Helping my daughter - toxic relation

Hello sisters and brothers!
I come here asking for help. My daughter (28 yo), mother of 3, is in a toxic and abusive relationship with the father of the childrens. They live in Europe, far from Canada, my daughter has no friends nor family over there, she is controlled from A to Z by her husband. She asks me for help, to get rid of that man. The best thing could be that he leaves my daughter and the kids and just vanishes…
I have permission from my daughter to cast a spell for her. I taught about a spell against a toxic person, but how can I process to make sure the spell will be on my daughter and not on me? I don’t need to be protected from this guy and to have him away from my live, but my daughter needs it.
Thank you for tour help and comments❤️
Blessed be❤️


You could start with something as simple as a piece of the person – a hair, maybe, or a letter they’ve touched. This connection acts like a homing signal for your spell, ensuring it finds its mark no matter the miles that lie between you.

Then there’s the idea of creating a small figure, a representation of your target, aka a poppet. You bind this figure to the person, making whatever you do to it happen to them.

The below is in A Sacred Space

Visualisation is also a powerful tool. You’d close your eyes, picture your target, and wrap them in the spell’s energy.

You could also draw a symbol that’s uniquely theirs, a sigil that ties your spell directly to them.


Hello @isabelle2,

I’m so sorry to hear what your daughter is going through right now. In terms of making sure any spells hit their intended target, I second what Katerina said about using a taglock - even something like their name included in the wording of the spell can help give clear direction. You could also include a line like:

“This spell shall only hit its target, [name]. It will not cause harm to anyone else.”

If you’re still looking for good spells to remove a toxic person, here are a few. Freezer spells are good for “freezing” someone or certain actions in place, while Cord Cutting spells are better for removing bonds entirely.

Just a thought from the mundane side, but even when I was living in Poland (a country whose current government has, unfortauntely, been very anti-women in their policies) I remember hearing about services, programs, and organizations to help women in situations of domestic abuse. There are often local programs, in-country programs, and (if she’s in the EU), EU-wide help programs available to women in need.

I’m not sure what is available where she is living, but it could be worth looking into for some immediate help and safety for her.

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing only the best for you and your daughter. May she be safe, protected, and well - so mote it be :pray:

Many blessings!


Where in Europe do they live? If it’s UK here’s the website for help.

Here’s the EU

I’m so sorry about this. :sparkling_heart: You’re in my prayers


Please keep us updated.

Worried about her.


My daughter lives in France, close to Nice. She was with us with her daughters for the last 3 weeks. They are going back to France this Tuesday.


Then the EU link above will give you phone numbers in France. Click on the above, scroll to France and maybe send her the numbers so she can get help. :heartpulse:


Thank you so much my dear Sisters for your help, prayers and advises❤️

I will take advantage of tonight’s New Moon to set intentions and to begin the spell.

As I have very good visualisation capacities, it’s the way I’ll use, along with the cutting ties spell. My daughter and I are very closely connected, and I have only good intentions for all in this process.

I’ll keep you updated❤️

Thank you again for everything❤️

Bless be


Great!!! Thank you!:blush:


It sounds like a very powerful ritual - may the new moon help you pave a safe path forward to a fresh and positive new beginning for your daughter! :pray: Wishing you and your loved ones only the best :heart::candle:

Blessed be!