Friday Venus/Aphrodite Love Bath 🥰

I just had to share this amazing bath with you all! :bath:

Bath recipe:

  • Honey and 3 drops of rose essential oil :honey_pot: :rose:
  • Giant crystal bath bomb with mini rose quartz pieces inside
    (would substitute for pink himalayan salt/epsom salt and a rose quartz tumblestone)
  • Rose petals

Bath bomb from Miss Patisserie, Book is Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Edge of bath decorated with:

  • 1 pink candle (in the pink salt heart)
  • 1 white candle (rose scented)
  • rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine and emerald crystals for their Friday/Venus/Aphrodite/Love correspondences (rose quartz alone would suffice, I’m sure :joy:)

Whilst in bath:


Maid, Mother and Crone,
Earth, flesh and bone,
Three faces of the Goddess,
Three faces of myself,
Please fill me tonight
With your divine love and grace,
In the name of the Lady, so be it!

-words from Wiccan Spell a Night by Serena Knight

Spoke to both Venus and Aphrodite following the Spells8 Devotionals-

Took some time to meditate on my intentions and thank the Goddesses for their blessings
and then self care chill-time:

  • Painted my face with a pink clay face mask (which I later washed off with rose water) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rose:
  • Drank my delicious rose, rosehip, hibiscus and honey tea (followed by a little tea leaf reading :wink:) :tea:
  • Read some of my fabulous book! :open_book: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

After the bath:

Chanted 3x-

I am filled with the love of the Goddess

Allowed the pink candle to burn down on my altar with offerings of rose and honey.

I’d recommend this love bath to anyone who is working on a love spell, self love, wants a different way to connect with either Goddess or just needs a good witchy way to wind down on a Friday! Enjoy :kissing_heart:


Wow, that sounds luxurious. And that bath bomb was HUGE! Thanks so much for sharing!


I know right?! Such a lucky find too in TKMaxx clearance section - 3 of them (rose quartz, amethyst and jade) for £2.50 because the box was damaged! Usually retails at £20! Rude not to purchase in my opinion :joy:


I do love the TK Maxx reduced section. I’ve found some great witchy books hiding there :grinning:


This is so pretty and sounds sooo calming! I wish I had a bathtub :bath:


I live to take witchy showers! Do you mind if I tweak it a little bit & give credit to you for my shower & my BOS? This looks wonderful! :blush:


That’s fancy! I hope you enjoyed your bath!!! And I have Mrs. Boland’s book too! I had her cards, Moonology and I wanted more from the creator. Thank you for this luxurious bath ritual!


Go for it! Pleeeease share your witchy shower version here too! :heart_eyes:


I’ve only had the book and cards for a few days but honestly I’ve never felt such a strong connection to cards before! The readings I’m getting for myself and my friends are just incredible :heart_eyes: obsessed with moonology right now haha :heart:


This looks heavenly @LimeBerry- don’t mind me while I jot this down on my Friday to-do list! :joy: And that bath bomb! What a find! :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous Love Bath, hope you had an awesome weekend :heart:


So beautiful - I LOVE all the layers of LOVE you put into this bath!! :heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse:
Thank you so much for sharing!!


Feels and sounds delightful