Finally my altar is starting to look normal

So my alter is finally coming together though I need a larger table to really make it the way i want. I might even see what a slab of marble would cost me of using cutoffs and making a new table with marble and reasin.

Anyway here’s how it is looking currently. I need to make a center that’s in Imbolc colours but will have to wait till I get to Joann’s to find the right fabric. I’m planning to make one for each sabbath and then one for private rituals.

Most of it came from thrift shops and some from amazon, eBay, Etsy, or the yard.
I still have much I want to replace and will in time. for me, this whole year is a year of new beginnings and rebuilding. My alter, apothecary, and bos are a major part of that.


Looks great!


My altar right now is the top of my vanity dresser. I also have a small shelf that I am deciding what to do with & the top of my grandmother’s jewelry chest, but it opens so I’d have to clean it off every time that I wanted to change my rings or get something else that I keep in there. :woman_shrugging:

I got a lot of things either from around my house, I made them, Walmart, Dollar Store, Amazon, Etsy is good, but can be a bit much depending on where it’s coming from & the item itself. I get a lot of downloads from there for different things. Mostly Rune Journals, Ogham Journals, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Tarot Journals… informational things. If I need to I can print them or just store them on my computer. :hugs:

I would love to have an altar specifically for ancestors, Brighid, the Morrigan, & everyday witchiness. Right now, the one is all. But I have drawers & a box & a bag that is also my witchy things.

It will all come together, thrift stores, yards sales are great places to look for things too! I have found uses for things that people have given me too. I like to make things & my husband has made me things that I use too!

Any altar is infused with your energy, so whatever feels right to be there, put it there.


Awesome looking! You’ve done a good job!


Oooooh it looks sooo cute!!! I am really trying to work on mine but I’m struggling with the time to find to figure out what all I need, go get it, and I just decided it’s slowly coming together. Yours looks great!


I like it! I really like the touches of greenery and that pentacle in the back is cool! did you make that?


The stick pentacle yes that’s part of a protection spell I’m in the process of putting together. The sticks come from trees in the yard. It is only there while it absorbs energy and the bells, and broom-corn come in for it then it will be finished and placed outside hung from a tree. The gree touches are part of my Imbolc preparations as the cedars and pines (PNW) are starting to bud new life hence the closed pinecones (windfallen) and cedar and bull pine bows.


A few of the things I still need to acquire

  • crystals
  • large Smudging bowel (I’m native so will follow my people’s traditions)
  • Incense and burner
  • Spell candles (for casting at a later date)
  • Alter Gifts from my closest friends

@LadyDennaRahl I don’t know much about smudging practices, can you use an abalone shell? I have seen those used when learning the differences between Native American smudging & our cleansing practices.

Before you go buying candles, please keep in mind that white candles can substitute for any color & you can use chime, birthday, tealight, pillar, votive, 1 or more wicks, jar candles (some can maybe double the intent if the color & smell correlate with what you are doing.

Also you may want to check out these topics for other ideas too:


Look at that altar, @LadyDennaRahl- it’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes: It is a collection of things that have meaning for you and has become such a lovely display of both your unique magickal practice and who you are as a person- it’s a delight to see! :heart:

I hope you are able to find the other altar decorations you are seeking and that your beautiful sacred space continues to blossom and thrive as you do- many blessings! :sparkles:


It looks really good! I love how it all comes together with your finishing touch!


While it’s not as elaborate as the alter I lost in the wildfire it is slowly coming together. In time I’ll have everything I want. I may need to make my horned god statue as I’m not finding the one I want anywhere. I wanted one to match my goddess statue. Setting my alter up for Imbolc is more difficult than I realized because of the state I’m in. We don’t have any oaks around at all but I’m still looking for other signs of new life. My former high priestess always had a dandy of a time as well for the same reasion. I’m planning on adding seeds and a few other things as well.


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