Greeting from Wyoming

Hi from the Cowboy State/Equality State of Wyoming. Have learned a bunch so far and excited to be on this continuing path that I started (but really didn’t realize it) years ago.


Hi @ricky1! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

What kind of magic are you interested in? I’m into candle magic and chants myself. If you aren’t sure yet, the Courses will give you a great start.

If you have any questions, just ask and someone will pop up to help you out. I look forward to getting to know you!


Welcome! It’s awesome here, I’m sure you’ll love it :blush: Happy October 1st to you!


Sorry for the late reply! Welcome @ricky1, I’m Siofra_Strega from Cape Cod. So an island off MA if we are being technical :laughing: I’m also one of the Moderators here in the forum.

I am glad that you are enjoying all that you are learning. If there is anything you are looking for information about, you can always start a new topic in the #questions category or search the forum for a topic of interest or any spells, whatever… either way, someone will be able to help you out :smiling_face:

Do you have any topics that you are currently learning about or that you work with? Personally if I had to describe my witchiness… I would be an Eclectic :triskele: Celtic Pagan/Witch. I work with 2 Celtic/Irish Goddesses Brigid (Tending Brighid’s Flame or Tending Her Flame :fire: Of the Element Fire) & The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess :triquetra:… however there are many other deities & pantheons that you can work with too.

I’m a highly sensitive empath that is currently re-learning my intuition as things get cleared up for me & figuring out which gifts are stronger than others. I’ve always known I was an Empath, but I have an issue with taking on other people’s feelings & problems as something I have to fix or do something about or feel… so working on a kind of like a wall to keep me to me & not take on what isn’t mine to figure out if that makes sense. :thinking:

I look forward to speaking with you throughout the forum! Feel free to ask any questions or share anything you may have with us too! We love to learn new things or see another view on a topic! :revolving_hearts:



Hello @ricky1! Welcome! I am a Wyoming native myself. I transplanted over to Nevada 20 years ago.
What parts of the craft are you curious about?

@Amethyst , your title of Word Witch matches perfectly with your draw to chanting!

@MeganB , I just read how to keep our replies tidy and decided to practice.


That’s why I cling to it actually! LOL! @BryWisteria will have to come up with something really special to make me leave my Word Witch title!


Hi @ricky1 welcome aboard


Thanks, I think I well and Mabon blessings to you


Thanks John - feels a little weird, being a man in a woman’s world. But am trying to not let it
influence me.


I’ve been into crystals for quite sometime and am getting into candles. I’m also interested in Tarot so have been taking the multitude of courses to get familiar with them and their meaning. So far I’ve choses to be a solitary eclectic/green/kitchen witch/wizard (Im a guy) Spell8 has been sooooo helpful and as previously stated I’ve already learned a ton and have a better understanding of my future direction.


Merry meet and welcome home :infinite_roots: @ricky1

I’m Marsha, your neighbor from Colorful Colorado. I’m so glad your path led you here! You are very welcome and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Men can be witches! Embrace the word witch, it’s for you too!


Welcome :pray:. I know you are going to love it here. So much information and if you ever start to feel tired or stressed out ……just jump on this site and you will feel so much better from all the wonderful energy just popping out!! This is a place that really gives you knowledge and a safe haven to learn. Have fun and enjoy :blush:


Merry meet @ricky1 and welcome to the forum! :blush:

Everyone is welcome here, Ricky! Gender is not something that should divide a group of people who all love the same thing. We’re all here for magick, and that shared passion puts us all on equal ground :handshake: :heart:

Please make yourself at home! The coven is blessed to have you :infinite_roots: :grinning:

Hahaha I will keep trying to tempt you with new titles! :laughing: :+1:


You are absolutely not in a woman’s world at all! All the way to ancient times everyone was in some way spiritual before Christianity was pushed across Europe & throughout other areas. People were migrating to other areas to get away from religious persecution & practice the way that they were most comfortable!

You will do just fine here & learn so much from everyone! :revolving_hearts:


Welcome to Spells8 and the Infinite Roots Coven @ricky1 :infinite_roots: :tada:

I know I’m a bit late here with the welcome post but I just wanted to make sure I say hello! :wave: My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here. It’s nice to meet you! I also want to second what others have said – witchcraft is not a woman’s world, it just looks like that from the outside. Why? I’m not sure. I have my theories but this is not the place for that :laughing: but just know that you’re welcome no matter who you are are how you identify!

I think you did a great job :blush:


Sorry for the tardy reply. I’m enjoying, so much, learning all there is to learn. So far, I think I’m on a steady path, most of my questions I’ve found answers on this site or by researching on-line.

As far as choosing a type, I’d say I’m leaning toward eclectic - I’m finding comfort in Kitchen, Green, and Celtic/Pagan areas. Also, I am being drawn to native American elements.

I believe I too am a little bit of an empath - I sometimes refer to my self as a chameleon as I tend to take on the persona of those I’m in close contact with.

I’m not real keen on any of the G(g)ods, as my take on the Universe is one of kindness. So many of the Gods and Goddesses have too much of an evil side. That’s why I’m drawn toward the native American way of honoring the 4 cardinal directions (and their totems), the elements(5), the stars & planets, and the seasons.

As you see - - very eclectic


Yes I did the traditional religious thing for many, many years. I spent an entire studying in-depth the scriptures and researched what they really meant or could meant in the original language in which it was written.

I learned that most sacred writing are merely a antiquated for of the children’s game of telephone. Where one person whispers in the next person, and they have to relay the message to the next, and the next. What comes out at the end is nothing like how it started out.

My view is that I need to investigate something for myself and not always believe everyone else 's opinions.


I would say finding comfort in & learning about all that you can & where your path takes you that Eclectic is a good way to describe it too!

There are a few of us within the forum. I have been able to have a better sense of my intuition, gifts, & realizing what is mine & what is not to find where I am & how to uphold boundaries to keep myself from sliding. It took some time, but I’m getting there :hugs:

I can agree with this as stories & some cultures were word of mouth before anything was formally recorded & then when it was, it was through the lens or bias of the author & their beliefs & culture.

I’m heavily Irish :ireland: Celtic :triquetra: leaning with polytheism beliefs. Even though mainly I work with Brigid & the Morrigan, but the aspects more modernized to how they were centuries ago. I have started or drawn to explore Danu a bit more lately.

I am starting to connect more with the Elements & currently working on connecting better with Air. I was always connected to water :water_element: , then to fire :fire_element:, most recently earth :earth_element:, & I’m embracing air :air_element: now. I tend to have a baby steps :footprints: approach now, otherwise i tend to get overwhelmed easily & then hit burnout.

I’ve also gone through sort of a start all over & work from the ground up so to speak a couple of times. Most recently it feels much better & I’m more connected to my practice & beliefs.

I went through course to become an Advanced Crystal Practitioner & now I am taking courses to be able to read tarot more intuitively & receive clearer messages being relayed to me. There has been quite a bit of clarity for me in recent months even with the ups, downs, twists, & turns. I’m happy :smilingfor the forward progression & more positive outlook on the cycles of life & nature.

I tend to do deep dives into topics to learn about them & find how they will or will not align with my practice & flow. Even then I find something else or another source to gobble up the information to find reliable sources of information on whichever topic I’m exploring.

I have taken I suppose they are beginner or intermediate courses on astrology. Its something along with planetary, solar, & lunar aspects & their relationships that I’ve always been drawn to since at least my early teens.

I tend to be drawn more to the Waning phases & New or Dark phases of the Moons. Eclipses always fascinate me as well. I love :heart: to take pictures of the moon regardless of the phase because it’s just gorgeous to me. The full moons are my favorite to take pictures of & gaze at throughout the night. The Sun is a source of energy & motivation for me, I tend to be more introverted during gray days & throughout the winter months. Perfect time for me to really look into different things.

Feel free to ask or search the forum also for information. We have many topics & areas within the forum to explore.

I do the same thing, which is how I wind up in my deep dives. I take the initial information with a grain of salt and go to find sources that can back up what is presented to me before taking the initial information as what something is or isn’t. Then decide how it correlates through modernization in my practice if at all.

I look forward to speaking with you more & what you have found or discovered :grin:


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