Have you ever heard... of the Yule Cat? 😼

It’s the 9th day of Yule for anyone celebrating for the full 12 days- and I saw something amazing I just had to share!

Have you ever heard of the the Yule Cat? :smirk_cat::christmas_tree:

[From The Christmas Cat of Iceland]

The Yule Cat is a folk legend and Christmas story from Iceland :iceland:

The belief is that this huge and monstrous cat wanders the snowy landscape during Yule time- on the hunt. The cat will eat anyone who is not wearing the new clothes they got for the holidays :womans_clothes:

Here is a popular Icelandic poem about the legend:

The Yule Cat
by Johannes ur Kotlum

You all know the Yule Cat
And that Cat was huge indeed.
People didn’t know where he came from
Or where he went.

He opened his glaring eyes wide,
The two of them glowing bright.
It took a really brave man
To look straight into them.

His whiskers, sharp as bristles,
His back arched up high.
And the claws of his hairy paws
Were a terrible sight.

He gave a wave of his strong tail,
He jumped and he clawed and he hissed.
Sometimes up in the valley,
Sometimes down by the shore.

He roamed at large, hungry and evil
In the freezing Yule snow.
In every home
People shuddered at his name.

If one heard a pitiful “meow”
Something evil would happen soon.
Everybody knew he hunted men
But didn’t care for mice.

[From The Christmas Cat of Iceland]

[From Pintrest]

Scripted on YouTube has a great video explaining the legend and talking about Icelandic folk legends and pagan beliefs unique to this area of the world.

In addition to interesting cultural lore, the video has more info about this fluffy murder monster. It is called The Wicked Feline Murder Floof, a Yule Cat Story :black_cat:

All in all, if you received any new clothes for Yule/Christimas- be sure to wear them with pride (and watch out for hungry floofs!) :cat:

Merry final days of Yule and a happy New Year! :fireworks:


Hahahaha, what if the clothes didn’t fit? Does that count ? Lol


I didn’t get any clothes for Christmas that I didn’t buy myself, and I got the cat a new mouse to play with. I think I’m safe. But that’s one odd bit of lore!


I have heard of this! I actually learned about it this year in a group on FaceBook that I am member of. I enjoyed reading the story about it. I like learning about the different traditions from around the world surround Christmas and Yule. Everyone’s interpretation is different and it’s fun to know that different places have different interpretations of the holiday seasons.


I loved the mention of the two cats that pull Freyja’s chariot!

Icelandic Yule looks cooler than any other Christmas tradition I’ve seen! Look at those trolls!


I guess it’s up to the Yule cat to make that call :joy_cat::+1:

Very true- I thought it might a joke when I first heard it! :laughing: It’s such a quirky and delightful legend, definitely makes for a great Yuletime conversation :grin:

I totally agree, Krissie- it’s always fascinating to see things through different perspectives and learn about other cultures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There’s always new stories and legends to discover- it makes the world seem like a truly vast and endlessly exciting place :earth_americas::star_struck:

Iceland really seems to love their trolls- I don’t know too many Icelandic legends, but the ones I know all revolved around trolls or other fae-like creatures. They have a fascinating relationship with folklore in Iceland! :heart_eyes::sparkles:

I’ve seen a few articles about how Iceland tries to live and build in harmony with their superstitions. There’s a great one in The Guardian: In Iceland, ‘Respect the Elves- Or Else’


Hahaha this is just the best :joy_cat:


BTW @Limeberry, Happy Birthday today! I hope you have a good one!


I agree, it does make the world more exciting. It also makes me want to visit different places for the holidays and see first hand how they celebrate. I think that would be fantastic too.


Thanks so much for sharing that!! That was an amazing read :grin:

"As gatekeepers of pastoral values with a deep respect for the natural landscape, the hidden people are handy agents in the battle to protect the environment. The elves stand for living in harmony with nature


Hope you had a wonderful bday, @Limeberry! :partying_face::heart:

I hope you can visit all the places you are dreaming of, @Krissie117! Hopefully there are some fun adventures in the future, once travel becomes more possible :crossed_fingers: . I only had a short few days in Reykjavik, Iceland- I would also love to go back and explore with more time! :world_map::two_hearts:

So glad you enjoyed the article, @Francisco! Yes, the legends and folklore are fun stories with very important lessons :earth_americas::hugs:


Yay! Thanks @kasie and @TheTravelWitch for the Bday love :heart::heart::heart:


I would love to visit Ireland and Italy. Then Germany and Iceland and Sweden. I first have to get over the fear of flying that I have. It’s debilitating. I think I can overcome it though, so far I can make it to FL and be okay. Baby steps.


You’re welcome sweetie! I hope you had a wonderful day!