Full Snow Moon Tarot Spread ❄

Hey there my sweets and Merry Meet! :hugs: :heart: :blush:
Today was indeed a magickal day for me as I made my first ever Tarot Spread!! :tarot_card: :sparkles: Wow, I didn’t know I had it in me! :joy: Soo, this one is specially for tonight’s Full Snow Moon! :snowflake: :full_moon: :sparkles: I actually created this in Canva. Hope y’all like this!! :smiling_face: :innocent: :hearts:

If you feel that this spread is for you, then please share your pictures of the spread here! I would loove to know about your experiences! Love you all! Blessed be…

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This is lovely! Look at you rocking out canva! I may try this tonight with my oracle cards if I get a few child free moments! Nice work and thanks for sharing!


Aww thank youuuu! :face_holding_back_tears: :hearts: Yes, I am soo happy that you liked it @AileyGrey! Much love to youu :hugs: :sparkling_heart:


Beautiful @Solasta_Amore! You are such a talented artist. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to try it out tonight.


@solasta_amore Love this my friend. I am going to try this one out today. I think you have a grat talent for spreads and should create more of them.


@Solasta_Amore great job! I have yet to come up with my own spread for anything really. I’m really impressed with your work. It’s a beautiful spread! :two_hearts:


Wow, you’re talented! Great job, love!


Alright @Solasta_Amore…. I used your spread and man, did I get a message! This is the first spread I’ve ever done, but the moon this evening was particularly lovely and so here goes.

The Full Snow Moon… new beginnings, right? I have an opportunity to take up a new position at work. It’s one that I would love and enjoy and be really good at, but it’s not in the direction that I thought I would be going and have been working towards. I decided I would interview. Then, in my head, I decided I wouldn’t. I have been going back-and-forth in my head for days now.

So tonight I set up a really lovely spread and since the full moon is all about starting fresh, I just put it all out into the universe and this is what I got.

This is from the way of the wild oracle deck.

Card 1. What is frozen in you?

Card 2: how to thaw the icicles blocking my path

Card 3 what part of me is shining bright

Card 4 what’s in the dark corners that I need to leave behind

Card 5 lesson from the moon

Card 6 message from Selene

So…. I guess I get over myself and interview, huh? :joy:


Thank youu sooo much @Ostara , @Amethyst , @Ancient_Queen and @Susurrus!!! :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: :hearts: :hearts: I Love You All! :hugs:
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Haha! My Dearest, I am sooooo grateful that you found this spread helpful and that you shared your experience here! I seriously am filled with tons of happiness! :innocent: :blush: :smiling_face: Also, if you don’t mind :hugs: …I think I can get some messages as per my analysis, for you from these cards! :wink: :sparkles: :tarot_card: So let’s see,

1. What is Frozen in you? Card - Samhain

Here, I guess, something is a frozen weight upon you that you need to discard in order to let yourself walk through the threshold! Something that might be stopping you from viewing endings as a new start…

2. How to thaw the icicles blocking my path? Card - Sheela na gig

I think you have the answer pretty much clear here! What you need in order to thaw the icicles, is pure courage! That is how you (re)birth yourself…by dancing through the blockages in your path with sheer bravery. Also that this is directly linked as an answer to the previous card…

3. What part of me is shining bright? Card - New Moon

Hmm, this means you are being positive on this whole situation as you dream of the beautiful possibilities! You might also be told to continue being this way…as this is your brightest quality right now! It’s really Great that you are soo optimistic! Stay like this!

4. What’s in the dark corners that I need to leave behind? Card - Seashore

Maybe you are not giving in to the ebb and flow of life? And you just might have to. You must embrace the process of natural unfolding…this card is also quite similar to the 1st one, as that frozen weight upon your mind is stopping you from being FREE, from passing the threshold of endings into new beautiful beginnings awaiting you…all in all, you have to leave behind the habit of not letting yourself flow naturally in the vast ocean of life! You have to believe that you will find the shore and embrace it.

5. Lesson from the full snow moon. Card - Yew

This is pretty clear! See? I have this feeling that you are undergoing some changes in your life that are related to the unfoldings of an end into a start! As most cards here are telling this exact thing that you need to let go! Let yourself feel the warmth of this transformation as you leave the thread of a sorrowful event or anything that came to an end, that you have been holding, to begin a new journey with much more wisdom!!

6. Message from Selene. Card - Wildwood

Oh my! It’s clear here, that Goddess Selene is telling you that you need to shed the layers of everything that doesn’t resonate with your soul. This is your wildness, your reality, the way you lead yourself to your truest being, where you literally trust in the light and let the shadows retreat! You ARE blessed by Selene, she is insisting you to move ahead with faith in your heart as you finally, finally welcome the new beginnings with open arms and be YOU!

I hope this helped a little @AileyGrey and that you win over any obstacles, that block you temporarily from your victory! :wink: :kissing_heart: Blessed be love! :hugs: :hearts:


@Solasta_Amore this was a super lovely reading to wake up to! I feel like it’s pretty spot on. As I was reading each card last night, I just kept laughing. They were all so similar and blunt. I got you, universe! Message received! LOL. I’ll just be over here dancing!


Yaay! :partying_face: I am glad I could help hun! :hugs: I loove your confidence and I pray for your growth and victory in every field you interact with! Lots of Love to youu! May you keep taking long strides towards your destination! Many blessings! SO MOTE IT BE! :sparkles:


This is amazing! :heart_eyes: And not only the beautiful spread, but the really impressive picture too! You’re a master at Canva, @Solasta_Amore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love the questions you choose for the spread- it’s so perfect for the Snow Moon and this time of the year. What a great spread- thank you so much for sharing it! :heart::snowflake: :full_moon_with_face:

Hope you had a blessed Full Snow Moon :hugs::two_hearts:


Why, thank youuu sugar! :wink: :kissing_heart: :dango:


I really love this tarot spread, @Solasta_Amore :clap: you did a wonderful job! I’m going to add it to my grimoire if you don’t mind :blush: I don’t know if I will have time to do it tonight but maybe in the next few days!


I just did this spread and loved the outcome I got for myself.

  1. What is frozen within me
    8 of Pentacles upright.
    I see this card as letting me know I need to find more time to be creative, to follow my passions in my life. Up until now I have not and it’s reminding me that I wiil benefit from find more of a balance.

  2. how to thaw the icicles blocking my path
    6 of Swords upright
    this card is letting me know I need to change my thinking to move forward. In this case, it’s being open to other ideas to figure things out in my life. My outcome (financial, situational) will improve if I open myself to new ways of thinking.

  3. what part of me is shining bright
    9 of Pentacles upright
    My hard work up until now will start to pay off- the hard work is ‘shining bright’ at this time. In this case, my financial situation will improve and I will have more independence and the ability to do things I couldn’t before. Which is good, it is what I’ve been waiting for all these months.

  4. What the dark corners that I need to leave behind
    The Heirophant reversed
    I need to stop following bad advise, leave that in the past. I need to learn to be to open to new ideas and thinking outside the box. I need to start doing things differently.

  5. Lesson to learn from the full snow moon
    5 of Pentacles upright
    I simply need to remember that help is out there, always.

  6. Message from Selene
    5 of Wands upright
    I need to remember that life will always have problems and unheavals. I can survive them if I keep a cool head, be persistent and take the struggles with the better parts of life.

Considering what I’ve gone through as of late, very good reading and I love that I came across this spread. I did help make me feel better about things.


Aww I looove that you would like to add it to your Grimoire! :hugs: :grin: Thank you Megan and try this whenever you feel is best for you! :kissing_heart: Lots of love :hearts:


Woow @Dierna_Nimue_Selene your reading surely is amazing! And thank youu soo much that you found this spread helpful! I am sooo happy that I could make you feel better love! Blessed be and warm hugs to you! :hugs: :sparkles:


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it.


Thank YOU for creating it! You did such a wonderful job :blush: