First Pendulum

I went to the book store today wanting to find a new tarot deck, and I ended up leaving withOUT a new deck but WITH a new pendulum! I was looking online for one a few weeks back but never actually purchased it, and I’m glad I didn’t buy it- this one called to me. It’s very simple but feels great in my hand. I’m new to working with pendulums, so thought maybe some of you could give me pointers. I cleansed it with smoke, and have tried a couple questions to get the feel of the pendulum (wanting to call it a “her” for some reason). It also came with some pretty cool answer boards!


Wow, that one has a really elegant look. Nice!


I love to see people’s pendulums! I have two (but one is broken thanks to a toddler who got ahold of it awhile back!). This pendulum is gorgeous!


Oh wow, that’s such a beautiful pendulum! :heart_eyes:

I really love how simple it is. For me, simple is better – it’s easier to get a feel for how the tool works, in my opinion. Those answer boards are pretty cool! I’ve never seen ones like that - so interesting! :heart:

I don’t work with a pendulum much myself but we do have some information on Spells8 :infinite_roots: I’ll grab some links for you!


It’s funny how sometimes we choose things, but other times the things choose us- congrats on being “adopted” by your new pendulum, @amandakay :wink: :heart:

She is a beauty- and how fun that you got some answer boards too! I’m afraid pendulum readings aren’t quite my cup of divination tea, so I don’t have much to offer, but I see Megan shared some great pendulum resources- those are great places to get started!

Good luck and may your lovely new pendulum serve you well - blessed be! :pray: :pendulum: :sparkles:


Wow, she is a pretty Pendulum. Good luck with working with her.


@Amethyst thank you, she does feel very elegant! I love that it’s gold colored with the little pearl too. Such a cute little addition.
@AileyGrey oh no, so sorry to hear one of your pendulums was broken by a toddler. At least you have one other! I have a toddler & 3.5yr old so I’m going to be keeping mine farrrr away from them. Hopefully no one finds it! Lol thank you so much!
@MeganB I honestly agree, simple is better! I do plan on buying a crystal one at some point just because they’re gorgeous, but this one is also beautiful in its own way. Thank you! I looked through those articles a bit before, but I will definitely go look again & study! The boards have me a little overwhelmed because there’s so many options that I’m having a hard time thinking of questions to ask! Haha so far it’s been correct, it kinda blows my mind I wish I knew how they work. Next time I do a reading, I think I’ll come up with a list and as my spirit guide to be present & help me with any answers. :heart:
@TheTravelWitch_Bry that is true and amazing at the same time! I had no intention of buying a pendulum that day but am so glad that I ended up with her. I’ve already learned that it takes patience, so I’m glad that I have a lot of it! Super excited to try using my letter board to see if I can get any direct answers. Thank you so much for the well wishes, and I’m sure she will bring me lots of joy & understanding!
@Heav3n thank you! I hope she really helps me on my magical journey.

Does anyone know, by chance, if I can speak to passed loved ones through a pendulum (so to speak) or is that only a ouija board? The idea of those frighten me because I know bad things can happen, but my dad passed away when I was 18 & my grandpa two years later. I would love more than anything to “speak” to them in whatever way possible! I do visit them in dreams but would like to somehow while I’m awake!


I was also wondering this as well. I do not like Ouija boards myself either. I tried looking on Spells8 but only found one but not with a Pendulum.


I do speak to my grandad through my pendulum. Some tips I got from The College of Psychic Studies, was, cleanse board and pendulum, define yes and no (unless you have a board with it all on), ask if it’s your dad/grandpa, then ask a couple of questions that only they would know the answer too. I asked what toy my grandad bought me when I was a kid, then I wrote on a piece of paper several options, the pendulum swung correct, I then asked what his job was when he left the army, again write several options and it swung correct. Trust your gut too. If you feel unsettled, say goodbye and cleanse. I always say goodbye and ask the pendulum to either spell bye, or swing yes for bye to end the session. To date I’ve had a good experience, only got a little weird once but then followed @Heav3n about cleansing board. I think her post is still here somewhere. Blessed be :sparkling_heart: Your pendulum is a beauty.


I am searching now, I keep coming up on Samhain being a good time to do this but I don’t want to wait all the way until then.

Tracy is correct, I found that if you ask your Pendulum if it is of the White Light and says no ask it to go away and then ask your question again.


Thank you both so much!! @tracyS i really appreciate your help! I will cleanse my things and room, and then I will try a session. I hope to get the results I like, it would be phenomenal to speak to my dad again. Or my grandpa, as he was like a second father to me. Blessed be!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


All the best. Don’t give up if you don’t get a response first time, it can take awhile to make a connection. After I had been chatting for awhile I booked a session with a professional psychic, and she confirmed my grandad was watching out for me and with me, so I know it was real. Blessed be my lovely :sparkling_heart: Oh and I personally don’t use the Ouija, but there is a fellow sister who does here on the forum, she has good advice, I think if you look up Ouija her post should be there. :sparkling_heart:


Found the Ouija post, screenshot it for you.

Ouija Boards. What are your thoughts 🤔?


Crystal pendulums are so pretty, too! :heart_eyes: I have one that has an onyx point on the end, I believe. My sister-in-law made it for me and I’m not too keen on it for personal reasons (nothing to do with the pendulum itself lol) but I hope to one day get a pendulum that I work well with!

Oh, I would imagine so! I would just set the boards aside for now and only grab one out when you have a question that needs a board. That way you’re not looking at all the boards trying to come up with questions!

I’m happy to hear that it’s been accurate for you, too! :clap: That’s pretty amazing!

There are a few different schools of thought on how pendulums work. Some believe they work by micromovements in our bodies that our subconscious makes to give us the answer. Others believe that spirits and energies have the capability of moving the pendulum for us to give us our answer. And I’m sure there are plenty of other beliefs out there, too. :pendulum:

I believe it’s possible, though I haven’t done it myself. @tracyS has kindly shared her experience with spirit communication and pendulums. I hope if you do give it a shot that everything works out well for you!


@amandakay your pendulum is beautiful! Congratulations on your first pendulum!


So mote it be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m so happy the pendulum is working well for you, @amandakay- it sounds like the two of you have already bonded! :pendulum: :sparkles:

I would say yes- you can use a pendulum to communicate with spirits :+1: Ouija Boards are a form of divination with a reputation specifically for spirit communication, but I don’t see why someone couldn’t use another form of divination too! Every method has their own qualities- as long as you are asking yes/no questions (or prepare ways, such as answer boards, to ask about other things), then I think a pendulum could work fine :blush:

I do believe that our magickal tools can have personalities of their own, so if you’re at all unsure, you could ask your pendulum if this is something it could help you with and see what it says.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


That is a beautiful pendulum and i agree with ‘her/she’ ive beenlooking for one just like this but all of the ones in the UK ive seen seem to be chamber ones, not solid tear. Xx


@LunarEssence Hi, are you in Bristol? There’s a great shop called Good Timez, Regent Street, Kingswood. They sell beautiful pendulums. This is a picture of my daughters pendulum and mine. Mines made of Rosewood which I got from You have to subscribe for the first month (£29pm), then when you get your first box of Witchy stuff (it’s nice stuff too), you get a code to access their shop and you can get the wooden pendulum. You can cancel the subscription too. Amazon I’m never sure if it’s genuine crystal, but I’ve found the shop in Kingswood to be great. You may already know it. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


I actually live in Willsbridge! I do know Good Timez. Thank you so much. I’ll have a look next week. And its great to know i have another witch nearby :green_heart: Xx


Yes it is. Blessed be :sparkling_heart: