Help! spell / herb / meditation for healing

My husband just got home from work early due to a metal pan falling on his shoulder ( he is a metal roofer ) his shoulders are important to his work and one injury can put him out of work for months, he says he doesn’t think its that bad just needs a day or so but I don’t think it would hurt to have the universe on his side since shoulder injuries are no joke. any ideas of what I can do tonight to aid in a speedy recovery ?


I’m sorry that happened to him! I hope that this helps. Also, if you have any clear quartz, have him hold it on the spot where it hurts if possible. If not, just hold it in your hands.


So sorry to hear that your husband is in pay @THCLEMONADE

Earlier this year we shared some healing spells that I think you will find useful. Click here:

I’ll be sending some energy for a quick distance healing! :pray: :raised_hands:


So sorry to hear about your husband’s injury @THCLEMONADE- sending good thoughts his way!

Here’s a Healing Spell for Someone Else

And I also recommend this Distance Healing Spell (spell to be done for someone else):

Sending love, light, and healing wishes! :pray: