Good Luck & Prosperity Spell Jar 🍀


I started this by gathering all my stuff and cleansing it.

You will need:

A Jar - Any size you wish.

Green Candle - Used for goals, money, financial success, good luck, good fortune, abundance, and generosity.

Black Salt - Protection - I make my own with my sage and charcoal ashes, salt and this batch had eggshells. (added protection boost)

Cinnamon Stick - Prosperity, Success, Speeds up spells, Money drawing, & Victory.

Cloves - Good luck & Wishes, Friendship, and Money.

Chamomile - Attracts Money, peace, Love and Tranquility.

Sage - Soothes Stress, and Protection. Helps with Intentions.

Rosemary - Drives Away Negativity.

Clear Quartz - Amplifies Magic.

Tigers Eye - Good luck, Mental Clarity, Dispels Fear and Anxieties.

Green Aventurine - Attracts luck, abundance and success. Can also help with unresolved emotional issues.

Have whatever you want to consecrate nearby, light your sage or palo santo. Ask for the plant spirit blessing, “I ask that the plant spirit of palo santo please infuse this space with blessings”.

Pick up your object, fan it with your smoke, go all around it and say, “with this smoke I cleanse this object of all negative or harmful energy so that I may use it for my highest good. So, it is said, so shall it be.”

Once all that is done you can begin by casting your circle and then start constructing your jar.

Casting a circle is not necessary, but I prefer to use one.
It just feels right to me.

I use either a sage smudge stick or a Palo Santo stick and extend my dominant arm in front of me, while the sage/Palo Santo is lit, I walk in a circle clockwise and say,

“I cast this circle for my protection. Keep all negativity out and let only love come in. Blessed be.”

Now begin to add each item to your jar. Think about what each items means to you as you place it in the jar.

When it’s all put together. Sit and meditate a few moments. Thinking about how your life is full of abundance, in health, money, luck, and love…or whatever it is you desire.

Seal your bottle with a green candle and repeat this chant below or make one up for your own – remember it’s ALL about YOUR intentions.

“The winds of change I feel tonight. The waters are calm and the sky is bright. Luck be mine come into me, my desires are true, so it is said, so shall it be!”

I used a butterfly charm to finish off my jar and wrapped it with hemp rope. Butterfly wings symbolize great luck, and in many cultures if a butterfly lands on you, it represents money is soon to come your way or it can mean extra good luck is headed your way.

You can decorate it how ever your want…or don’t add a charm at all.

When you are done your spell – walk counterclockwise and say, “The circle now fades. It is done. Thank you palo santo for the blessings & protection, blessed be.”


Beautiful!! :smile:

It’s really nice to see your creative process with these jars, and all the thought and meaning that goes into each ingredient!

The butterfly was a very nice detail!! :butterfly:


Thank you. I am finding these very enjoyable to do. Very, very relaxing for me. :smiley:

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Lovely! Now I have another thing to do and make… keep em coming!

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