Hello from a not so new newbie

I first discovered magic over 20 years ago wandering through a book store knowing I was looking for something, found a little row in a spot I was sure I’d checked before. Sounds like a movie but true. I spent many years researching and gathering materials and practicing a bit, I have a fascinating story about a piece of Hematite and a baffled Dr, I’m not all that sure o everything from that time due to memory loss from a traumatic brain injury. I also lost every person, place and thing and had know idea who I was as a person. I have a new life but still didn’t feel like a person, I don’t know what prompted me to come back a few months ago but I decided to start from the beginning. Sometimes the energy flows and that I’ve been here all my life has come back but I’m still going to work and relearn as though I were new because I’m a lot of ways I am


Hi @Nixi! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

The courage you have to build your life again boggles the mind. It sounds like you’ve gone through a terrible time and now it’s time to rebuild. Hopefully, we’ll be part of that process.

An excellent way to start is with the Courses. They’ll remind you of what you knew before and hopefully, you’ll learn something new.

If you have any questions, about the courses or anything else, just give a yell and someone will pop up to help you. I look forward to talking to you more in the future.


Hello :hugs: and welcome home :infinite_roots: @Nixi

It’s nice to meet you, New Dragon, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. I really admire your strength and courage, and I would love to hear the baffled doctor and hematite story!

I’m so glad you have joined us and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better! We are here for you, welcome to the family :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha


Welcome to the forum Melissa! :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble with your memory and losing yourself over time. I can relate to both those things, though for very different reasons :sweat_smile: That energy flow is nice when it’s there but you’re right, sometimes it doesn’t seem to flow where we want. I think you’re making a great decision to go back and visit the basics! I’m excited to see you grow and learn!


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Welcome @Nixi, I’m Siofra_Strega, also one of the moderators in the forum from Cape Cod. I have been here for over 2 years now, my original interest started when I was in my teens. Life happened & I came back to it in 2020. I have made some great friends & continued to learn & evolve over that time. I love to learn new things & see how they align with my practice. :hugs:

I can relate to this in a different way… my family has a friend that had a TBI on Father’s Day 3 maybe 4 years ago. Now he remembers me if I am at my house, but he doesn’t know who I am if he sees me away from my house. He went through similar situations before he was able to make it as far as he has in his healing also.

Also, I have gone back to basics on more than one occasion. Over time your path will change & grow as you move forward. I think that is normal & always perfectly fine for each person.

@eric8 welcome to the forum also! I hope you have been able to go through the forum as well!

Feel free to jump in on any topic or ask any questions. Someone will be along to help or get you pointed in the right direction as soon as they can. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Merry meet @Nixi,

Thank you for sharing your story- it sounds like you have had quite the journey so far. Whatever the reason that called you back to your Craft, I’m glad you were able to return to your magick and that you found your way here. It is a pleasure to meet you! :heart:

Please make yourself at home here in the forum and know that all of the vast resources- on the main site, here in the forum, and the coven itself- are available to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, the coven is here and happy to help :infinite_roots:

I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


@Nixi Hi I’m Christeena, and I’m 42, a mother of 2 adult sons. One is a paramedic/firefighter, and the other is a Marine. I live in a very very small town in Central North Carolina with my hubby of 21 yrs, our 2 dogs and 3 cats. I was raised Pentacostal and was always told that my gifts were evil, so they were suppressed til just a few yrs ago when i finally accepted all of myself. It has been an amazing journey with alot of bumps along the way. But it’s all worth it bc for the 1st time in 42 yrs i feel whole.

I have a HUGE affinity for herbs, I commune with spirits, and my guides. I’m a daughter of Hekate, The Morrigan, and Thor. I will help anyone, usually to my own detriment. But I’m still just gonna do me. If you ask me a question please be prepared for an honest answer. Sometimes brutally honest, as I am blunt. I don’t sugar coat things. Here you will find so many like minded brothers and sisters who will welcome and accept all of you with open arms without condescension. If you have questions all you have to do is ask. We are all here to help each other. You will find people from all walks of life and paths. Again, welcome!!!


Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and support. I keep meaning to reply but time goes by slower in my brain and I have a very active toddler so anything beyond him is done in chunks. He’s like 2 in one.
A little about me, first I never thought thought of myself as strong until y’all mentioned it. I’m starting to see more clearly but for the past 6 years I’ve felt that every part of what happened is my fault because I should have be able to stop my ex-husband. Okay that’s not the about that y’all need.
I’m not sure if I had a particular path that felt right before but I’ve always loved crystals and rocks of any kind.

One of my random stuck around memories is the day my neighbor came back from an appointment with the gynecologist with a look on her face that chilled me to the bone. All she could say was They found something. I finally got enough out of her that there was something found on an ultrasound and it wasn’t good, I never found out all the details. Her next appointment was to see how bad it was
I ran inside, grabbed a piece of Hematite and did basically an emergency charge by telling it what it was for, said a quick prayer and held it filling it with all the lube and healing energy as I could manage while I ran back to pretty much where I left her. I told her what it was and what it was for, she didn’t think much of crystals but was willing to try anything. She asked what she should do with it and we decided that wearing it in her pocket would be good. It happened to end up in the general area of whatever they found. She wore it every day until her next appointment. 13 days later the Dr. did a scan and couldn’t find whatever it was, he checked her chart, asked for another machine. He went through both regular ones, the portable and the one they use for close looks. It was gone. He checked her chart and the imaging reports again. He literally had no words. He sent her for other testing and there was no trace of anything ever being there.

I can sense the type of energy coming from a house as I drive by, I was told that I should do something with that but I have no idea what or how

I’ve been thinking that some kind of blend but I’m still not 100% on what to work on first


Oh wow, that’s amazing! I’m really glad you were there for your neighbor. You intuitively knew what to do and, if I may say so, I’m sure you helped her heal in whatever capacity she needed. :pray: :sparkles:

That’s interesting… :thinking: I’m not sure what you could do with something like that besides shield yourself from the energies so they don’t affect you or help the people inside if they need help? But that could become interesting trying to help strangers based on the energy in their home :sweat_smile:


That’s amazing, @Nixi- you’ve got a very strong talent with crystals and healing! And you’re a very kind neighbor too, I’m so happy you were able to help :pray::heart:

I’m with Megan- it’s a very interesting situation! :thinking: It might be worth getting more information about the house, its occupants, and the overall energy situation before trying to move forward with crafting a blend. Are you in contact with the folks who live there? Some divination might help get some insights as well :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be!


@BryWisteria @MeganB it isn’t just one house. It’s pretty much every house I drive by.
The first time on was on my way to visit someone in a convalescent home for the first time who didn’t need to be there but the family wanted it and made it happen. I wasn’t the one driving so I was doing some deep breathing and clearing my mind of negativity.
We got to a corner and looking at the house on the corner I just blurted out “A young new family lives there”. We turned the corner and there were “It’s a girl” balloons on the mailbox and sign in the yard and a tricycle in the driveway
I guess I was opening some part of my mind, not clearing it?


Ah, apologies for the misunderstanding!

Pretty much every house, wow… in that case, while it’s a really kind and thoughtful desire to want to help everyone, the sheer numbers are worrisome. That kind of energy and sensations can really wear someone down, especially if there isn’t a clear or easy way to remedy them.

In this kind of situation, you might want to consider some kind of energy protection (perhaps something similar to an Empath Shielding?) to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by negative energy while you’re out and about. You can always take it down/stop renewing it if you need to, but it’ll be there to help shield you until you’re able to take action. Just a thought! :heart:

It sounds like you have very strong intuition and you’re able to know or sense things before learning about them through mundane methods- that is quite the talent, Nixi! :blush: I would agree that it sounds like you were opening your mind up to receive these messages, although some would say that clearing your mind could also leave a fresh page for incoming signals.

Either way, intuition is a great skill to have- if you’re interested and can do so, I would suggest continuing to train and develop your intuitive skills! :sparkles:

Blessed be! :heart:


That’s very possible! I still highly recommend the Dimmer exercise I shared above. It should help you get a handle on the spiritual noise you’ve got coming through.


I don’t have the slightest idea how to go about training or developing this.
I’ve had some odd ‘abilities’ since I was a kid that I’ve wanted to figure out and have no idea how. I figured out how to use the “healing warmth” when I want to but the ‘pieces of an event’ dreams that I don’t recognize as anything until they happen and writing similar poems, and the sensing energy thing I have no idea what to do with or how to figure it out.


I’m sorry but I’m not finding a Dimmer exercise


I’m happy to say you’re in a good place for developing your magickal abilities and intuition, Nixi! Have you seen the Developing Intuition and Divination lesson yet? That might be a good place to start if you haven’t already watched it.

How to Develop Intuition

Divination is a really great (not to mention diverse!) route to training your intuitive abilities. If you don’t already have one, I’d recommend exploring common divination methods and see if any call to you :crystal_ball:

You’re already off to a great start! Writing things down- in a Witch’s Journal or your Book of Mirrors- is a fantastic way to record any visions/prophecies/sights you experience. You can then take note of what happens and learn how to better interpret what you see over time :+1:

If I can pop in on this real quick, I believe they may be the Dimmer exercises being recommended in the current Empath discussion (you can find the discussion here if you are logged in- they are in A Sacred Space).

Blessed be! :sparkles:


You know what, you’re right :laughing: I totally forgot to share the link, I think? I don’t know, my brain isn’t working all that great right now.

Here’s a copy of the Dimmer exercise. This is from Psychic Witch by Matt Auryn.

Exercise 8 - The Psychic Dimmer

One of the most challenging obstacles for the sensitive person is learning how to control the constant input of information and even mute it at times. Taking on the energy of others is draining and leaves us susceptible and vulnerable. Part of mastering the self and psychic senses is learning how to create boundaries and figuring out what is yours and what is from others. The following is a super handy technique used to take control of the situation energetically. This can also be used if the psychic information you’re receiving is too quiet and you want to increase it, or if you’re doing meditation, psychic work, or energy work and the external energy is too invasive or “loud” and you’re having trouble relaxing and concentrating. This is a technique that I learned from Irma Kaye Sawyer that I’ve adapted.

Begin by taking a few deep relaxing breaths. Envision a light dimmer switch before you. This light dimmer switch increases or decreases psychic sight and volume. Just like a dimmer switch or a volume knob, if you turn the knob to the right, the information increases, and if you set the knob to the left, the information decreases. Affirm this mentally to yourself. Take a moment and discern whether you feel you perceive energy too much or too little. With intent, turn the knob in the appropriate direction, willing the energy bombardment to increase or decrease.

Another variation of this technique is to see a faucet above you filling your aura with psychic information. Just like the dimmer, see a faucet handle before you. Affirm to yourself that this faucet can increase or decrease the flow of psychic information filling your auric field. Take a moment to discern whether you feel you perceive too much or too little psychic information. With intent, turn the faucet handle in the appropriate direction, willing the energy bombardment to increase or decrease.

The Breath of Life

Breath is the bridge between the energies of the external world and the energies of your internal world. Breathing unites the internal and the external, creating a connection and circuit of energy flow. The word “spirit” comes from the Latin word for breath, which is spiritus, and was often used figuratively to refer to the spirit. The idea that breath itself is life force has parallels in various cultures, where it is known as prana, ruach, mana, telesma, chi, ki, numen, orgone, pneuma, od, and odic force.⁹ By working with our breath, we are working directly with lifeforce energy. Certain types of breathwork can cool down and relax the body and mind, while others can warm up and excite the body and mind, by changing the speed of the body’s rhythms.

Conscious breathing can help cultivate a deep-rooted connection with and enjoyment of life. By working with our breath, we can achieve more advanced states of meditation and consciousness. Since breathing is something so subtle and usually automatic, by tuning in to it we can strengthen our mind’s ability for concentrating and perceiving things that are of a subtler nature.


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