Healing from Within 🤍 Witchy Challenge

I was inspired by this week’s challenge and a conversation I had with @praecog29 to create a sort of visualization exercise for healing from within. Light magick, or healing magick, is one that I have performed often, and before I get to the visualization, I want to tell you a story of how I maybe helped keep a family member alive after a medical emergency from hundreds of miles away.

Note: I never recommend solely using magick for medical issues. Please always go to a doctor, especially in the case of an emergency.

This story is not one I have told often because I honestly don’t know if it was my magick, the medical professionals, or a combination of both. In this case? I don’t think it matters.

Anyway, a family member of mine, about five years ago, had a heart attack in another state where they live. It was late in the evening when we found out about it and one of my first instincts was to go to my altar and do some work. I wasn’t worried about getting the person’s consent for the work because, well, I was trying to save their life. In hindsight, it doesn’t even matter because this family member doesn’t care anyway and would have said yes.

Their medical emergency involved their heart, and since I have an education in general anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, I felt equipped to do this work through a visualization exercise and movement of energy. I stood at my altar and lit two white candles while focusing on slowing down my breathing. I was worked up but needed to be under control for the energy work I was about to do. In my mind, I began by seeing this family member as they are, as I remembered them. I said their name in my mind and called forth their image.

Once I felt connected to this person, I began to deepen the visualization by going within them – literally – to their heart. I could see the blockages and issues. I could feel the tightness and tension that the muscle held. Once I could see their heart beating, I began to visualize a healing white light around their heart, pouring my love and healing energy into their body from miles away. Their heart was surrounded by the healing, white, glowing energy and I could visualize it beating stronger and stronger, doing the work it needed to do to keep the person alive.

We made our trip out there that night, driving all night to be with them during their hospital stay. Eventually, they recovered and they’re now doing well and their heart is stronger than it was before.

I told my boyfriend about this after the fact and he brought up the question of, “Well, how do you know it was your magick? How do you know it was your spell and not just the medicine and the doctor’s doing their work?”

My answer? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the person is doing okay, they’re healthy, and they’re still here more than five years later.

Healing from Within Visualization

I recommend doing this visualization exercise on yourself or on someone else (that you have permission from if that’s your ethical code) for minor issues to encourage quick healing. It can even be used as I did for more serious issues, but always combine that with the work of medical professionals.

:sparkles: Sit or stand quietly at your altar, mindful of your energetic field. You don’t want to be too worked up or excited. You need to focus.

:sparkles: If you choose, light two white candles and incense of your choice. This step is not necessary but it helps build the atmosphere for your spell. I also use the energy from the candle flame as an energy source instead of depleting my own energy stores.

:sparkles: Visualize the person who needs healing. If that is yourself, see yourself in your mind’s eye. Bring forward every detail you possibly can about them until you have a solid picture in your mind.

:sparkles: If there is an area internally that needs healing, see that area in your mind. If you are unfamiliar with anatomy, it may be helpful to look up a picture of the body system before you do the visualization so you know what to visualize.

:sparkles: Picture that bodily system in your mind’s eye and surround it with glowing white light. If you’re using your own energy, pour your energy into this person and direct it to the bodily system that needs healing. I really recommend using an external energy source, though, because this can be draining. As above, this is why I light candles.

:sparkles: Surround that bodily system with white light, glowing and warm, with the intent to promote healing and proper function. You can say affirmations as you do this, or you can just visualize the organ or bodily system working the way it is supposed to.

:sparkles: If you are going for general health, you can visualize a soft white glow beginning in the stomach area and expanding outward, through the person, to surround them. In this way, the visualization slowly touches all internal organs and bodily systems as well as outward energy in their aura.

:sparkles: When you feel that you have given enough energy and the bodily system has taken enough, slowly end the visualization by removing yourself from the bodily system and coming back to the visualization of the person. See them healthy and happy, smiling, and ready to take on the world. Or, ya know, however their usual disposition is.

:sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

Healing magick is one of the most beneficial types of magick that can be done and what better way to celebrate this challenge than with a healing white light of visualization! Honestly, if I think back on the spells that I have done, healing tends to be one that I do the most. It is easy, effective, and means a lot to everyone involved.

Let me know if you try this visualization exercise! I would love to hear about your experiences!

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What a lovely story! And the type of magic you’re talking about is the best kind when you don’t know if it was your magic or not. It’s the most powerful because it’s down to faith. :candle:


This was beautiful to read! I agree with @Amethyst as long as the person was healed, it doesn’t matter!!! I plan on doing this with my brother and my sister.
My brother still is dealing with pulmonary embolism. My sister is pregnant and she’s having so many complications.
This is her first child. This is my baby sister who always said that she’ll never have kids.
But here we are. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you so much @MeganB I really could use this!! I appreciate it :relaxed:


Thank you for sharing.
I think I’m going to do this for my son, my husband, and myself.
Book marked :grin:


Thank you for sharing! I will keep this in mind at least for myself right now. :heart:


@Amethyst :heart: Thank you! I definitely agree :candle:

@christina4 I’m glad you like it! I hope it works well for you, as well :pray: and that it brings with it good health to those who you use it on.

You’re welcome @Rowan Let me know how it goes!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re welcome @Siofra :hugs:


I tried this on my unborn nephew and sister last night. He has a couple issues going on and my sister isn’t doing too well either. I know it worked!!! I connected with my nephew and it was magical! I took my time and it used a lot of my energy. Thank you for this!!! I’ll keep you updated.


Beautiful and powerful spellwork, @MeganB :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The wonderful thing about healing magick is that (regardless of whether you believe or don’t believe it will fully cure/heal someone) there’s no harm at all in trying. At the very least, you are expressing your love and will for good health for someone else. And sometimes that alone makes a huge difference :heart::blush:

This was a wonderful read- thank you so much for sharing! May your lovely and kind magic continue to shine brightly and protect those you love :pray::two_hearts: