Energy Clearing & Protection Spell Work

I worked on an energy clearing and protection spell last night.

Everyone in my house has been over the top stressed with the lock-down, the virus, the new protocols for even our “normal” activities like grocery shopping. I feel like the inside of our home has had a “heaviness” to it… and I am sure it’s all the negative and chaotic energies people are bringing in with them.

I feel like all I do lately is clear, cleanse and protection spells. While I did this, I had all my windows open and I have to admit, the “heaviness” feels lifted. Even into today, it feels different. I poured my heart and soul into this one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I anointed my candle with High John oil, and I also drew a protection sigil with the oil in my candle, I then rolled the candle into the protective herbs and of course, I had my trusty quartz crystals to amplify the magic…and then added a protection salt circle around it all.

I lit the candle and said, "I cleanse this home from all negative energies that have been dwelling inside. Only good energies may reside. Negative energies you must go and can not stay only good energies may come this way. These crystals and plants protect my family from harm. Anointing oil sigil to help keep peace and calm. So it is said. So Mote It Be!"

I let the candle burn ALL the way down…I wasn’t messing around! :rofl:

I thanked all plant spirits for aiding me and then I tossed them out into the wind and thanked Mother Earth for accepting them back into nature.


@SilverBear you are staying busy and it looks like it is working huh? My home is calm cool and collected, even in shut down. When I get cabin fever we go for a drive to the wilderness and go for a small walk, Most people don’t have that luxury. I feel so bad for people who live in cities, stacked on top of one another, its inhumane to me, but many are used to it now. Blessed Be

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I know, I am thankful we live in a little town with lots of trails near by. They are shutting down State trails though… :frowning:

these spells I have been doing have been so helpful. They really help me stay calm and chill.

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It’s good to have spells to do, can you imagine people who don’t have that option and live on the 5th floor??? Oh dear!

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ugh…I’d go insane lol

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me too, I would be jumping out of the windows lol

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