Loving Intentions - Salt Cleanse Shower Ritual

Hiya folks!
Here I am playing catch up on the salt challenge!
I actually did this on the Friday that week, I just totally failed to upload :sweat_smile:

It’s very much inspired by my Venus/Aphrodite Love Bath

I LOVE working with roses and for this ritual I went a bit rose-mad :see_no_evil: :rose:

  • I lit a rose-scented candle which I surrounded with rose quartz crystals (also amazonite which I’d be using later in my spellwork)
  • Decorated the shower area with roses
  • Used rose scented body wash
  • Rose water to wash face

The main part was the rose salt ‘sand’ and body scrub for the ritual:

I’ve used a LOT of salt :sweat_smile: but my gosh it was worth it!

Combine pink himalayan salt with epsom salt, a few drops of rose essential oil and rose petals (you can also add rose quartz and leave the mixture to charge in the moonlight overnight). Dampen with a couple of tablespoons of moon water and stir in your intentions to make a sandy texture. Sprinkle this in the bottom of your shower and as you step in allow the salt to absorb any negative energies out through your feet.

You can use the same mixture as a body scrub (for a better consistency add some argan oil).
Start from the top of your body and work your way down, again using the salt to cleanse any negative feelings or energy down and out through your feet. Then watch as it all dissolves and washes away down the drain leaving you in your beautiful rosy paradise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rose:

please don’t use the scrub on sensitive, cracked or broken skin

I’ve found this salt shower method to be a great alternative to my usual pre-spell ritual baths. From the moment I stepped in I was visualising being in a magical rose garden, connecting with the elements and preparing my mind and body for spellwork.
I felt completely cleansed of outside influences of the day and filled with loving energy. :heart:


Those are the advantages of having a bath tub, you can fill it up and relax. I’ll get so relax that will end up asleep. :roll_eyes::older_man:t3:


That sounds so lovely @Limeberry! Was it difficult to clean the shower afterward?


super easy actually, just grabbed the handful of petals (I used fresh roses so they were large), the rest dissolved and went down the drain!


Coolness! Thank you!


This sounds very healing! I actually have some roses and Himalayan salt I could use :wink: I feel I need this kind of healing! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:


Ohhhh what a combo! :heart_eyes: I love this, Limeberry- you really know how to take salt and roses to the next level with some beautiful magick :rose: :salt: :blush:

Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:


Thank you for this. I am unable to get down in my tub because of my hips but can do this in the shower. Hopefully I can get back to the tub after surgery.