Hello from Virginia

Hi everyone. I am new to the site and new to this journey we call magic. I started reading more into things as I have developed an obsession with creating products using essential oils. I’ve also had my curiosity peaked in aura/energy work and tarot (although the deck seems to be really confusing to me right now lol). I hope to get to know a lot of you over the course of time.


Welcome Amanda! I’m new too, and a baby witch. There is so much information on here about anything and everything. If you have questions and it doesn’t come up in your search, just ask and your question will be answered. I have learned so much in a short time and learn something new everyday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Hello! Welcome @amanda5817 - I am very fond of using oils but I’m very much a novice. There are a lot of powers in those oils and so many varieties! Glad that you are here :heart:


Merry Meet love!
I would suggest trying the online courses here as well as keep dealing them cards! With sounding exactly Iike a90s after school special. The more you know…the more you deal and learn your cards the easier they will become.
Also never let anyone else handle your cards till you are fully at peace with them, don’t want to muddy the energies :heart: meet greet and welcome :blush:


Hiya @amanda5817,

A very warm welcome to you from Perth, Australia :koala: :kangaroo:.

So happy to have you here with us and that you have reached out to the coven.

I promise you that you have come to the right place. You will meet some of the most amazing people. I have been lucky enough to make some truly wonderful friends :hugs:.

If you ever have any questions, please just reach out here and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

I truly wish that this path may help guide you to find happiness,!

May 2022 be filled with all of life’s happiness and blessings for you.

Looking forward to getting to know you and learning lots from you too :blush:.

Jess :black_cat:


Welcome Amanda! I’m Christine from Tennessee! I’m a baby witch, as well, but you’ll learn a lot being here!


Merry meet @amanda5817! :blush:

Congrats to you for embarking on your magickal journey- you are in excellent company, if I do say so myself! :grin: Here you will find many friendly fellow magick-lovers who are happy to help or even just chat. Make yourself at home here! :infinite_roots:

You have some wonderful areas of interest! If I can offer a few suggestions for you, there was actually a previous challenge about energy/aura work- you could check some of the entries to view resources and experiences in that field. Tarot is a personal favorite of mine too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I recommend the Tarot Course and @Amethyst has some lovely tarot haikus that have helped me view the cards in new and concise ways.

It is a pleasure to meet you, Amanda, and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi @amanda5817! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia! Welcome to the forum, neighbor! :infinite_roots:

I’ve got to admit, I buy my essential oils. I ordered one today for success and achievement called Badass Bitch that looks interesting. You’ll have to share some recipes!

You may want to go back and check out the Merry Meet Monday post. It will let you know what’s going on in the forum so you can jump in on some of the activities.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up and help you out. I hope to get to know you too!


Hi @amanda5817 . I am so glad you are here. I am also pretty new to this site and practice. You can fins just about everything you need here. I look forward to talking with you again soon.


Merry Meet @amanda5817 I’m Siofra from Cape Cod. We also have another new member @amy50 from the VA area & a couple of others including the lovely @Amethyst.

I hope you are finding everything you need pretty easily, & you can join the (Group Ritual - Jan 13) :stars: Manifest Your Dream today if you like. As long as you are signed into your account to access A Sacred Space.


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