Help healing and pain

Hi everyone I was wondering does anyone have any suggestions on how to help someone with pain or healing? My friend got shot 3 times 2 days ago and he is in a lot of pain. So I was wondering you guys have any ideas what can help?


Im so sorry this happened to your friend :heartpulse: Are you able to visit him in hospital? I know there are still restrictions around most of the world that might not allow you in the building but if you are able to sit with him meditate near him with healing and soothing intentions :heartpulse: If you can’t see him directly you can do it from home as well :heartpulse: There are some oils and herbs that help with pain but since he will be getting medication from doctors I dont think it right to recommend them until he is no longer getting pain medication. You could make him a healing medicine bag to ease his discomfort. You can also ask the Coven to light a candle or pray for your friend in the Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 April 10th - #60 by lisa32
:heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Wow…so sorry…

You may try this - Healing From A Distance! 🌏

or Post Trauma Healing - YouTube



Oh goodness, @vanessa13- I am so sorry to hear about your friend! Sending love, light, and wishes for a speedy healing in his direction :pray:

A few healing spell suggestions and advice you might look into:

As @Liisa kindly mentioned, would you like this situation to be added to the Energy Exchange Circle? With your permission, I would be happy to add him to the list for positive energy :candle: