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I’m overwhelmed by the warm wishes and heartfelt welcome extended by so many! I just finished the Self-initiation course and feeling very happy about that because I could read and listen to all of the instruction without feeling reservations about this thing or that. Having been raised a Christian, I found so many dogmas to be so counter-intuitive. I was always told not to question things that were a matter of faith and that the faith I had was a gift from God not to be questioned or doubted. But I did doubt!
This time, going through the basic instructions, I never felt my intelligence was being insulted. And rather than spurn the things that are earthly, we can rejoice in and celebrate being a part of Nature. How wonderful is that!
I do feel I’ve found a home. The future is bright! Thank you again for all your support. I have felt the energy from you! Magick!
Thanks especially to Spells8 for this resource. I’m still overwhelmed by how much there is to learn, but this website has become a base for me to turn to. Ever grateful!!!
I tried to post this on the introductions site, but I think I ended up just sending a message to myself. So I’m sending this long message here because I wanted you to know how glad I am I found this website and how much I love it!


Thank you for such beautiful words, Barbara!! :pray: :grin:

Discovering this path can be overwhelming, I agree! It’s a never-ending learning process and I salute your attitude :clap: :clap:

We must be willing to be beginners every single day! And have fun too!

Many blessings on your journey! :sparkles:


Thank you for taking the time to write these lovely words and share your gratitude- and most of all, thank you for being here, Barbara! :heart: I’m so glad you’ve found your home, we are very blessed to have you in the forum family :hugs:

It can most definitely be tricky maneuvering through a new site- you’re doing great! The easiest way to make a new post is from the main page ( You’ll see a gray bar, and on the right side is the button “+ New Topic”. From there you can write a title and choose the category :+1:. If any issues or challenges come out, don’t hesitate to reach out- we’re happy to help! :grin:

Thank you again for spreading the positivity- reading your post made me smile :two_hearts: All the best to you, and blessed be!


I can relate. I was raised a Christian and had doubts and questions. It just didn’t add up for me. I still pray, but not only to one God. I pray to many God’s and Goddesses! I’m so happy to have you part of the family!


Unlike Christianity, Paganism seems to encourage questions. So ask away! We are glad to have you here @barbara1! :hugs: