First Tarot deck help!

Hey guys!
I ordered my first Tarot Deck the other day and its meant to arrive today! I bought the Otherkin deck and Im not sure what to do first!
Do I cleanse it first? How do I connect to it? Would it be a good idea to do an interview spread?
Any other tips and advice welcomed!


Do you have selenite or salt? I usually place my new items with one or both over night. There are other ideas but ultimately it’s up to you and what makes you feel comfortable. I always start with small readings with my new decks - think 1-4 card spreads. After a few days off this then I feel like we understand each other. Also, you might want to take a moment to take in the artwork on each card. Let the major arcana speak to you before you begin to use them. Hope this helps.


Congratulations on the new cards. When I received my first Tarot deck I did a cleansing ritual and then put them under my pillow for two days, and I did an interview with them. I had an automatic connection with the second deck I purchased but still cleansed them and put them under my pillow. Hope that helps. Blessed be.


Congrats on your first tarot deck, @stefani! :star_struck:

Praecog29 and Saulamay gave some great advice. A cleansing ritual or leaving them out under the moon light (any phase will work, but the Full Moon will be the most potent for cleansing and charging) are wonderful ways to cleanse the deck.

Connecting with the cards takes time. Sleeping with the deck under your pillow is a great start, and to follow that I’d recommend doing a Daily Draw- drawing one card every day to build a bond.

You can find some more advice about cleansing, connecting, and beginning your journey with self readings in the following post:

Happy readings, Stefani! :blush:


Thank you so much! I will have to try all of these out! I did a cleanse with some incense and will defs be trying out a daily draw - I tried out an interview spread and that was really fun! Excited to connect more with my deck and learn more about tarot!


There are some great recommendations. I use smoke to initially cleanse mine then sleep with them in my pillowcase. After a while of that I keep them in my nightstand. I also did some daily draws… 1 & 3 card draws. I have used the full moon before for a refresher charge. It’s about what feels right to you & the cards will start to open up to you.