Favorite go-to candles? 🕯

As I was putting together a little spell for this week’s challenge, I dug through my candle drawer and realized I almost always reach for the same candles :candle:

I’ve found tea lights to be favorite kind of candle for spellwork. They burn brightly but quickly- no worries about having to leave them unattended when they finish in about 3 hours! They are easy to find as most stores carry them and they are usually pretty cheap too :money_with_wings:

I got a big bag of these and I’m already almost out- the cute pink color and sweet scent has quickly become a favorite of mine! :relieved:

They’ve also been perfect for a lot of the self-love, warmth, and positivity rituals I’ve been doing lately :heart:

[From Spells8 Candle Magic 101: Pink Candles]

Other candle correspondences can be found in the Spells8 Candle Magic 101 Guide:


It made me curious…

Calling all candle lovers! Do you have a favorite type (color/smell/size) of candle you use?

Feel free to share and show off your candle collection!

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I’m a bummer. For daily needs I use plain white tea candles with no scent. Then for spells and such I use chime candles that are unscented. I wish I could afford the special scented type of tea candles but here in the us they’re pretty expensive, at least on Amazon they are.

I need to get more of those little candles in a jar from the grocery store that smell nice. They’re just difficult for me to snuff out, you have to blow them out and I hate doing that to a candle.


There’s nothing wrong with unscented chime candles, @Amethyst. :grin: Those are mainly what I use for my candle magic. Mine run from 2-2.5 hours and I usually let them run all the way down when doing spell work. It gives me time to stay quiet, meditate on the intention, and to reflect. (Sometimes I might get up and do something else around the house but I can see my wall altar from about anywhere so I keep an eye on them. I am always there when they finally burn out to add one last spell as the flames go out.)

I’d take a picture, @TheTravelWitch, but they are the basic candles that can be bought anywhere. Although they can be cheaper on Amazon, I buy them from a local shop to help support them. The colors I keep on hand are Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black, (A lot of black. It’s my favorite color to work with.) Purple, White, Pink, Orange and Blue. Anyone else getting a Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat vibe from me listing all of these colors? :sweat_smile:

I don’t believe I’ve worked with tea lights yet, but I have one that I refuse to use because it smells so good and I don’t want to lose it. :upside_down_face: We keep it by the kitchen sink on a shelf.

I know I have mentioned her store before, but a friend of a friend, her name is Valerie, makes the most amazing soy candles. I have been known to use them in all night spells. :blush: They burn clean, have the safety thing at the bottom so the jars won’t crack, and they all have wonderful aromas. My favorites are the Cuppa Joe and The Coney Island. (I’ve turned into an advertisement. :man_facepalming:t3:) I actually run one every morning for a couple of hours while I get my day started. This is the reason I had to buy 5 more over the weekend. :open_mouth: :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly, tea-lights are the go-to for me, too. As you said, they’re inexpensive and I generally need them unscented due to allergies in the home. It’s hard to find larger unscented candles and, unless my spell calls for it, I don’t generally use a larger candle.


I use a warm vanilla candle. It smells like brown sugar and vanilla. Ugh gawsh I love the scent!! My son knew I love these so he bought me a bag for Xmas.


I use small taper candles for my spellwork and rituals. I never even thought of using tealights! I like the tapers though, it separates them from the ones I use throughout the house for light or scents.


I just wish they’d smell purdy, like the other candles do. LOL.


I will burn any types of candles I can get my hands on! I think I prioritize more the color than the size or shape.

If it has to burn longer, I let it burn! I keep it next to me while I work, read, or eat… It will eventually finish burning. But I love using tealights with the oil burner!


Indefinitely agree with Fransico.@Francisco, I would burn any candle that I can get my hands on​:joy::rofl: The colours are all nice, however for me, I would go with a white candle :fire: anyday.

If I had to choose I would say the tea light candles are quite cute, but when it comes to the coloured ones it can be a bit hard for me to source them. I AM A LOVER :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for both scented and unscented candles. As we speak about candles I will definitely go candle shopping sometime this week​:thinking:…


@TheTravelWitch, i also love using votives for my spell work. The only hard part is finding different colors, locally. However, i mostly use white ones if I can’t find the color I’m looking for.


A scentless white candle is the go-to classic and works for such a huge variety of spells- Like Praecgo29 said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using this type of candle! :candle::blush:

But if you find yourself craving for something different without wanting to break the bank on new materials, you can always consider dressing your candle:

[From Spells8: Dressing Your Candle]

Using oils, symbols, crystals, herbs, or other magickal tools- you can take a plain candle and imbue it with additional properties to help it align with your intentions and give your spell an extra boost :sparkles:

I know this feeling all too well- wanting to burn your candle but keep it too! :candle::laughing: I guess you could try to find a second one, or maybe figure out the scents used and recreate it somehow?

And I love that your candle colors have a theme! :grin::+1:

Hooray for a fellow tea-light lover! :hugs: They really have a lot of good points to them :blush:

It sounds heavenly- and that’s so nice of your son! A very thoughtful and useful Christmas gift :gift_heart:

Another great choice! It sounds like you have a love for candles, Krissie- great for spellwork but also wonderful for decorating! :grin:

You’re right- it can be hard to find colored and scented tea lights, especially if you’re on the hunt for something in particular! I’ve found a lot recently, but I think that’s due to the holidays :thinking: .

Looks like I’ll be joining you in a candle shopping spree, Nick- gotta stock up! :laughing::shopping: I hope you find some fun candles this week :blush:

I know the feeling, @walter! Maybe there’s an online store that carries colored votives? But yes- white candles are always a classic and work for just about everything! :grin::candle:


If i was crafty I’d make a little outfit for my candle and take a picture saying it was dressed. LOL. I do have some good oils, I just tend to save them for special occasions. Maybe I need to may all my occasions special. Thanks for the idea!


I used to work for PartyLite in the main office. When they would have Warehouse Sales I would have so many candles and different holders. I loved it then as part of my data entry job we could be scent testers. So that was a lot of fun too.


You made me laugh imagining it- your words are plenty enough to make a picture, Kasie! :rofl: :candle: :tshirt: And yes, girl! Bring out the special things and treat yourself from time to time. Sometimes using the things saved for a special occasion is the special occasion. Treat yo self! :grin:

It sounds like a job with a lot of fun benefits- I bet you got to see so many different amazing candles during your time there, Krissie! :candle::heart_eyes:


I did! And the quarterly meetings were just about an all day thing that was catered and we got gorgeous gifts. I used one of them in my wedding to hold the pillar candle & then 2 larger taper candles that got lit. They were made out of crystal. The scents weren’t always the best but some of them were so good I wanted to take them home.


Crystal candles? Or candle holders? Wow, they sound stunning! :star_struck: I’m sure they were lovely at your wedding, and I bet they could make a stunning addition to an altar too! :candle:


Sorry, it was a crystal candle holder that had different pieces so it could be 3 candle holders or 1 big beautiful one and it was engraved on the bottom. If I can find it, I can post a picture but we wrapped up the hutch it was in, so I think it’s put away.


I like Chime Candles and Special Blessed Votive candles. I have also been known to use Tapers and Pillars.


It sounds stunning, Krissie! :heart_eyes::candle:

You have a lovely collection of candles, John! :candle::blush: And I love that last picture so much :dog::rofl:


Totally off topic, but not worthy of it’s own thread:

I’ve mentioned these in passing in this thread and in two others. My review on their site yesterday was featured on their Facebook today. :grinning: