Help me remember my dreams?

Could someone please help me? I know I’m dreaming. I’ll wake up and know I’ve had a dream but can not remember one single detail. What can I do to help me remember these dreams or at least a little part of them?


I’ve been there before, @Mystique. For me, my medication was affecting my dreams, so there really wasn’t anything I could do. I hope someone else has more answers for you!

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You may want to try this ritual if you’re ok working with a lovely beasty called Eurynomous. :grin::green_heart:

Maybe adding some of @BryWisteria teas will enhance the experience too :green_heart:


Hi @Mystique!

Megan makes a good point about medications affecting dreams. If you are currently taking anything, it could be worth looking into any potential dream-blocking side effects.

If that’s not something you feel is affecting your dream recall, then there are few things you could try to help remember your dreams! :grinning:

Magickal methods of remembering dreams:

  • Dream Tea - Mugwort is a potent tea for dreams, and Jasmine and Rosemary are also associated with dreaming. But other blends with sleep-assisting herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender can also assist with dreaming (disclaimer: as with all herbs, it is wise to check with a medicinal professional and/or trusted herbalist prior to consuming new herbs as they can be very potent and may interfere with medications)

  • Dream Pillows - instead of consuming the herbs in tea, they can also be combined with other ingredients to make a dream pillow that assists with dreams. Sweet Dreams Pillow.

  • Lucid Dreaming - the ability to “become awake within your dream”, giving the dreamer more control and more over their dreams. This ability can be trained using techniques. Lucid Dreaming.

  • Dream Affirmations - Setting your intention to dream and to remember the dream very strongly right before you go to sleep can help direct your mind to holding onto the dream.

Mundane methods of remembering dreams:

  • Afternoon naps - Not the best option for everyone, but sometimes taking a shorter nap at a different time throws your mind for a loop. A bit disorientated, it can help the mind to stay more alert and increase your chance of remembering the dream. (Afternoon dreams can be wacky, though! Just a heads up :laughing:)

  • Alarm - set an alarm for an hour earlier than you usually wake up. The alarm can cut right into the dream - waking up immediately, so you remember things. This can work better than waking up slowly (when the mind forgets as it wakes up)

  • Do some creative writing - I’m taking a creative writing class and the teacher said that, after a few days of doing daily creative writing training exercises, you may start to have vivid and weird dreams. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I guess some people have!

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you can find some dream recall methods that work for you, @Mystique!

Blessed be (and sweet dreams)! :heart:


@BryWisteria This is fabulous. Bookmarked :green_heart:


You’re fabulous! :hugs: :two_hearts: Thanks, Tracy!


I have the same problem. After I got clean I quit dreaming. So I work on visualization and astral travel and projection


I may try this one tonight @tracyS ! Been working with the darker side lately. Nothing scares me so he should be fun to dream walk with! Thank you!


Several great ideas here @BryWisteria ! I have bookmarked this so I can try them one by one. Thank you for the help! :purple_heart::purple_heart:


That’s great that’s super important


I’m happy if I could help!

Good luck and blessed be :blush: :heart:


@Mystique He’s really really lovely. :green_heart:


I give my room and pillow a spray of dream spray that I make:

125ml distilled water
2 tbsp witch hazel
5 drops lavender oil
5 drops chamomile oil
5 drops geranium oil

Combine and put in a mist bottle

I also say out aloud “tonight I will dream and when I awake, I will remember what I dreamt”

I keep a notebook on my bedside table.

As soon as you wake up, lie with your eyes closed for a few minutes to maintain some level of connection to your dream and recall key events. Make a note of them in the notebook before doing anything else as this is the ideal time for recall.



Thank you @Cosmic_Curiosity ! I actually just ordered oils that will be here Monday! I’m giving this one a go next week. I do state out loud I’m going to remember my dreams just before laying down, but I’m thinking my intent may not be strong enough when I say it. And do have the one and paper by the bed, just in case. Thank you again! Can’t wait to make the spray and give it a try. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: