Healing spell, meditation and spirit communication

Hi guys,
I wanted to share a few different things here. Some of it is to do with spell work and some of it to do with deities and some to do with spirit communication.
Firstly my Mum has been unwell with various cold and chest infections and has just come home after a knee replacement operation, so I did a healing spell for her. It is on going but the main part of the spell I did the week before my Mum’s operation. I made sure to meditate beforehand and then did the spell. I invoked Hecate for the spell and promised to thank her by making something for her and taking it to the crossroads near where I live. My Mum came through the operation and her chest infections healed before the operation ( she had anti biotics too as well but universal help definitely came to play as well) so I thanked Hecate when I could hear my Mum getting better. The day I chose to give an offering to Hecate it was pouring down but had settled when I went, and I didnt have anything to dig in the mud.I planned on using my hands and washing it with bottled water after but as I got closer I found a small hollowed out tree trunk which I had not seen the last time I was there so I put it in there where it is only seen if someone goes looking for it :slight_smile: Again I said thank you. After I did this I saw 1717 on my car’s clock. I have been continuing the spell to send out healing to my Mum every night but she seems to be doing well and the universe is clearly listening. I see Hecate as a spirit guide for me rather than a deity to worship but I still give her offerings as a thank you if that makes sense.
The second thing I wanted to talk about was the fact that last night whilst I meditated before doing the spell I heard random voices, one being a male voice which came through very clearly and strongly. I have seen spirits staring at me on and off at the end of my bed which scares the heck out of me to be honest and mainly get images or feelings in my head but have never had a clear voice like this before. To be honest it scared me a little and I pulled back from it and closed it off. Any advice on how to not feel as scared and make the communications clearer and less “ shouty” when they come through? I do a protective circle with my selenite wand and cleanse the area using my cleansing spray before the spell but admittedly have been forgetting to cleanse after the spell.
Thank you and blessed be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t have advice as I’m still so new, but I wanted to say I’m so happy you’re mum is doing better and healing! I’ll be sending good vibes her way :heart:


Thank you @Aurora_Hestia for your kind words and your good vibes are greatly received. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @terri6 :wave:

First of all, I’m really glad to hear that your mom is doing well! Ongoing spellwork is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to ensure a good outcome for whatever spell you’re doing.

If I had to guess, I would say this was put in your path for a reason for sure!

I don’t work with or worship Hekate, though many people here in the forum do. I think it makes sense what you said about working with her as a guide rather than a Goddess. If that’s what you believe and what works for you, that’s great!

I’ve never experienced this myself, and I think I’m really only open to very specific spirits - my shields work too well sometimes :laughing: There is an exercise around here somewhere for a Spiritual Dimmer of sorts. It was originally written in Psychic Witch by Matt Auryn. You can find that in this post. There are also two other exercises there for shielding and protection, and then one for creating your own filter shield. I would try those!


@MeganB Thank you so much for your input on this post it is gratefully received :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I agree about the tree trunk meant to be there. I had been there before and placed a small spell jar filled with honey in amongst the plants but got stung in the process very slightly by some nettles on my leg and wondered if maybe I had done something wrong with the offering if that makes sense. Then shortly after I saw a tiktok that someone posted about how everyone portrays Hecate as a vengeful deity who if you dont do things in a certain way punishes you but she is not. This resonated with me because I wondered how someone who is literally called “The mother” could be spiteful in the way that people were talking about to someone who is still learning the craft and effectively a new student because I had forgotten to put an offering at the crossroads due to being unwell and forgetting . That tiktok answered my question because it literally said about how she is a loving goddess who helps people and works alongside them and not vengeful without good reason unless she is in protective mode. So the second time it was almost as if I was being told not to worry about the first time and that was where I should place any offerings should I wish to give them.
Also thank you very much for that link to the post. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Blessed be


Hello @terri6,

I’m so happy to hear that your mom is doing better! Congrats to her on her recovery and to you on your successful healing work :pray::heart:

I’d be terrified too! Not a fun thing to wake up and see staring back at you haha. You’ve got some awesome advice already- the Spiritual Dimmer Megan mentioned sounds like it might be a great option for tuning out any voices and unwanted presences.

I’d also ask- where are you drawing your protective circle? If you’re only drawing it around you/your bed, then spirits will still be able to look in from outside that zone. I would say consider doing some whole house protective work and potentially put up some barriers to keep unwanted spirits out.

Two general and longer-lasting methods to do so are by using salt around the house or by placing crystals in key locations:

What Happens if You Put Salt in the Corners of Your House?

Where to Place Crystals in the Home?

There is also a House & Spirit Cleansing Spell, which sounds like it might be a good one for you to use!

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you good luck with getting the unwanted spirits/voices out- many blessings to you, Terri! :sparkles:

This reminds me of a really great post by @anon87969570 that talks about Her duality, especially her kinder and more “motherly” side- I’ll drop the link here in case you’re interested!

Hecate Is Going to Eat Your Face

Good luck and blessed be! :heart:


I have a protective sigil under my bed and there are protective crystals around my bedroom. I live with my parents at the moment due to difficulty finding a job that pays well enough to afford a place ( working as a teaching assistant does not pay well but it is rewarding) , and so placing crystals around the house might be difficult unless I place small ones that are well hidden. The point about only protecting my bed and the circle not being big enough might be what the issue is. Spirits have been coming to me like that for as long as I can remember. My reaction tends to be to tell them don’t do that! And hide my face under my covers until they are gone when they appear suddenly. It doesn’t happen all the time, and I have been lucky enough that only good spirits come to me but I know that they are lost in some way. I want to help them but at the same time don’t want to jump out of my skin every time they choose to contact me :joy::joy:
Thank you for that link about Hecate. That is exactly how I feel about her.
Blessed be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re so very welcome :heart: I agree with you - deities are multi-faceted just like we are. A deity can be both vengeful and a mother at the same time, though hopefully not both at once :laughing: I’m glad you’re on the path to finding answers!

I would try to protect your entire room in one way or another. My suggestion would be to open a window and close the bedroom door. Cleanse the space fully moving from one side to the other, ending at the window. Then close the window and place a sigil on each wall, or at least on the door and any windows in the room. That should help immensely!


You have a very kind heart for wanting to help the spirits, Terri, but I agree with you- no one can help anyone when they’re terrified! :laughing:

It sounds like your protective barriers around your bed are working to protect you, but that you’re still having an issue with spirits outside the area you’re able to protect. In that case, you might consider something like a spirit lure.

In some Slavic traditions, they believe small, singular lights placed in open windows or open areas attract spirits. Usually, this is something to avoid doing, but it is used at certain festival (like Dziady) to call the spirits in to gather.

You might consider intentionally leaving a small light (not a candle or flame for fire safety reasons ofc- but perhaps a nightlight or electric candle) along with some items that attract spirits (such as lilac or heather) in a different, safer part of the house- away from you.

The thought is that the spirits will be drawn away towards the lure and you will be able to sleep in peace :sleeping:

Just another thought to consider if they are really bugging you!

Good luck and blessed be :heart:


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