First spell jar

To complete my work on the The Veil Between Worlds, today I made my very first spell jar.

The intention behind the jar is to increase my connection with my spirit guide, to honour and thank the bird that gave it’s life in the form of the skeleton I found, and for luck and protection.

Having looked around for some ready made recipes, I stumbled across this site which recommended relying on your intuition:

So I started by cleansing the jar with palo santo smoke then I’ve used the following ingredients to make up the jar:

  • Black Salt for protection
  • Pink Himalayan Salt for grounding and protection
  • Cloves for protection
  • Eye of Newt/Mustard Seeds for protection and good luck
  • Lavender for purification
  • Calendula in place of Angelica for protection and encouraging visions from the other realm
  • Cornflower for psychic powers
  • The bones

I sealed the jar with candle wax; purple for spiritual development and psychic power and black for banishing and removing negative energy, warding and protection.

It’s now sat on my altar next to the crow’s feather I found.


Congratulations on your first spell jar!!! :partying_face::tada::sparkles: You did an amazing job with that!!! It looks pretty, too!!


WOW! This is beautiful @IrisW :heart_eyes:
I love a good spell jar and this one feels so magical and personal with the use of the bird’s bones!
I hope you feel your intentions manifesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome job on the spell jar! I love the personal touches that you added with your fabulous intentions! I hope it manifests just the way you envision it.


Your altar looks amazing!! Great job on your first spell jar!!

I hope that it will remind you on the daily of your connection with your spirit guide. I think the jar is small enough that it could have a more central placement!! :pleading_face: :smiley:


Bravo, @IrisW- congrats on your first spell jar! :partying_face: :sparkles:

I just want to say I love the ingredients you added- the recipe you used has a wonderful balance. May your beautiful jar strengthen your bond with your spirit guide, and wrap you in wings of luck and protection! :raven: :heart:

Great job and blessed be!


Wow!! Really lovely! @IrisW I really like the way the wax is on the jar. This may be a silly question, but how did you do that? I haven’t had the best luck with melting wax on jars. I’ll keep practicing but if you have tips, I’d be happy to hear them!


This was my first time trying so I just kind of tipped my candles at an angle melting the wax at the top and let them drip at random. Got a bit close at one point and set the cork on fire but learned my lesson quickly from that :rofl:


Ooh :open_mouth: yeah be careful with that!!!


@IrisW Congratulations on your first spell jar. It looks beautiful, and so does your altar!!

I did my first spell jar today. A call to love jar.

Rose Incense - Cleansing the jar
Pink Salt - Loyalty
Lavender - Attraction
Chamomile - Love
Rosemary - Love
Yarrow - Love
Rose Oil
Red Candle


@melissa1984 I really like your Call to Love spell jar, those ingredients are spot on and I hope you manifested your intentions!!! :heart:


Im intrigued by the veil between the worlds challenge and am going to take a look at it. Thanks @IrisW

I feel like if you look up Spell Jar in the dictionary that a picture of your spell jar will be next to it - that is actually perfect ‘looking’!! And your altar is also brilliant.

May this daily remembrance be the focal point you inspired with your spell jar - :purple_heart::candle::feather:


Looks great. Congrats on your first jar. I understand what a milestone that is. I believe we all do. Thats wonderful


Congrats on your first spell jar @melissa1984- it looks awesome! :jar::sparkles::blush: