The Veil Between Worlds

For my second entry for the :timer_clock: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up! I focused on the :skull: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Veil Between Worlds and honouring the dead.

I found a bird’s skeleton whilst cleaning up out the front of my house this week, most likely dropped by one of the many birds of prey we have around the area.

I hate waste, and it didn’t seem right to simply throw it away, so I carefully cleaned it up and have tried my best to rearrange it on my altar using a diagram found online (very likely not anatomically correct).

To honour the life it gave I lit some sage incense and a purple candle, and using my pendulum asked for permission to use the skeleton and it was granted.

I listened to the purple candle guided meditation, connecting with my spirit guide the crow (the feather to the right of my altar I found in the local woods this morning completely by chance). I asked for guidance on the way forward with some things that have been concerning me recently and the answers I found have given my a sense of peace.

I’ve not tried using my pendulum before or connecting with my spirit guide so this was quite an intense experience for me.


Isn’t it pretty cool for the first time!!! It’s amusing for me. I love communication with spirits.

I have ghost equipment that goes off when my grandfather’s doll is nearby. The detectors go off the charts!! I’m not joking! The doll originally was bought for my grandfather from my mother. He then,shortly after, gave it to me. Years after he passed, I brought it out. And I’ve been having signs of a spirit wanting to communicate with me. I figured out that it was my doll.


Great work @IrisW! I remember doing this challenge myself & I loved it. I haven’t used my pendulum since then. Of course, I did give it a new home & then subsequently forgot where that new home was. I found it again over this weekend, but it gave me a good chuckle.

My spirit guides have connected with me through @MeganB & the Freebie Fridays. They are snarky things & give us both a giggle when they come through to her. I have made up altars to honor them since then. I love them both. Right now I only know of 2 of them. There could be more & I have no idea. I’m still new to it too.


Wow. Impressive. Way to knock a challenge out of the park! I’m glad the answers you got gave you a sense of peace.


Well done @IrisW :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have connected with nature spirits before on camping trips but I know nothing of any of my own spirit guides so far. Its definitely a route I want to explore once I feel more confident in my practice :heartpulse: Thank you for sharing this with us :heartpulse:


Ohhh your altar is lovely!! Perfect entry for this challenge @IrisW and finding

Feathers are usually symbols of respect and honor so it seems that you were indeed granted a nice gift by the spirits of the land. It’s great that you are connecting with your intuition through the pendulum. Kudos to you for this experience! :+1:


Thank you @christina4 @Siofra @Liisa @Francisco. Felt like quite an intense experience.

I’m not going to lie, I felt some skepticism about the pendulum which might be why I took so long to get round to using it. But it’s something I now want to learn more about and work on.

And I’ve realised maybe the voices in my head/my inner monologue has been my spirit guide speaking to me all along…


Beautiful work, @IrisW :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You practice so respectfully and graciously with nature- I am glad you were able to connect with your guiding spirits! :heart: Thank you for sharing your experience- great job! :sparkles:


I agree 100%!

Pendulums are a tool for interpreting the signs that you already perceive in your life or around you, I think you’re on the right track there :+1:

One thing about pendulums is that they can be very easy to influence with internal noise so it’s best to focus entirely on the present moment while dowsing with a pendulum.