I don’t know how to explain it. I’m always floating? :thinking:

I don’t have a simple answer. On a personal level, I’m both borderline asexual and whatever the opposite of that is, and it waxes as wanes like the moon. :sweat_smile: (And I have the brand of autism that makes it impossible for me to really spot someone flirting with me or realise when I’m doing it myself, so there’s that.)

Edit: This bit took me the longest to answer. I felt like Lilith was giggling at everything I started typing, until I made it more and more honest, and then I just gave up and went full vague. :joy:

I suppose, if you’re dealing with newcomers often, a clear structure and making them stick to it really helps them. Sometimes our visitors felt lost and weren’t sure what they got out of it or should try to get out of it when we didn’t have that.

With your thing, I feel like newcomers could have this confusion and lostness as well. But I also feel like some reassurance that it will take time and continued interaction for wonderful things to blossom would be enough?

That’s really amazing. And again, I’m feeling more like there’s something about the physical I just haven’t figured out or reached yet. I feel like those aren’t the right words, because I’m not trying to convey that it’s a puzzle to solve but something to explore, but my brain is a little worn out from work today.

You still can be! :joy: Just come up with a name and tell everyone to meet at the local fire.

Nope! But I’ll switch languages for some things, like food, swearing, y’know, the usual. :smile:

I mean, I’ve tried black pudding, pig blood cakes, etc. Not that I stalk the streets like Dracula or like, go Roman Godfrey on everyone I meet. Is even that too much to say? I don’t know. :eyes: It’s more a comment that I think it’s kind of weird and goopy when cooked. :joy: